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I Love My Best Friend

Edward loves Bella, but he's the 'best friend.' Will he ever get over his insecurities that he feels about telling her how much he loves her?
Or will he just be the best friend for the rest of his life?
Rated for later chapters, and Cannon pairings later on.
EXB fic. AH very OOC.

I think I'll try this. Tell me what you think. Disclaimer: I don't own anything of the twilight universe.

4. Chapter 4

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"James Hunter, we've got you surrounded." The voices seemed distant, as if they were in another room, but they were in this room.

James was tackled before he said anything.

Why was James here? I didn't know, but I waned to find out.

"Dad!" I shouted as soon as they took James away. Charlie brushed his pants with his hands, and smiled at me. He walked up to me, and patted my head.

"You alright there, kiddo?"

"Yep," I smiled back at him, and then grumbled.

The party was still on, the delay was over before it began, and I had to pull info from my dad tomorrow. Great!


Emmett shook me again, and when that didn't work, he poured a cup of freezing water on my head.

"What the fuck, Emmett!?" I shouted. Didn't he know anything about silent suffering?

His eyebrows rose, and he smirked and patted my back. "I told you he wasn't dead," he said, and then went back to fighting with Jasper.

Grimacing, I got up. I knew they weren't trying to be asses, it was just the way they were.

I stretched my muscles, and rolled my neck; hearing that crack and feeling it felt so good.

Walking over to the kitchen, I grabbed a shot glass, and poured myself some absinthe.

Hallucinogenic. Exactly what I needed at this point.

I picked the shot glass up, and braced myself.

The liquid burned my throat, and made my head spin.

Oh, absinthe was by far my favorite.

Pouring myself another shot, I paused, and then swigged it down.

Two should be enough, but third times a charm.

I poured my final shot, and downed it faster than the first two.

Standing up, I stood still for a second.

Head spinning? Nope, All clear.

I walked to my room and I laid down. I stared at Bella’s picture for what seemed like forever, and then she just popped out.

What's weird though, is she didn't come out of the picture, she came out of the door.

Her hair seemed like her fingers ran through it countless times today, and she was looking very pretty in a blue dress and heels.

"Ah, my Bella," I said, knowing this was a hallucination. "Come sit here," I patted the empty space on the bed next to me and she sat.

She blushed, and I smiled.

Boy, she was so pretty any time of the day.

I leaned forward, and brushed my lips against hers. Her lips felt just as I had always imagined; soft, warming and a bit damp from the lip biting she always does.

Did I die from an overdose? Because this was the best heaven anyone could possibly have.

Her hands wove themselves into my hair, and I leaned down so she was lying on the bed.

Dreams went this far, hallucinations didn't.

Prying my lips from hers, I looked down. She was flustered, and her beautiful chest rose up and down with her ever ragged breath.

Out of the side of my eye, I saw Bella in the corner of the room.

What the hell?

I looked back to the bed, and Bella was still trying to get her breath.

They were both in the same outfit.

Was this the hallucination? Two Bella's? Or was one my imagination and the other real?

Either way, I was screwed.


What. The. Hell.

I should either be laughing my ass off about how he's making out with a pillow, or beating it up because I'm jealous of it.

Yeah, an inanimate object that can't possibly love him as much as I do.

I grimaced, and he looked at me. I froze, but then he went back to focusing on the goddamned pillow.

I glared at that stupid pillow. I was being childish, but I didn't care.

He started to kiss the pillow again, but abruptly stopped and looked up at me.

"Okay," he said in a slight slurred voice. He still sounded sexy as hell. "Who’s the real Bella?"

"I am.” He looked back at his stupid pillow after I said I was the real Bella.

His brows furrowed in confusion, and then he murmured, "Don't go, Bella!"

Did his imaginary Bella just leave him? Wait, he was imagining kissing me?

I had to laugh, but I was jumping for joy on the inside.

His eyes snapped up to mine.

"Wait, you're actually here?" His voice was questioning if I was actually here or not.

Smiling, I walked closer to the bed.

"Yep!" I sang, a bit too cheery for my liking.

He smiled back, and patted the seat next to him, and I sat.

"So, what made you dress up and look more beautiful than you already are?" he asked, and I blushed.

Wait, he made a move! I smiled even wider. This was getting better and better by the second.

He brushed the hair that had fallen into my face out of the way, and then started to massage my scalp.

Oh God, that felt so good.

He moved behind me and put his legs on either side of my body.

Jumbled thoughts, speech impediment... Oh boy, this was just going to get better.

I kicked the stupid pillow out of the way. Take that! He’s mine!

His breath tickled my skin on my neck, and I let out an inaudible moan.

He started to kiss my neck, and I melted into him.

His kisses moved from my neck to my jaw, and his hands moved from my scalp to my hips.

"Why hello there," he murmured, still kissing the underline of my jaw.

"Hi," I barely managed to get out before he moved his kisses to my face and I couldn't breathe, let alone speak.

"How are you today?" He kissed my cheek again, and his lips were dangerously close to mine.

I merely nodded in response, and he kissed me.

And oh, what a kiss that was.