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Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and Edward proposes to Bella. Awww right!?! No! She gets very sick. What is going to happen? Death or life or vampirism? Life will change, and change hard!

Please, read. My summary sucks!!!

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1. Chapter 1 Unexpected phone Call

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I was on my way to Bella’s house. It was Halloween and she was going to spend the night over at my place. Charlie was in a huff, but once Bella had her mind set, there was no changing it, unless I kissed her. I chuckled to myself.

I pulled into Bella’s drive way, then my cell rang, I picked it up.

“Hello?” I said a smile on my voice, I saw Bella heading out the door, she turned and waved at me and skipped to my car.
“Hi Edward, what kind of pop does Bella want tonight?” Alice.

Bella got in the car and I asked. “What kind of soda do you like?”
“Oh any kind.” She said and strapped in her belt.
“Sprite and Coke, k?” I said. I heard Alice nod.
“Okay bye.” She hung up the phone.

“Sorry about that, how was your one hour, 25 minutes, and 30 seconds without me?" She just starred at me in awe.
“You count-“
“That isn’t creepy at all.” She rolled her eyes.

Bella wore her hair curly today, I liked it. That reminded me. “What are you going to be for Halloween?” I asked.
“I am not suppose to tell you.” She blushed when I starred at her intensely, I tried to read her thoughts threw her eyes again, but still nothing, it was driving me crazy.

I backed out of the drive way at a perfect angle. We were silent the rest of the way until my angel piped up.

“What are you going to be?” She asked.
“A vampire, Jasper, Emmett and I are going into town soon to buy teeth and fake blood.” I chuckled, it was Emmett’s idea, how ironic.

“Oh.” Is all she said.

I heard a noise coming from the forest as we turned on the last street to my house, it was Emmett, I stopped the car and got out.

“HEY! WE RUNNIN’?” I asked.


Edward got out and yelled. I guess Emmett and Jasper were there.

He the turned to me.
“You go to the house, I will be back soon.” He kissed me bye and I got in the drivers seat. I sped away leaving Edward to run in the trees’.

“I love you.” I said even though it was a bit late, I blushed at talking to myself.

My Cellophane rang, I picked it up, but there was a unfamiliar voice on the other end….who could that be?
“Um, may I please ask who is speaking?” I asked to the to deep voice, he didn’t answer.
“I’m watching you Bella.” The deep voice said, I froze, I looked around as was driving frantically. I hung up the phone and sped up.

I panicked, I panicked some more, who was that? Why? I decided to call Edward….he would get rid of this unwelcome stalker.

End notes-
Hey sorry this was so short, you see the next chapter will be longer, but I will only update if I get 5 reviews. So while I am waiting for those 5 reviews I will happily be typing the next chapter. Thanks so much for reading, I would also like you to check out my other stories? Oh and tell me if you have any story ideas for the next chapter!

All characters belong to the wonderful Stephanie Meyer!