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Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and Edward proposes to Bella. Awww right!?! No! She gets very sick. What is going to happen? Death or life or vampirism? Life will change, and change hard!

Please, read. My summary sucks!!!

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2. Chapter 2 Understanding of the Watchmen

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Understanding Of the Watchmen


I stepped inside the Cullen’s huge house. The place was decorated with cob-webs, fake ghost and spiders. I had a feeling Alice had been here.

“Bella!” Speak of the devil, it was Alice.
“Hi Alice, do you have everything ready?” I asked her.

I was going to be a vampire too! Alice was going to make me just, well not just like them, but so it looks like I belong with Edward.

“I have everything, now come on!” She squealed, this was the only time I was going to let Alice do my make-up. She pulled me to her bathroom upstairs, my god, it was bigger than Edward’s room!

I gasped, she had a mall of cosmetics, make-up and outfits. It wasn’t going to be like I thought, great.


We stepped out of the trees into the street. You could see every costume/make-up store was open. We were going to the costume store, we needed capes and teeth, oh, and don’t forget, fake blood. Disgusting.

Emmett was so excited he was practically bouncing out of his clothes. That would be unpleasant.

“What’s Alice and Rose gonna be for Halloween?” I asked. Jasper looked at me questioningly, I was curious, and now I could bring up what Bella was going to be as well. Dear god, what if…..no, she wouldn’t.

“Rose is going to be a queen, and Alice,” He smiled, “A fairy.” I chuckled, that’s Alice, she was quite fairy like.
“WOW! LOOK AT THAT!” Emmett went running to the store. He was thinking about some prank or other.
“That better not be on Bella!” I warned.
“Whatever.” He yelled back. He ran into the store.

“Hey Jazz, do you know what Bella is going to be?” I asked.
“No, sorry.” He walked to the store. Damn, he didn’t know either.

We walked in the store. I looked around for Emmett, I heard his thoughts. He was huddled in the corner of the store.
“Emmett!” He was talking on a change-your-voice cell. That MONSTER! “Get off that phone and stop scaring Bella!” He looked at me surprised.

“Oh, come on!” He said, slamming the cell phone shut.
“Great! Now you have scared her.

My cell rang, it was Bella, probably scared out of her wits.
“Bella?” I asked.
“Edward some one…”
“I know, It was just Emmett, I’m sorry, I have to go though k? Bye, I love you so much.”
“Love you too.” She hung up the phone.

My god, I could hear her heart from the other side of the phone. “Go wait in the forest Emmett.” I said, pointing to the door. He moaned and walked outside.

“I’ll buy, you go wait, and make sure he doesn’t do anything else stupid.” I said to Jasper. He nodded.

I walked outside, Emmett was sitting on a tree stump on the edge of the forest sulking. I rolled my eyes, what a child.
I sat down beside him. He turned the other way, obviously mad. Oh well, I could live.

Jasper came outside, he looked at Emmett then me, and smirked.
“Oh, let’s just go.” I rolled my eyes.

We set off into the forest. I can’t wait to see what Bella was going to be!

Hey I promised a sneak peak, well, here it is.

She looked more stunning than ever, I knew tonight would be the night.

OHHH! The night for what??!?!?!??!?!

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