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Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and Edward proposes to Bella. Awww right!?! No! She gets very sick. What is going to happen? Death or life or vampirism? Life will change, and change hard!

Please, read. My summary sucks!!!

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4. Chapter 4 Sick like a Dog

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The days since Halloween have been heaven. Edward has been spoiling me –without buying me anything- every second he gets. It is always passionate kiss this and that. I love it!

“We are going to be late.” I said putting my earring in.
“I won’t let that happen.”

It was our wedding party, great. I knew it was going to be hectic and probably, I will fall. I was not looking forward to that.

Alice was band from my room. She wasn’t aloud to bother me tonight, even though I knew she would. She always found a way.

“I don’t think Charlie reacted to bad Bella, and I know he will be on his best behavior for you.” Edward always knew what to say.
“I know.”

We walked out the room, the house was empty, Alice invited Charlie over before 8, when was the party, so Edward could come. She lied to him and said he was upstairs with Emmett and Jasper.

Edward’s car was purring in the driveway, I walked to the passenger side and got in. I knew that this was going to be the time I would start freaking out. The time when we were about 10 feet away from his house. Edward would have to drug me with another one of his kisses. Thank god I had him!

“Bella, relax, you are skaing.”
“It’s just nerves.” I said threw clenched teeth. But I did feel a little uneasy, what was wrong with me.

That’s when it hit me, head crush. I got out of the car –more like ran- and practically hopped into the house on my high heels. I didn’t make it to the washroom though, I threw up all over that bathroom floor, just missed. Darn it.

“Bella! Are you okay? Do you want me to call Carlisle?” Edward was there rubbing my back, He must have been holding his breath.
“No, just call everyone and say I can’t make it.” I said before throwing up again. I heard Edward run down the stairs to the phone, I guess he forgot he had a cell phone.

“Hi, Alice can you tell everyone the party is cancelled?” There was a pause.
“Oh, you already did.” I heard him put the phone down and bang the cupboards.

“The medicine. In cabinet.” Is all I could spit out before throwing up.

“I think we should get you to the hospital. I will-uh- get a bucket.” Edward was suddenly behind me. It was a good idea, but that meant needles. Ew.

“No, I am fine, but this is a lot to ask, but could you clean this while I have a shower?”
“But there is only one bathroom.” He looked at me, confused?
“Edward, we are engaged, and you don’t have x-ray vision. I will get undressed then you can come in.” he rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs.
“Where is the cleaning supplies?” I heard him call.
“Under the- kitchen counter.” I gagged before throwing up again.

I started running the hot water. I got undressed and called Edward in after I closed the curtains. The water unknotted my muscles, made me feel more sick at first then a bit better. Then a thought popped into my mind, one word, Charlie.

“Edward, Charlie, better keep listening carefully.” He chuckled.
“I know, don’t worry love, just work on feeling better.

I washed my hair and my body so I didn’t smell like puke, that would also just make me more sick.

“Okay finished. I heard Edward say. I will be in your room.” I heard the door open and shut again.

Right on time of course, the shower ran cold. Darn. I got out and toweled. Darn, clothes.

“Edward, I need some clothes.” My voice was groggy and shaky.
The door opened and Edward’s arm popped threw.


He shut the door.

I threw the comfy clothes on and walked into my room. Edward was sprawled on the bed with open arms.

I lied down on top of him, the coolness calmed me and I drifted to sleep…

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