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Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and Edward proposes to Bella. Awww right!?! No! She gets very sick. What is going to happen? Death or life or vampirism? Life will change, and change hard!

Please, read. My summary sucks!!!

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5. Chapter 5 Real Bad

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E POV Bella was in the hospital for the fith week. I was going absalutely crazy and wouldn't leave her side. Everyone told me to get a out and take a brake, but I wouldn't. The doctors, still didn't know what was wrong and I wanted to kill someone! They wouldn't let Carlisle work on the case because he was related. I glared at every doctor that came in. Asking the same stupid questions OVER and OVER again! “Edward.” Bella woke up and I was at her side instintaly. She looked confused. Then her eyes started moving back and forth quickly and she started shaking violently. I stuck my finger in her mouth so she didn't bite her tounge off and called for help a million times before someone came. The doctors pushed me to the corner and started holding Bella down, the one doctor shoved a needle in her arm and the one nurse put two mouth guards on the top and bottom of Bella's teeth. The seisure lasted about 5 minutes. I was in the corner curled up and just watching her. The doctors had her hooked up to monitors and had 3 needles in all different places in her arm. I was having a hard time thinking logically and it was horrible. Our wedding was suppose to be in another week, but I have a feeling that wasn't happening. Bella woke up. She just lied there and called my name so gently. “Yes Bella,” I said slowly at her side. She held on to my hand and sqeezed her eyes shut in pain. “I have a horrible headache! GET A NURSE!” She screamed before she leaned over the bed and started coughing up blood. “HELP! HELP! BELLA'S ROOM 108! HELP!” A doctor came flying in and put a mask over her face. “Did she say anything?” Dr. Norman asked. “She had a really bad headache.” Then suddenly, it was like a light flashed on in the doctors mind. “Nurse! Get Bella Swan a brain scan immbediatly.” A nurse came in a nodded and hurried out again. Alice POV Bella was in the brain scan and I couldn't have a vision. I was under to much stress because Jasper has been missing for about a week and Bella and Edward is freaking out. I haven't had a vision since last week and it is HORRIBLE! Esme is at home with Rosalie and Emmett. They are trying to calm Rosalie down. Rose thinks Bella is going to die and she is blaming herself for not getting closer to her. But I know Bella won't die because Carlisle would disobey any rules to save her. He is just standing by now because he thinks the doctors will do a good enough job. Rosalie POV I am so upset that Bella is going to die and I didn't even get a chance to know her a little bit! Author's Note: Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in a while, I have been REALLY busy. Everyone needs to go on Youtube and type in “New Moon Trailor” it is SO awesome! It is coming out soon! Anyway, please I would like 10 more reviews before I update again. I know Rosalie's POV was short, but you'lle live. Anyway, thanks so much. BYE!