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Behind Grey Walls

The asylum, she knew, would be her end. She had seen it, but her father signed the dotted line and now she was stuck behind grey walls. Alice's story.

I wanted to delve in to what Alice didn't know. The story is based on her time spent at the asylum.

4. Chapter 4: The Treatment

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Chapter 04
The Treatment

Doctor Carson left her shortly after; he made sure to remind her of her impending treatment. Before he left the room he let her know that he would be by later to check up on her.

Alice found herself staring blankly at the wall she had thoroughly memorized yesterday. She felt that familiar twinge in her stomach; a premonition was coming. She wound the sheets of the bed in her hands, preparing for the worst.

The visions were fuzzy; they weren’t clear at all. They were chopped up, as if different pieces of her future were being decided upon, but the person making the decision wasn’t sure. The vision changed several different times, it was the same scenario but with different outcomes.

She felt her heartbeat quicken as the scenes became more and more graphic. She could barely focus, she could barely breath.

The monster; she recognized him. His white teeth gleamed at her. She was backing away asking him why he was doing this. She was asking him who he was.

James. She heard his name ringing in her ears. She stared at him, memorizing his face.

The door opening didn’t pull her from her vision. She could faintly hear the voice of a nurse, maybe a doctor telling her it was time for treatment. She could see him approaching her, licking his lips as if she were the most delectable thing on the face of the planet.

“Don’t…” She whispered out loud.

“Mary Alice, it is time for your treatment, snap out of it…” The nurse grabbed her swiftly from her spot and Alice stared at her in shock.

The dark haired girl blinked several times, letting the vision slip away. She couldn’t hold on to it any longer, it was fading away fast. She didn’t want to see it; she didn’t want to see herself die—again.

“You are a strange girl,” The nurse mumbled forcing her out in to the hallway.

She forced her to a staircase and they walked up to the next floor. Alice could hear screaming, crying, yelling and things thudding behind closed doors.

She swallowed hard. She knew what they would be doing to her. They would drug her; keep her off kilter with a mixture of different relaxants or tranquilizers. Then they would use shock therapy to make her ‘better’. She pursed her lips as the nurse tossed her in to a plain white room.

It seemed dirty, she looked around; everything seemed so unsanitary. She didn’t want to sit down. She stood perfectly still in the middle of the room.

“Doctor Victors will be with you in a moment.” She slammed the door closed behind her.

The chair next to her had restraints for arms and legs. It looked more like a torture room than any medical room she had ever seen.

Doctor Victors came in to the room; a smile that was forced was resting on his thin, cracked lips, “After your tests yesterday,” Doctor Victors sat down and motioned for Alice to follow.

Alice gave a simple shake of her head and remained standing.

“You found that I’m completely normal, right?” She crossed her arms over her chest, staring at the doctor wondering if they would let her go.

The tall man looked down from her steady gaze, pretending to look as though he were trouble with what he had to say to her. He looked back up and shook his head.

“Unfortunately, we found some abnormalities in the results,”

“Abnormalities? Like what exactly?” Alice pressed. She wrapped her arms tighter around her small frame.

“Nothing your young mind would understand, Mary Alice. “He insisted.

“I am smarter than you would think, doctor.” She continued to argue.

“You are sick, Mary Alice.”

“I am not.” She moved forward. “I am perfectly healthy.”

“You think you are. You see what you want to see Mary Alice.” He continued as he stood from his seat. “We need to start your treatment immediately if there is any hope for you.”

“No,” She backed away from him. “I’m not going to let you turn me in to a zombie like the rest of them.” She moved quickly around the torture chair and tried to get away from him. She tried to make it to the door but there was a nurse waiting on the other side.

The nurse grabbed her wrists, clenching them tightly within her grasp and wrenched her back in to the chair. The nurse and Doctor Victors worked quickly to tighten the restraints around her wrists and ankles. She wouldn’t be able to move once they were done.

“Betty,” Doctor Victors looked to the nurse. “Be careful, this one is a little high strung…” He mused going to the desk behind him to prepare Alice. “We will be giving her a sedative before her electro-shock therapy.” He pulled a few things from his desk and crossed back to the chair. “Just relax Mary Alice,” He cooed to her as she struggled against the restraints. “You won’t feel a thing,”


“Alice, Alice… wake up…” The voice that lulled behind her heavy eyelids sounded like a choir of perfectly tuned instruments. The voice was comforting; she knew that voice.

“Doctor Carson,” She whispered her head was fuzzy, she could not think straight. She could not remember what happened, she did not realize where she was; she only knew that voice.

“Yes Alice, it is I…” He stroked his cold, smooth fingers over her tear-stained cheeks.

“Where am I?” She mumbled unintelligibly.

“In your room,” Doctor Carson stated softly, his oddly colored eyes sweeping over her quickly.

Alice’s eyes became more alert as she looked around, “This is not my room,” She mumbled her eyes heavy, her speech slow.

“Alice, you are still at Liberty…” He told her, his voice not showing any emotion.

“No, no.” She shook her head and buried her face in to the pillow.

“I’m afraid it is true,” Doctor Carson’s eyebrows knitted together.

Alice mumbled in to her pillow, still not fully coherent. She felt like dead weight.

“Doctor Carson,” A voice came from the door. The young Doctor looked up and met the gaze of a beautiful young nurse. He gave her a curt smile and she held a folder to her chest, giving him her best lustful eyes. “Doctor Victors would like the patient downstairs for treatment.”

Carson nodded his head solemnly and pulled the wheelchair closer to the bed. He effortlessly scooped Alice’s small frame in to his arms, placing her in the wheelchair. He pushed the wheel, one hand clasped on her shoulder, gingerly.

The nurse gave him a once over before returning back to the nursing station. Carson didn’t so much as give her a second look, she was nothing to him. Just another skirt that thought she wanted him because he was mysterious—dangerous even.

He pushed forward, taking the ramp down to the basement where most of the therapy treatments were given. He swallowed hard, he didn’t know if he could do this. He didn’t know if he could hurt Mary Alice the way that Doctor Victors intended.

He and Victors both knew that there was nothing wrong with Alice, but Victors could not let her go. He couldn’t. Her parents had claimed her deceased the moment she was checked in to the hospital. Carson had overheard the conversation between Victors and the girl’s mother.

Maybe that was why he had fallen attached to her. He knew her fate was to stay locked up in this place drugged like a zombie, like the rest of them. Altered test results would show that she was suffering from hallucinations and a new type of mental disorder called schizophrenia.

This young woman had a gift, she was special. He knew he had to do what he could to protect her; unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to protect her from Doctor Victors.

Victors knew of his secret, threatened to expose him for what he was if he tried to do anything but sign the paperwork that would admit all of these healthy girls in to this place. He was being blackmailed, but this was his life. He could not afford to lose what he had worked so hard to get.

Other young girls that came before Alice, he didn’t have an attachment to. They were nothing to him, much like the flirtatious nurse back on the ground floor. He could watch them go through this therapy without blinking an eye. He wasn’t so sure he would be able to do the same with Alice.

She was different for him. He knew that the moment he laid eyes on her.

Alice didn’t say a word as Carson picked her up without hesitation and gracefully placed her on to the table. The dark haired nurse that stood by Doctor Victors, dutifully, came quickly to restrain Alice down on to the table.

“Doctor Carson…” Victors nodded to him briefly, his eyes narrowing just a bit to register Alice’s reaction as the nurse applied the electrodes to her temples.

Carson noticed the bemused look on his face as Alice lay there serenely, not looking bothered by what was to come Even sedated most patients would scream, yell, kick, bite, and thrash against the restraints—not Alice.

She had shown out earlier before the sedation, but she knew her fate. She knew that this was coming; there was no use to fight it now. She had seen this coming; she was prepared to withstand the torture.

She was aware of a much stronger, much more painful future for herself. One that would be inflicted upon her by a monster named James.