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Broken Hearts

The much awaited sequel to Hidden Feelings. The Cullen's are recovering from Bella's death in their own way. But when Jasper goes searching for peace he discovers that love can conquer all.

lots of people said i needed to put a sequel so i did. I'm not sure what to do though but oh well. Enjoy!

14. A cure

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Lamia took me to her private quarters and fitted me with new clothes.

"What will happen to my siblings?" I asked.

"They will be released," she said, "Now that you are my consort, you can control my servants and they shall be ordered to release them"

"And what of me?"

"You are my equal and shall be revered"


"Indeed, now come with me" she led me to her silk-canopied bed.

"My lady, you honour me," I said.

"I wish to show you something" she prized a long thin box from under her bed.

"This is the cure to immortality. The potion to make you become human" she pulled a small vial from it. I had the strongest desire ever to grab it. But I had to wait until Alice and Edward had been released before trying to leave. There was a sudden cry.

"Jasper, I have to leave for a moment. A still living human's soul has entered. Humans are not permitted to stay in this realm, so any human who enters it and is still clinging to the edges of death, is expelled until they are actually dead"

"So, this is like the underworld?"

"Kind of, the place of eternal damnation"

"So if Alice for example, stole your potion for humanity and drank it, she'd be removed from here?"

"Yes, automatically. And we couldn't get her back either because we only have influence in this realm and the gateway area. We can create things that could go and get her but that's it"

"Can I do that?"

"No my poor little vampire"

"But I thought I was your equal?"

"But you are not the same as me my friend. We are equal in strength and power but that is one thing you cannot do. Not all of my people can do it anyway. Only the elder ones"


"Anyway, I must go. I must sort things out for the departure of your siblings"

"Can I assist you?"

"Come on then" she led me to the door that we'd walked through when we'd first arrived, the one that had disappeared when we'd looked for it. Alice and Edward were standing in front of it.

"Jasper..." said Alice, sadness filling every crevice of her voice. I ignored her. Edward was glaring at me.

"Are you ready to leave?" asked Lamia.

"I'm not leaving without you!" No! My plan wouldn't work if she didn't leave. I didn't know if Lamia could read minds so I thought an impatient thought. Oh God, just leave already. It did the trick.

"Come on Alice!" said Edward "Jasper is obviously having a great time with his new girlfriend" she turned away from me and marched, without looking back, out of the door.

"I hope you're happy Jasper!" snapped Edward. LEAVE! I thought, before she changes her mind! I put some urgency on that thought. He glared at me one more time before walking through the door. Did I have Lamia's complete faith?

"I feel like I should prove myself to you" if she denied I should, she trusted me.

"If you wish"

"What should I do?"

"Can you kill in cold blood? Could you kill an innocent?"

"I could for you"

"Very well" she signalled and one of her workers brought out a child. A small girl, tied up. Hang on; she said humans couldn't stay here. She handed me the knife. I didn't hesitate. I stabbed the girl. She cried out in pain. Maybe she had been human after all! Oh God!

"Very well done Jasper. She can depart now" she waved her hand and the girl disappeared. Phew.

"Can I go and prepare myself for your arrival?" she got what I meant.

"Certainly sir. I shall be there in five minutes" I headed to her room and silently slipped out the box. I uncorked the tiny bottle and drunk.

"Jasper! NO!" she cried. I called out in pain, the bottle slipped from my hand and smashed on the ground. The world around me faded.