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Broken Hearts

The much awaited sequel to Hidden Feelings. The Cullen's are recovering from Bella's death in their own way. But when Jasper goes searching for peace he discovers that love can conquer all.

lots of people said i needed to put a sequel so i did. I'm not sure what to do though but oh well. Enjoy!

16. The end

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Carlisle was the first to react, pulling me out of the room. As he did so, the others came to life, snarling and trying to block their nostrils from the smell.

"Jasper, you're human again! You need to be careful"

"I know" I drove to the shops and bought a plaster. In the end, I bought a pack, just in case. When I got back, the others were sitting around, looking tense.

"Err...Jasper. While you being human again is great, maybe it'd be better if you went back to being a vampire," said Esme.

"I know. That's probably best for everyone. I'm going for a walk first though" I walked out. I headed through the woods in no particular direction. I reached a lake, its still water a mirror. I stood still and thought. Bella had brought me to this.

"Jasper?" I turned. It was Alice.

"Alice, I'm sorry about what happened. I just wanted to make sure you were safe," I said.

"I know. I understand" she stood beside me and gazed out over the lake. There was nothing on it.

"The water's pretty," she said. She pointed at the ripples that were spreading out towards us. What? Ripples? I looked out to the middle of the lake. There was something there, a figure. It was walking towards us, on top of the water. Alice had seen it too.

"Oh god" she whispered. The figure was drawing closer. It was medium height and wearing a dress. It seemed to shine. It stopped and smiled. I recognized it. It was Bella! Her long brown curls, her deep eyes. I felt tears come to my eyes.

"Bella" I whispered. Her white dress was trailing in the water and causing the ripples. Her feet didn't disturb the water.

"Yes jasper. It is me" it couldn't be.

"Alice, my sister" she said, turning to Alice "I've missed you"

"What is it Bella?" I asked.

"I want you to move on Jasper. I made my decisions. You and Alice belong together. Go in peace and be happy," she said. Her voice was the same sweet voice it had been but now it sounded ethereal.

"But...I want you to be happy too" I said.

"Don't you see? When you chose Alice over me in the underworld, you freed my soul from Lamia's control. I am happy" she smiled once more. She reached out and stroked my face, slowly.

"Jasper, go. Be with who you belong with" she smiled once more and turned away from us. She walked back to the centre of the lake and stood there. She waved to us and her glow brightened. Then she was gone.

"Did that just happen?" Alice asked me.

"Yes and she was right. We do belong together" Alice smiled and kissed me.

"Turn me Alice," I said. She smiled again and bit me. My last thought as the venom seared through my veins was of Bella and me. Her smile. We had belonged together but we hadn't been right. Another life, another time maybe. But not here or now. Alice and I would have to rebuild our relationship. But it would work. Broken hearts could heal again. Frozen hearts could beat again. It was the way of the world.