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Broken Hearts

The much awaited sequel to Hidden Feelings. The Cullen's are recovering from Bella's death in their own way. But when Jasper goes searching for peace he discovers that love can conquer all.

lots of people said i needed to put a sequel so i did. I'm not sure what to do though but oh well. Enjoy!

5. doodles

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We watched the block of flats for five hours. Finally, she left, with another woman. I assumed this was her flat mate. They crossed the car park and climbed into their car.

“Okay, let’s go,” whispered Alice. Their car drove off and we clambered out of ours. We were dressed, head to toe in black. Unnecessary but Alice insisted. We went over to the building, climbed up quickly and were in the flat. The two cats appeared and one rubbed against my leg.

“Bella and Marie?” she asked. I nodded. Alice picked one up and stroked it, absentmindedly. I went into the bedroom. No bed, just a weird Chinese futon. Hmmm. That couldn’t be that comfortable to sleep on. Oh well, what did I know.

“Jasper” Alice whispered. I went to her side. She had a sketchbook in one hand. I looked at the picture. It was a sketch of a family, three women and four men. It was in black and white except for the eyes. They were shades of shimmering gold. She flicked to the next page and there was a sketch of Alice, arm in arm with Bella. The next one was abstract. It was a burning flame, but in the centre was a person, which made you realize the flame was hair. I noticed that she had a notebook in her other hand.

“It’s the start of a story, character profiles. They’re us Jasper! This girl knows everything”

“Yes. It’s scary, and we can’t tell anybody”

“We have to!” she started to move, then froze. A door shut downstairs and there were footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Hide!” I hissed. She dropped the sketchbook and notepad before disappearing. I darted into a nearby cupboard.

“Okay Victoria, I’ll have it in just a sec. I put it in the cupboard”

“Hey Lela, I’ve told you not to leave your notepad lying around”

“I didn’t leave it lying around; I put it on the table with my sketchpad and my poetry books”

“Then why are your sketchpad and notepad lying on the floor?”

“Maybe the cat’s knocked them off” she said. I heard her footsteps approaching my hiding place. I cringed, not wanting to be found hiding in her cupboard. One of the cats screeched. Thank you Alice I thought. She’d obviously realized I was in trouble and had pulled the cat’s tail or something. The footsteps changed direction. I heard soothing words being whispered to the cat.

“Lela! C’mon! We’ll be late!”

“I need to find it!”

“No time! The dance starts in five minutes! Just forget the necklace!”

“Fine!” the door slammed and they hurried away. I climbed out.

“Thanks Alice. I thought she’d catch me,” I said.

“No problem” she came out with the cat in her arm. Its tail looked slightly out of shape.

“Poor cat. How hard did you pull?”

“I didn’t pull. I knocked something and it hit its tail. It was an accident”

“And there was me thinking you cared” I teased. She smiled slightly.

“So, they’re going to a dance. Feel like going?” I asked. Her smile widened.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said.