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Broken Hearts

The much awaited sequel to Hidden Feelings. The Cullen's are recovering from Bella's death in their own way. But when Jasper goes searching for peace he discovers that love can conquer all.

lots of people said i needed to put a sequel so i did. I'm not sure what to do though but oh well. Enjoy!

6. Chapter 6

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It didn't take long for Alice to retrieve suitable clothing for the dance. While she bought some clothes, I went to an internet café and found the address. Then we drove to the building, which was lit up and had lots of people going into it.
"I hope we don't need tickets," I muttered.
"We don't. See? They don't have tickets"
"I hope you're right" we approached the door.
"Tickets?" DAMN! Alice had been wrong!
"You don't work for the company so you need tickets," said the man.
"Oh, there with me" said a voice. We turned to see Bella or Lela, whoever she was. She winked saucily at the man and he grinned.
"Okay Lela. If you say so"
"Our girl Bella certainly knows how to charm a man," Alice whispered as we entered the hall.
"Hello, Jasper. Who's this?"
"My friend Alice. Her boyfriend broke up with her recently so I decided to take her out. I found out about the dance so we came. I didn't know we needed tickets"
"And I thought you were smart. Well Alice, it's a pleasure to meet you"
"Yeah. Likewise" Alice said. I could tell this girl unnerved her.
"Lela!" a voice called and I spotted the redhead vampire again. Alice's eyes narrowed infinitesimally.
"Victoria" said Lela.
"Who are your friends?"
"Jasper, the one I told you about, and his friend Alice"
"Well, Ed was looking for you"
"I wish he would just leave me alone!" she turned to me "I had a boyfriend called Ed once. I dumped him but I wish I'd talked to him about it more because now he won't leave me alone" Victoria walked off and a man appeared.
"Would you care to dance?" he asked Alice, who smiled and nodded. She was acting her part perfectly.
"So, how's the book going?" I asked.
"Last time I saw you, you mentioned writing a book. How's it going?"
"Oh. Good. I've thought of a name. I'm going to call it Twilight and it's about a human girl who falls in love with a vampire. I think I'll write more then one. So in the second book the vampire leaves her because he thinks he's dangerous"
"How will it end?"
"I don't know yet" she mused, "I supposed something will happen and he'll end up coming back"
"Or maybe the vampire has a brother who secretly loved the girl and when the vampire leaves the brother rescues the girl from...say...a cliff diving accident. And they end up dating"
"But how would it end?"
"The vampire could come back but he doesn't know about his brother. So when he finds out he gets mad at the brother, the girl could get so upset, because she loves them both, she hurls herself off a cliff" I said.
"Wow. That would be good. Final, but good"
"And if you wanted to write a third, it could turn out that the girl survived somehow, perhaps rescued by another vampire"
"I like that idea Jasper. Actually, I like you a lot too. Would you consider maybe coming to dinner with me on Wednesday?"
"Of course. I'll consider it," I teased "Hmmm...yes"
"Great! 7?" I nodded.
"I'll pick you up" I said. She smiled.
"I also have a book you might like to read. Mystery Maze! It's all about love and signs and stuff"
"You really like signs don't you"
"Yes" she smiled mysteriously and I smiled back. I knew I was on the right track.