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Broken Hearts

The much awaited sequel to Hidden Feelings. The Cullen's are recovering from Bella's death in their own way. But when Jasper goes searching for peace he discovers that love can conquer all.

lots of people said i needed to put a sequel so i did. I'm not sure what to do though but oh well. Enjoy!

8. To hell

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I needed to rescue them, but I had absolutely no idea where to look. Maybe there was a clue...the Volturi! The black cloaked figures in the picture. I speed dialed Carlisle.

"Carlisle, something's happened to Alice and I'm going to find her. Can you send Edward to meet me at the outskirts of Forks?"

"Edward? Are you sure that that's a good idea?"

"He's the one I need. Right now Carlisle" I hung up and sped to the edge of Forks. He was already there, arms crossed and impassive. I stopped the car and opened the door.

"Get in"

"What? No"

"Edward, your entire love life could be dependant on this"

"I don't have a love life since you killed her"

"Bella is alive Edward. She's been setting me tasks and now both she and Alice have been kidnapped. I can only assume that this is the last task because Victoria said that one of us would have to die"

"So you dragged me into it to get me killed?"

"No. she said one of three. But she also said I needed help and I know you loved, love, Bella"

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"You're just going to have to trust me Edward. If it comes to it, I'll swap my life for theirs"

"You think I wouldn't do the same?"

"It may not be an option"

"So where are we going?" Edward asked, getting into the car.

"I think that they're in Italy, Volterra"

"How did you guess that?"

"Well, Bella or Lela as she is called had a drawing of her and Alice over a fiery pit. There were huge dogs and black cloaked figures"

"The Volturi..."


"Can we go any faster?" I pressed my foot down on the pedal and the car sped forward.

"Ring the air company and get us some flights," I told Edward.

"We really need to buy a private jet. The amount we have to hurry around the world we need one"

"Just ring. We can buy a private jet after we've saved Lela and Alice"


"Yes, Bella was under a fake name. Lela W Nasbisa. Alice pointed out that it's an anagram of Isabella Swan"

"And what does she look like?"

"Exactly like Bella. Same hair, same face, same eyes"


"I can't remember"

"You mentioned Victoria"

"Yes. She was in a church and set me on the path. I saw her just before I left"

"You know, we don't have to go to Volterra. We could ring"

"How do you know they'd tell the truth?"

"Hmmm...fair point" Ring! My phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I looked at the caller id in disbelief. Alice? I flicked it open.

"Just shut up! You don't know a thing," said Alice. I was startled.

"Who is it?" asked Edward.

"Shhh" I said.

"What do you have against me? And her?"

"I have nothing against you or Bella. Just Jasper"

"What did he do to you?"

"Nothing it's what he's done to you"

"Where are you going to take us? Tell me!"

"To Hell" there was a bout of evil laughter at the end and the line went dead.