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Desperate Times, Desperate Needs

Bella decides she's too afraid that Edward's going to leave her again and leaves him for.... Jake! Big, and i mean big humongous, the size of a werewolf twist towards end with a promise of a sequel! Rated Adult b/c some of the scenes might end up being adult-themed!

Thank you Nae for the awesome title.... where would i be w/o to help me throughout my day w/ my BSSOB problems? this one's for you!! i also need to throw in that i think i finally realized from writing this my new motto and i need to thank the story Wide Awake for it: Je manque toujours de temps....or my time always runs out....because it's so true and i've finally realized it...

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“I don’t understand it Jake…. I feel like he’s gonna up and leave again.”

“Bells, you and I both know that the bloodsucker… Edward… loves you… just- just give it time…” Jake stammered on the other end.

Edward had been back a little over a week and he kept reassuring me that he wasn’t going to leave me. I knew Jake was tired of hearing this argument, but really, who else would I tell who would understand the whole story? Jake had gotten over his extreme dislike about the fact that I’d left for Italy to rescue Edward and then came back and got back together with him as if nothing had ever happened, but I assured Jake that Edward seemed almost sweeter this time around and that if anything happened he’d be the first to know. After about three days of absolute silence on his end he gave up and called me explaining how sorry he was.

“Thanks Jake.” I whispered. “You always know how to make me feel better.”

“That’s why I’m here Bells. Anytime you need me… just call.” I could hear on the other end how upset he was that I didn’t want him the exact way he wanted me.

“I know Jake.” I heard Charlie’s cruiser pull in. “I gotta go… Charlie’s home. Bye Jake.”

“Bye Bells.” I waited for the click on his end before I placed the phone in its cradle as Charlie walked in.

“Hey Bells.” I watched as he fully walked into the kitchen and looked around before stepping back into the foyer to hang up his gun. I shook my head. He always checked to make sure I was following the rules of his grounding sentence. Rule 1 being no Edward in the house unless he was home. Rule 2 being that Edward could only be in the house for so many hours… it was almost like I had “visiting hours.” I scowled at the thought and continued stirring the potatoes I was boiling for the mashed potatoes I was making to go with tonight’s steak.

“How was your day?” Charlie asked me coming in and sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Fine.” I answered. “Alice and I got assigned a class project and we were going to work on it after school, but I wasn’t sure if you’d like her over here if you weren’t here.” I knew it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I couldn’t help but be stubborn about Charlie’s stupid little rules that only included Edward.

“You know I don’t have a problem with Alice.” He sighed frustrated confirming my suspicions. “Just that good-for-nothing-brother of hers.” He muttered under his breath figuring I wouldn’t hear.

I rolled my eyes and kept stirring. “Let me know when dinner’s ready.” He got up and walked into the living room. After a few seconds I heard one of the many games being turned on. I was alone with my musings.

How did I know that Edward wasn’t going to leave again? Last time he said he loved me too and looked how that turned out. Should I stay with him and risk having my heart broken again? Or should I just try to move on? Could I move on? Where would I go?

I thought back to the time when Edward was gone… a time when it was just me and Jake everyday even when if I was miserable. Before Edward had called that day I was pretty sure Jake was going to kiss me. What would’ve happened if Edward hadn’t called right then and there? Would Jake have kissed me? Would we be together if I hadn’t left for Italy?

I took a deep breath… this obviously wasn’t getting me anywhere, but I needed to figure something out or else I was going to go crazy thinking about this everyday.

By the time I needed to clean up dinner I had come up with a plan. Tonight I was going to have a talk with Edward and if he didn’t agree to change me before my next birthday…well… I was just going to play it by ear from there.