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Vampire Masquerade

Renesmee faces the most horrible event of her life thus far: the school's upcoming themed dance. My first TwiFic. There will be a book two.


1. Friends

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Chapter One: Friends

“Nessie?” Alice called from the next room.


“The door’s for you.” She replied.

I sighed. Only in my house could you never escape from guests on the phone or the door—auntie was there to inform us ahead of time.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“See for yourself!” Was Alice’s reply.

The doorbell rang. “Show off.” I muttered just low enough for her to hear.

I heard a low chuckle from Uncle Emmett. I smiled as I opened the door and saw Haley and Phoebe standing there. Their faces showed nothing but wicked smiles—they were up to no good. Haley had a tote canvas bag slung over one shoulder—from the way she was trying to hold it, it was jammed full of things. Phoebe had a backpack that from the looks of things, was jammed packed as well—the muscles in her shoulders were strained from the weight, that I much could tell without looking at the bulge on her back. They might have well showed up to my house to go camping for the week.

“Hi guys! Um, what’s going on?”

“Well,” Haley started, “We need to be prepared for this Saturday night…So here we are!”

“Don’t worry,” Phoebe started as she and Haley moved past me into the big white house, “We brought all the supplies!”

“Supplies?” I asked, stretching the word while my head tried to wrap around what they were talking about. Were they really camping here for a week? The idea wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but it was very unlike them not to plot and plan and squeal about it for days ahead of time.

“Of course!” Haley then proceeded to empty the contents of her tote bag. In it were several DVDs, microwave popcorn and some magazines. Saturday? What on earth is happening Saturday that could possible need so much preparation?

“You DO have a microwave, correct?” Phoebe prodded.

I nodded as I sifted through the titles she had brought. My stomach churned with each title. “The Lost Boys, Underworld, Dracula…”

“We got the original and the most recent remake of it…” Phoebe interjected as she unloaded nail polish, hair brushes and arranged the magazines on the coffee table in front of the T.V.

“30 Days of Night, Innocent Blood, Queen of the Damned…Interview with a Vampire….guys, really?”

They looked at me like I had three heads. “Well, of course! We have to be prepared if we’re going to be ready for Saturday!”

I shock my head. “I’m still lost guys…what’s happening on Saturday?”

“The dance! The Vampire Ball! Duh!” Phoebe said, nearly giggling the words as she settled herself into the cushions of the plush couch.

I heard muffled and restrained laughter from the room next to us, Uncle Emmett from the base of it…I knew Haley and Phoebe couldn’t hear, but I could and I felt the hair on the back of my neck raise defensively. Now I knew why I was so confused about Saturday’s event: I hated dances. I had blocked the information from my mind since the flyers had been posted around school. I especially was turned off of the idea of a Vampire Ball.

I heard a loud thump—a punch—and then Uncle Emmett’s laughter suddenly stopped.

“So…what? We watch movies and….read these magazines…which are what?” I asked, picking one up. I couldn’t read the name—it was something foreign.

“Well, this one we can’t read.” Haley clarified for me, “It’s a French Gothic magazine...or something like that…we thought we could get some ideas on how to do our hair and outfits for Saturday!”

“Yeah…but…really? I don’t know…I mean…the dance…” I stumbled over my words, still flabbergasted. I hated the idea of going to a dance…in a dress…with make-up and my hair done…and the worst part, I wouldn’t even need a costume.

“So I think we should start with a recent classic.” Haley finally declared, handing the disc to Phoebe and the case to me. Phoebe inserted the disc into our player and the machine hummed to life.

I read the title and my eyes flicked across the cover. “Tom Cruise as a vampire?” I groaned.

“Um…Brad Pitt! Hello! He’s in this too!” Phoebe defended.

“It’s Anne Rice! C’mon! She practically invented the vampire for the 21st Century!” Haley supported, finding the remote for the volume on the T.V.

“Ugh, you guys. This is stupid. We don’t need the movies and the French magazines to get ready for the…ball…” I refused to say ‘Vampire Ball’, something about the words together made my throat clench up slightly. “Why don’t we just skip the movies and just talk to the other kids about…”

“Oh my goodness, Nessie!” Haley finally interrupted.


“Are you scared of vampires?” Haley asked, raising an eyebrow. I could hear everyone in the other room, Mom and Dad included, trying to hold their laughter.

“No!” I replied too quickly, and then added, “Just Tom Cruise.”

Daddy! I know you can hear me! Please save me!

“Oh come on, Ness! This is fun! We can have a girl’s afternoon in! Watching vampire movies, eating popcorn and doing our nails! Isn’t that what normal girls do?” Phoebe asked, a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

“Yeah, but…it’s Tom Cruise!” I protested—I did NOT want to spend the next ninety minuets watching Hollywood disgrace our family.

“What’s going on in here?” Daddy’s voice suddenly floated into the room behind me. Haley and Phoebe caught their breath—they didn’t hear him come in—they then giggled at their overreaction. I smiled too—silly Haley and Phoebe.

“Nessie’s scared of Vampires.” Haley informed him.

“No, I told you, just Tom Cruise.” I replied. Can’t you save me, Daddy?

He laughed, and his eyes were bright and full of amusement—I knew that meant no. He wanted me to try to socialize with as many girls at school as possible, to try to make friends and appear as close to being human as possible.

“What’s the occasion?” He asked. As if you don’t already know…

“The Vampire Ball on Saturday!” Phoebe replied, all too eagerly. “We knew Ness didn’t really want to go, but we thought some encouragement from Hollywood and some popcorn would be just what she needs!”

“Um, I guess.” I replied. Except my life IS a Vampire movie.

Daddy tried to restrain a laugh, but then threw his head back and his whole-hearted laughter filled the room. “I think that’s a great idea, girls! You just call if anyone needs anything. Ness? Do you want some juice before you start the movie fest?”

Juice. The human word for my preferred choice of sustenance: blood. I could eat normal food, like apples and waffles and double-whoppers from B.K., but truth be told, the part of me that I could never escape craved the taste of human blood.

Papa Carlisle says that we aren’t monsters, and we don’t kill innocent humans for our own satisfaction, instead he had instilled a strong set of values to all of his…children…my father included. Rather than take the lives of innocent people, we prey on the over abundant wildlife in the area. We never take out anything that is endangered or rare—mostly it’s deer or elk or something that doesn’t take its time to multiply…

Juice. Right. Did I want any? Should I take any? With Haley and Phoebe there, it didn’t really seem necessary…but maybe these stupid Hollywood movies depicting what vampires are said to be and do might trigger some subconscious reaction—should I drink to prevent this? I don’t want to hurt them…dammit…

Dad, you can hear my thoughts…what should I do?

He chuckled beneath his breath and leaned over to kiss my forehead. As he got up to leave he said to us, “Don’t hesitate to call for us if anyone would like anything!” He’d heard me. He was good about covering his tracks to guard the family secret. Mom always said he was the master of concealing the truth. She said that she was still learning—she was as old as I was when it came to being a vampire—although I think I had it a bit easier in some ways, the thirst wasn’t so potent and I could get by on Twinkies and still enjoy the taste if I wanted to!

“Okay! Shush! It’s starting!” Haley quickly settled deep into the plush cushions of the couch.

“Do we REALLY have to start with ‘Interview with a Vampire’?” I asked—this whole idea was as the very bottom of my things-I-want-to-do list…and watching Tom Cruise try to portray an egotistical vampire for ninety minuets was DEFINITELY not on there.

“Shush!” Phoebe scolded me, ignoring my complaints. She settled into the couch as well, clutching an unopened package of microwave popcorn.

“Should we pop that?” I asked. Anything to get me out of here, even for a little bit!

“No! Not now!” Haley snapped back as the first scene rolled on the screen.