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Vampire Masquerade

Renesmee faces the most horrible event of her life thus far: the school's upcoming themed dance. My first TwiFic. There will be a book two.


2. Familiar Monsters

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Truth be told, Anne Rice wasn’t completely bonkers—she had a good idea, but of course good old Hollywood did taint some of her creations—like the coffins thing. Although I can’t imagine what the vampires do who live in heavily populated areas do on a sunny day—maybe the coffins were a metaphor for something else…like tinted windows. I don’t know.

The movie started, as the title suggested, in an interview with Brad Pitt as a very cold-looking “vampire”. He was dressed in some colonial or maybe Victorian get-up...typical…apparently Hollywood vampires can’t change with the fashion statements. Brad Pitt’s character, whose name I later learned would be Louis, shows the interviewer how fast he can flip on a switch—which I guess if we were to truly be ourselves with my guests present, we would probably get the same reaction. And Brad Pitt was right, we behaved the same way humans do—only about a hundred times faster—or something like that. Dad was the fastest out of all of us…maybe he was a million times faster than humans?

Louis’ life started out similarly as those desperate humans who longed to be rid of the pain and misery that was mortality and vampirism seems to be a last, and ultimately fantastic, resort—Louis had lost his wife and baby—both during childbirth.

My earliest memory suddenly surfaced—her face tired, strained and covered in blood—but she was beautiful, and she was my mother. Not my creator…my mother. Her and my father made me the same way so many other parents had—but I had the potential to kill her. I wondered if I still could. That frightened me. What if that had been the way of things? What if I had killed Momma? What would become of Daddy?

I fruitlessly hoped that he wasn’t listening…I knew he would be…and I hoped that he or Uncle Jazz would be able to smother these horrid thoughts—I loved them all.

Phoebe and Haley both jumped, which snapped my focus to the screen and my friends, as Lestat drained Louis of all but an inch of his life. He gave him a choice to become like him…like the rest of us. When Louis was changed, his eyes were a golden hue—like Dad’s or Mom’s after a hunt…I wondered if my eyes would ever change like theirs. He looked, as Lestat told him “to look with his vampire eyes” and he saw a changed world.

My world had never looked any different…I wonder what it must look like to them…how Mom must look at the world now…her “vampire eyes” were still so young.

The movie dragged on, allowing the audience to see what turmoil newborn vampires must wrestle with for the first few years…

It wasn’t until about halfway through the already long move that it took a turn I didn’t see coming. I restrained a yelp as Lestat “saved” a dying child by allowing the little girl to drink his blood. As I had picked up from Dad, my body stiffened into a silent statue in defense, only observing my surroundings and only fleeing or fighting until absolutely necessary—but in this case I could do neither, because the fear wasn’t real.

I knew it was fake, I knew it was only a movie, I knew it was all Hollywood’s gimmick. But still I could feel my breath speed up and my heart do a double take as I watched the little girl change into a vampire—forever frozen in time…forever frozen as a killer.

A monster.

This part with Claudia, the Doll Vampire, made my skin crawl. She was young—maybe six—a lot younger than me—as far as any vampire was concerned—and Lestat promised Louis he could end his unhappiness. So Lestat allowed the child to drink from his wrist—the greedy little thing—she panted and writhed in pain as her human body died, and then slowly transformed into the immortal beauty all vampires held. She was a beautifully deadly newborn vampire. As she awoke into her new life, she instinctively requested “I want some more”. Lestat complied and called for a servant maid—which he killed with his hands and laid the body before his newborn creation. I watched, my throat becoming raspy as she sucked the body nearly dry. Lestat was all but beaming with pride as he complimented her on her clean and greedy work. My heart shuddered at how pleased she and Lestat looked—the child monster luring her prey.

I tried to swallow, but my throat was too dry and a dull itch worked its way from the pit of my stomach to the forefront of my thoughts: blood. Watching that poor maid be drained nearly dry reminded me of my favorite “juice” and suddenly Phoebe and Haley’s hearts were the only things I could hear.

And then suddenly, the child monster, with her little golden curls and light brown eyes didn’t seem so unfamiliar.

I could have been that monster child.

The dryness and the itch in my throat subsided and I could hear the actors on the television again. But I couldn’t bring myself to focus.

All I could think about was how she took life, and took more life. All around her were not people, but meals. It sickened me. It terrified me. It made me wonder what allowed the Volturri to leave me to my family at all. What if I had been that child—it was a law that no immortal children were to be created—it was illegal and a taboo.

Suddenly my thoughts were settled as Dad instantly placed his hand on top of my head and ruffled my hair gently. He bent down so that his lips were next to my ear; he then spoke in a degree in which only I could hear.

“That’s not you.” He said, “You are so much more than that. Claudia is, and her type always will be, an abomination. Unspeakable. You are loved…so very much loved…” He rose and as he did he smiled at Haley and Phoebe, and they smiled back. I knew that they hadn’t heard.

They turned their attention back to the movie and I tried to settle back into the couch. Dad floated out of the room, but lingered just around the threshold out of sight but not out of mind for me.

I shouldn’t worry. I’m not a monster. Mom and Dad love me, and they aren’t monsters…they’re good people…well, beings, anyway.

Then Phoebe asked a question that resurfaced my tension.

“Can vampires have babies?” She asked, genuinely curious.

Haley considered this for a moment.

However, within this moment Emmett in the next room let out one sharp roll of laughter. A simple and direct WHACK, delivered by Auntie Rose’s hand no doubt, silenced it before it rolled any further. Clearly her question had reached her ears—I noticed Dad had left his post by the threshold—I tried to follow his trail in my head—I guessed he had gone to Mom. I could only imagine their expressions right now.

This moment lasted for almost two seconds.

“I don’t suppose they don’t have much of a need for it. I mean, you just saw how they, basically, reproduce…I guess.” Haley responded.

“Yeah but, I mean, they’re still humans—they have babies, like normal animals do—and vampires aren’t all that different. So there must be a way for them to…you know…have the same…um…parts.” Phoebe blushed.

Haley giggled a little. I did too…if only to keep my human mask on.

“Well, they’re not really human…they’re undead—basically. What if…the…um…parts…don’t work?” Haley pointed out.

“They are frozen in time…” I managed to squeak out. I can’t believe I’m contributing to this conversation.

“True,” Phoebe replied “But they must have families…you would think.”

I swallowed loudly.

“You just saw them create a family, Phoebe! They bite their victims and voila! Instant companion!”

“Well, in this case a daughter.” Phoebe corrected.

“I supposed that if vampires could have babies, we’d probably see a lot more of them…wouldn’t we?”

“Why would we see more of them if they could have babies? What’s the different between that and changing a human?”

“Maybe it’s more…fun?” Haley asked, her response ending in laughter.

I laughed too, but to keep a hold on my human mask. Then Phoebe asked the question that nearly destroyed my composure.

“What would happen if a vampire tried to have a baby with a human?”

I dared not to breathe. I knew exactly what would happen…if it had been any other couple…the unborn monster baby would chew its way out of the mother and she would die almost instantly in the most horrible and painful way. Death by offspring. Death by love. I could only try to count my heart beats to help bring me to focus.

Haley whirled around, looking past my face to stare into Phoebe’s eyes. “Are you serious? Why would a vampire want anything more from a human besides self preservation?”

“Well, what if the vampire wanted to combine dinner and pleasure?” Phoebe giggled.

Haley laughed loudly and I could feel my throat closing around me—not in the way that I thirsted for blood, but in the way that I suddenly wished to disappear.

Thank the gods that Auntie Alice would always be counted on.

“Okay!” She took control of the room as soon as she entered and stood between us and the television.

“Hey!” Haley and Phoebe protested. My throat opened up a bit more and I could suddenly taste the clean air again. I smiled and in my head I could see myself throwing myself at her feet and thanking her over and over again. I held onto the image and hoped I could somehow show Alice.

“Why are we just sitting around? Isn’t there a fabulous dance that you three ladies are attending and we only have a few days to prepare? We need to get to work!”

Then suddenly I took back the image in my head when I saw what she had cradled in the crook of her arm: a book of old dress patterns and a measuring tape draped over her folded forearm.

Oh no.