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Vampire Masquerade

Renesmee faces the most horrible event of her life thus far: the school's upcoming themed dance. My first TwiFic. There will be a book two.


3. Transformations

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Chapter three: Transformation

“What are you talking about?” Haley asked, she trying to crane her neck around Alice to catch one more glimpse of her immortal Brad Pitt as Louis.

“WE are going to take this dance party by storm! Now, no arguing with the professional! Everyone upstairs!” She waved her free arm at us, like swatting flies from a meal left unattended for too long, and then pointed to the grand staircase.

“What are you doing?” I demanded in a degree in which only she could hear. My only response was an airy giggle that everyone could hear. No answers. I groaned as I trudged my way up the stairs, behind my two overly excited and giggling friends, Alice brought up the rear, probably to make sure I didn’t escape.

Alice pointed to an open door—it was the hallway bathroom—and encouraged Haley and Phoebe to enter. She headed past the door toward another room, “Go on in there and I’ll be back in one second!” Since I knew that she wasn’t kidding…she would really be there and back again in one second…I obeyed. Haley flicked the light on and as I made my way to the window, I realized that Phoebe and Haley had never been in this bathroom before—they stood near the doorway gawking at…well, I’m not sure what. Their eyes kept darting from the faucet to the window, to the vanity littered with colorful glass jars and candles…darting, darting, darting. Weird.

“Okay, here I am!” Alice proclaimed…I knew she had taken her time…keeping with the human façade. Then I saw the little tote bag that she used both hands to carry: it was LOADED with…what else…cosmetics and hair supplies. Oh dear.

Alice began to unload the contents of the bag onto the counter of the vanity and I couldn’t wrap my head around how that poor little bag could have withstood so much pressure! It was like something out of Marry Poppins—you know, that bag of endless surprises…how’d a curling iron fit in there?

“Alright. Haley? Phoebe? Come and sit on the bench. Sorry, Ness…you’ll have to wait.”

“Oh no! That’s quite alright!” I replied with a genuine (and relieved) smile. Phew!

“Nonsense! I can help!” Cooed a voice from the doorway.

I restrained the urge to groan. Of course Auntie Rose would want to help in gussying me up. “Sure, auntie!” I exclaimed through my teeth. I had a good idea that Daddy could still hear me, but I also imagined that my futile calls for help to him would be just that: futile. I knew better than to refuse fusing from Auntie Rose; she was sensitive to the idea of having children of her own, and I was as close as she was going to get—I felt guilty to say no.

“Wonderful! How about you set up by the counter? I’ll take these ladies and work with them on the vanity. Ness, how about joining us over here and sitting on the toilet? Rose, here are some colors that are good for…her skin type.” Alice handed Rose a few compacts and a variety of tiny brushes…almost like an artists’ but smaller and finer bristles. “Alright! What shall we do?” Alice turned her full attention to Phoebe and Haley…who suddenly found themselves swept into a beautician’s salon: Alice wasted no time in evening their skin tones with a very pale foundation…it held a very faint blue hue to it. She then painted their eyes with different shades of purples and greens…respective to their favorite color and eye color, of course.

At this point Rose had her ideas in order and from this point on, my eyes were closed to allow her to use my face as a canvas. I felt the latex sponge wipe the liquid foundation over my skin and then the tickles of very fine bristles over my eyes, cheeks, and more liquids wiping on my lips.

“Oh, you three are going to be the belles of the ball! With a few touches, I think, here, will be the finishing touches here.” I heard Alice say to Phoebe and Haley. I could hear their throats restrict trying to contain their excitement—I could even hear the corners of their mouths stretch widely to expose their teeth and their hearts race as Alice continued to pamper them. I could imagine at this point that she would allow them both to look at themselves in the big mirror over the sink.

“Oh…wow!” I heard them say, each in their own way.

I braved to open one eye in the midst of Rose’s artistic frenzy to see their transformation. I could see that their faces were certainly much paler, and their eyes were darkened and the colors of their eyes were brought out by the colors that Alice expertly used. And the “accents” Alice had mentioned were a few simple rhinestone gems placed in the corner of one eye. Their lips were crimson red and glossed to make them shiny.

Haley’s hair was all done up in large curls which sat on top of her head held together with red dainty barrettes. Phoebe’s short hair was tousled with a sort of gel which made it stick out similarly to Alice’s pixie look, except it was sprayed with a hair shimmer which had red sparkles in it—the clear spray bottle was still in Alice’s hand as she stepped around Phoebe and spraying anywhere she might have missed. The effect was dazzling…subtly sparkly yet sinister…the red was certainly a nice touch.

“Wow you guys…” I said, but I couldn’t get much more out, Rose took back my mouth to finish her work with the lip-gloss. They tore their eyes from the mirror to look at me…and I saw their eyes go wide.

Rose wasn’t done…which made me afraid that maybe with her cosmetic work had brought out my true other half…what if the make up only drew attention to my dangerous…Oh no! This was a bad idea. They’re going to find out. What worried me more is the fear that they probably wouldn’t care. If they were excited to pretend to be vampires, then there was some closeted feeling that they were attracted to the idea of becoming like me…well, more realistically, like the rest of my family.

I simply smiled as best I could, and Haley and Phoebe went back to staring at themselves in the mirror.

I quickly reached up to touch Rose’s throat and thought back over the past ten seconds. She stopped what she was doing and shook her head—then her eyes looked at me, with a smile in them, and then she kissed my forehead…I believed her. I must look the same. I need to keep this human façade. Everyone does. They wouldn’t do anything to expose us. I suddenly realized then that Alice and Rose were taking their time to keep their façades too…it would be suspicious to apply make-up perfectly under two minuets.

“Okay, that should do it.” Rose announced and I was free to open my eyes and use my lips again. I smiled in thanks…despite that I was now covered in make-up and my hair was reeking of hair product. I turned my head to join my friends in the mirror.

Rose had allowed my complexion to stay the same pale shade I was used to, and she added touches of shimmer on my check bones and over my eyes. The color palate was in warmer tones of pinks and purples and my lips were a soft wine color…if that’s what it was really called. I wasn’t sure.

“Oh my! We look awesome!” Phoebe exclaimed.

“Well, now all we need is a dress for each of us!” Haley added.

“…and shoes!” Phoebe pointed out.

Oh dear. I instantly knew where this would be headed…into Alice’s closet…or “extra room” as we sometimes called it.

Sure as the rain, Alice’s mouth curved up in a wicked smile. “Well, my vampire ladies, if you would follow me, I think we can arrange that!” I cringed slightly at “vampire ladies”. I didn’t like the idea of either one of them being forced to be like us.

Phoebe and Haley slowly turned to me. “Does your aunt own a clothing store?” Haley asked, bringing my thoughts back to the present.

“Something like that.” I sighed as Alice flitted out of the room, Haley and Phoebe curiously trailing behind her.