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my twilight outtakes

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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="the Cullens & Jake" title="my Twilight Outtakes" width="122" height="30">so this is my own outtakes from Twilight..disclaimer: i do not own any of Stephenie Meyer's caracters..except the random ones i do include.... its small bits and pieces of situations that might arise when your a family of vampires,half-vampires,werewolfes as well as humans ..lol..and really weird situations do arise.. oh and by the way..the stories are kind of random..i just write stuff as i get inspired...so please excuse me..but anyway you will get the time frame, i usually include them along those lines so if a story does not interest you..maybe another one might..so please do read on..

well..those are my side-stories..they are between funny and sexy..if you can cope with my sense of humor...and heated sheets!!! and please if you take time to read..please take two secs to review..even if just to say: 'hate'..its just soo important that writers know what you think about their work..so i hope you will review

1. the first period of a new lifetime(i'm into funky titles..lol)

Rating 5/5   Word Count 607   Review this Chapter

I was looking at Edward with a predatory gleam in my eyes. I heard the low hiss coming from him. He jumped towards me and I had just enough time to retreat to the other side of the room. I kept my thoughts to myself making sure my shield was in place. And then I flew over the bed and landed on all fours with Edward pinned under me.

“ Aw Bella …its too difficult to fight with you” he said.

“ I think what’s difficult for you is to fight fair” I replied knowing fully well that my advantage over him was that he was unable to read my mind!

“ Will you two stop making such a raucous.” Emmet growled from his and Rosalie‘s room. He had still not gotten over the fact that I had beaten him and he could no longer make allusions to our sex life.

Edward grabbed me and in the next second I found myself under him. He kissed me savagely. Hard to think that was the same vampire who had put in so much restraint while I had been a human.


I stood up at Renesmee’s call!

I looked at Edward who seemed panicked just as well. Any playfulness leaving our faces at her cry of obvious anguish. I ran towards her room and opened her door with such force that the it broke off. Edward was just behind me.

“What is it Renesmee ?’’

Just then I noticed a disturbing pungent odour lingering in her room. It smelled like something was rotting.

“I think I’m dying” she replied while clutching her stomach.

“She’s bleeding” Edward said and I watched out expecting him to be attracted to the blood. I would not be able to fight him but I could at least stop him.

Then Renesmee pushed away her bed sheets and I clearly saw that there was a big red stain in middle of her bed. I understood why Edward had not felt disturbed by the thought of blood since it was ‘decaying blood’ and felt relief at once.

“Don’t panic Renesmee you are NOT dying!”

Edward left us already figuring out that we needed a little a little mother-daughter time. I then noticed that all the other members of our family were gathered outside her room. They all seemed shocked by what they were seeing even Alice which was a rare occurrence. Then her face went blank and then I could see that she knew what was happening.

“ I’m going to buy the necessary stuff.” I heard her say and she flew downstairs at once. I felt grateful that at least that would be taken care of. The physical side would be fairly easy to deal with, it was the emotional part that would be difficult.

They all went back to their rooms when Edward explained what was happening.

I went by Renesmee’s bedside and held her hand.

“My stomach..huh! I can’t stand the pain!” she gasped.

I felt sympathy as I saw the pain in her eyes.

“ It’s normal Renesmee, your body is changing… you’re becoming a woman”. Somehow that did not seem appropriate but I could not think of something better to say.

“ What?” she asked incredulously between cries of pain.

“ Renesmee you’re having your period”. There was no good way to break this type of news. Knowing flashed over her face before another grimace of pain cut in.

“Oh no! This is too soon, mummy I’m only five!”

I knew that, even though she did look like a young adult she was still too young to be going through this. She was growing up too fast and somehow eternity seemed too short to savour time with my little daughter!