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my twilight outtakes

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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="the Cullens & Jake" title="my Twilight Outtakes" width="122" height="30">so this is my own outtakes from Twilight..disclaimer: i do not own any of Stephenie Meyer's caracters..except the random ones i do include.... its small bits and pieces of situations that might arise when your a family of vampires,half-vampires,werewolfes as well as humans ..lol..and really weird situations do arise.. oh and by the way..the stories are kind of random..i just write stuff as i get inspired...so please excuse me..but anyway you will get the time frame, i usually include them along those lines so if a story does not interest you..maybe another one might..so please do read on..

well..those are my side-stories..they are between funny and sexy..if you can cope with my sense of humor...and heated sheets!!! and please if you take time to read..please take two secs to review..even if just to say: 'hate'..its just soo important that writers know what you think about their work..so i hope you will review

2. Heated Honeymoon

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1612   Review this Chapter

Jake’s POV

I looked into the eyes of Nessie. My life, my heart, my faith, my loyalty…all those belonged to only one person my wife. I remembered the first time I had seen her, the same instant all the hate changed into immediate devotion and now nine years later she was mine. For her I would die, I would sell my soul and then some…

“Jake? Why are you looking at me like that?” I heard her sweet voice whisper. “Are you okay?”. Why did I hear worry in her voice? What had happened to make her unhappy?

“Jacob Black! Zap out of it…maybe you hit yourself badly…maybe I should call a doctor..” That confused me. Why would she call a doctor?

“Jake! Oh…I’m really sorry…did I hurt you? Answer me…can you hear me?”

I grunted then found my voice, “yeah I hear you, what’s going on?”

And then I realised that I could not remember why I was on a bed surrounded by feathers and with a soundless pain in my head!

Four hours earlier..

Renesmee’s POV

This was it! At last I was having my wedding night. I had been waiting and anticipating sleeping with Jake since the first time I had realised that his muscular chest might be an exciting feature other than for carrying me around. And now I would have him all to myself day AND night!

So prepare yourself Jacob Black…I am coming for you.

I myself had prepared everything carefully: my clothes, my perfume, the place. Jake would realise that he was not the only one able to heat things up! And anyway it had been the only thing I had been given the right to take care of…with Alice being bossy about taking the whole wedding plans into her hands and Rosalie stating that she was an expert with her numerous weddings with Emmett. So I had ample time to think over the perfect wedding night.

I turned towards Jake and smiled, “So what do you think about Esme’s Isle? Its great, isn’t it.” I was glad that Carlisle had leant us the island for two weeks. It was indeed the perfect place to honeymoon and I knew that was were my mother had seduced my dad and conceived me. I shuddered at that thought…huh.

“ Yeah its nice” Jake answered unenthusiastically.

“okay I know you are being difficult because you won’t be able to use a car around here…but it will be fun you will see.”

I took his hand and lead him around the place so he could grasp the level of possibilities. In my head I was thinking: making love on the beach, in the water, in the shower, in the yellow room, in the whi- okay I did not finish this thought… my parents did not know that I had once heard them speaking about their first time in the white room…

I could see that as usual Jake was slow at grasping those possibilities

Okay change of plan… the road to a man’s heart was through his stomach…well since I was already in his heart…I could use this expression to get to his body!

“Are you hungry Jake?” for me…

“Yeah in fact I am” he said with the most enthusiasm I had heard since the wedding party had been over.

I prepared lasagne for him, my mother’s recipe. At least that way he would not be in lack of strength or something…

As soon as we finished eating- well I only nibbled around while he took three helpings-I grabbed him. Enough of this I was taking action into my hands. When he stood up I threw myself on him and we both landed on the floor. I pushed my whole weight on him to keep him down before he could regain his senses. I locked my mouth with his and licked earnestly at the insides of his mouth. Only being allowed to kiss Jake while we had been engaged had made me an expert kisser and I was definitely using all my skills and tricks to get to him.

Jake pulled away for air.

“Wow Nessie, are you trying to rape me?” he asked half laughing half breathing.

I smiled wickedly, “ It’s our honeymoon and I think we should have an early start on the night to come.” I lifted myself slightly and straddled him.

“Maybe you should take it a little bit slower Nessie, I would not want to hurt you.”

“Let me remind you who is on top of whom”…hum…this position was definitely giving me ideas…

“It’s your first time Ness, you could get hurt.” Was he trying to kill the mood or something..

“Are you trying to kill the mood or something?”

“No I’m trying to make you understand that getting overly excited might harm you.”

“Then it’s a good thing that I am a half vampire with a tough skin.” And I kissed him thoroughly. I unbuttoned his shirt an ran my hands on his muscular chest and arms…hmm my wolf man…I protested when he left my lips again but then his lips trailed heated kisses along my jaw and neck.

I got up and dragged him to the yellow room-I was definitely not having my first time on the dinning room floor-. We both tumbled on the sheets still kissing. Then the mood changed. Jake kisses were became more tender as he unzipped my sweater. He unhooked my bra and I became self conscious. What if he did not like me. He looked down at me and he watched me with…reverence. Yes that was the perfect word to describe the look he gave me. His pupils dilated and his breath quickened. I could even hear his heartbeat take a quicker pace. Then he delved his mouth down and kissed the hollow between my breasts and licked there…wow…what was that…I had just had the most exquisite sensation ever shot up between my legs.

“Do that again” I whispered.

He grinned and bent to flick his tongue over the hollow and again sensation zapped again.

“You like that..” he stated. Then his lips left the hollow and went over my left breast where he pressed his tongue against its sensitive tip. The sensation was even more intense. One of his hands then began caressing my right breast and I felt on the verge of explosion. His soft lips then inflicted the same blissfully painful ministrations to my right breast while he unfastened my skirt. I lifted my hips off the bed while he slid the skirt of me…afterwards went my silk panty. Then he lifted himself off me and gazed down at my naked self.

“Nessie, my Nessie, I can’t believe you are all mine.” At that stage I could not speak so I nodded stupidly. His lips trailed kisses over my navel going more and more downwards then found the centre of my pleasure…oh my goodness…am I dying…that must have been the case because so much pleasure was simply not possible on earth! I felt a tightening inside me and his tongue was going over and over a secret place that I had never been aware existed. I whimpered begging for release yet not wanting to escape this exquisite torture. Then a wave washed over me and I was drowning.

Later-was it seconds or hours?-I found Jacob kissing my lips and wiping at my cheeks. What -had I been crying? Who would cry after so much pleasure?

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Yes I am definitely okay!” I replied in a voice even I could not recognise.


“Where did you learn to do that?”

I heard him chuckle nervously and looked up at him. He seemed to be blushing.

“ Jake?” I knew he could not refuse me anything no matter how embarrassed.

“Well Jasper and Emmett have given me a book for my bachelor party..”

“A book..” I was puzzled.

“Okay they gave me the Kama Sutra” he added hastily.

I refrained myself from laughing.

“oh.. That’s good…that spices up our honeymoon.” I said. He was now clearly embarrassed by his confession.

Okay enough talking. I had had my fun, now was his turn.

I pressed my lips against his and felt his embarrassment dissolve.

“Nessie straddle me”…hum…seemed like my new husband and I were on the same wavelength. I looked at him wickedly but he had on a serious face.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s your first time”

“so ?”

“ I do not want to crush you, get on top of me that way you can set your pace”

“Jake!” I protested. He was too serious for a guy on his honeymoon.

“Nessie” he made his puppy face. How was I supposed to fight the puppy face? I reluctantly straddled his hips and he kissed me and I forgot everything besides our two bodies touching. He grabbed my hips and lifted me before pushing me down.

At first I felt the pain but then it was replaced by renewed pleasure. Before I realised it I was screaming Jacobs name at the top of my lungs and doing some serious pumping actions while instinct took over. Too soon I felt the release. I slumped against Jake.

Again I could not move. Jacob on the other hand was intent on building another fire. He seemed to be paying homage to my body by kissing me all over. I was not going to complain.

“So…the Kama Sutra…what did you read like that…”


One hour later I looked down at Jake. Maybe I had hurt him?

“Jake! Oh…I’m really sorry…did I hurt you? Answer me…can you hear me?”

We had been trying on a new position when I had lost my balance and sent Jake’s head crashing on the wrought iron headboard.

“yeah I hear you, what’s going on?” Had he lost his mind?

He then shaked his head and saw that his memory was coming back. He laughed and glanced down at my naked body.

“I think we should practice before trying on more complicated stuff!”