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my twilight outtakes

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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="the Cullens & Jake" title="my Twilight Outtakes" width="122" height="30">so this is my own outtakes from Twilight..disclaimer: i do not own any of Stephenie Meyer's caracters..except the random ones i do include.... its small bits and pieces of situations that might arise when your a family of vampires,half-vampires,werewolfes as well as humans ..lol..and really weird situations do arise.. oh and by the way..the stories are kind of random..i just write stuff as i get inspired...so please excuse me..but anyway you will get the time frame, i usually include them along those lines so if a story does not interest you..maybe another one might..so please do read on..

well..those are my side-stories..they are between funny and sexy..if you can cope with my sense of humor...and heated sheets!!! and please if you take time to read..please take two secs to review..even if just to say: 'hate'..its just soo important that writers know what you think about their work..so i hope you will review

3. Telling the Truth

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Telling the Truth

Edward’s POV

I heard Renesmee’s rebellious thoughts before she stormed into the sitting room of the new family house in Coos Bay Oregon. I glanced down at Bella who was stretched with me on the sofa. We had had the house to ourselves. True we could have gone to our own house but Nessie had been blaring music from her stereo. So I had persuaded Bella to come here for a little mummy-daddy time. As always she tensed on hearing our daughter barge into the room.

They are so not going to do this to me! Hear me dad!? I will not let you ruin my life.

Bella sighed. She did not need any mind reading to realise that once again her dear daughter was going to start a tantrum.

“ What is it Nessie?” . Through her obvious rage I could not make out what her real thoughts were.

“You both know what you did! I just talked with Alice, she says that she saw us all going to high school together! Are you crazy! I am not going to high school with my parents! Don’t you realise how important it is for me to be on my own for once. I’m grown up now, you can’t decide for me anymore!”

Oh Alice! Sometimes I just wished that her ability to see Nessie in her visions had not cleared as Nessie had grown up.

“Renesmee you are not a grown up, you are only six years old!” Bella said nervously. She had been on edge ever since Nessie had started on rebellious attitudes. She had always wanted everyone around her to be happy and she was distressed by our daughter’s attitude.

“Yes but I’m mature enough to handle school mother” Since a few weeks Nessie had started calling us by our names-because she could not stand having parents looking the same age as her-and she said ‘mother’ with obvious distaste. I could feel Bella cringe. That was it, I would not stand Nessie being so mean since Bella had not done anything wrong!

“Renesmee stop that right now! You choose: either you go to high school with us or you don’t go at all!” I said with an even voice.

“But Edward-” she started.

“ No! and stop calling us by our names. We are your parents and deserve at least respect. I am very disappointed with your attitude lately Nessie. Your mother and I have given you the best education possible under the circumstances and I thought it was enough. Maybe I was wrong.” I felt Bella’s comforting hand squeeze mine.

Nessie’s thoughts were a mixture of remorse and anger.

I know you are trying to manipulate my feelings.

“I’m sorry you think so” I replied.

I heard Jacob’s thoughts as he came closer to the house and suppressed the need to roll my eyes. Just what I needed!

Renesmee did not hear his footsteps. She stormed out of the room and opened the door to go out.

“Hey Ness what’s up?” I heard Jacob say. Nessie did not reply. She just stared at him and ran away towards our own private house just a few hundred metres away from the main quarters.

Jacob’s POV

I looked after Nessie’s retreating figure. What was wrong with her again. She had been acting oddly lately and was prone to mood swings. Maybe it was PMS. She had reacted badly the first time she had her…

Okay I’d better find out what’s wrong this time…

I ran towards Bella and Edward’s house in my human form, it was not far and I was not that impatient to see her again.

I opened the door and was even more concerned since she had not locked it. I went towards her room and knocked.

“Come in..” What was wrong with her voice, it was low and raspy.

“Ness-”. The sight that greeted me behind the door made me lose track of what I was about to say.

Nessie, my Nessie, was lying on her bed in a provocative pose facing me and even more: she was barely clothed! She had on a black thing which seemed silky and see-through at the same time and it only covered her from- I should definitely not think about what it covers!

“You like my new undies? Got them as a Christmas gift from Alice”

I just gulped. My brain was not functioning normally. Just then Nessie sauntered from the bed and walked gracefully towards me. I felt the full impact of her state of undress then doing weird things with my body. I was hard. She placed her hands on my chest and caressed my torso before linking her fingers into my hair. All those years I had not known she was a temptress in disguise. With her long reddish brown hair flowing freely over her bare white skin she was a hidden fantasy come true. She then pressed her lips against mine and I knew I was a gone man. We had kissed before; affectionate ones from me, tentative ones from her. This kiss was way different. It made me aware of every male part in me and each of her so feminine curves. I mingled my tongue with hers and pressed her soft body even more against mine. I caressed her back and continued my exploration of her going more and more downwards. Good thing Edward was not nearby to hear my-

Edward! Sooner or later he would know about this and I would be a dead man!

I gently pushed Nessie aside and stared into her face-I tried not to look downward-. She seemed fragile just then. She seemed unsure.

“Don’t you want me Jake?” I heard the quiver in her voice and saw her eyes brimmed with tears. She pressed her hand to my face and I saw the words DON’T-YOU-LOVE-ME-? appear one after the other. I wiped at her cheeks.

“ Of course I love you Ness, you are my life!” I affirmed. She just stared back.

“Edward will be angry..” I did not need to finish I knew she would understand. She groaned and took a step back.

“Yeah I know...he’ll kill you or something”

“And he’d be right to do that...you are underage Nessie even considering your appearance, you look sixteen and its not the right moment”

I heard her sigh and she went to put her clothes back on. She then came back to me and pressed her lips to mine.

“But we can kiss right? Kissing at sixteen is not forbidden..” I pressed my lips to hers but pulled back after two seconds, the picture of her body was still too fresh on my mind.

“So how was it?” she asked as we went to the kitchen. She began preparing sandwiches for us.

"how was what?" i asked.

“My kiss? How was it? I’ve ever kissed only you, so I may not compare to your other girlfriends..” she grabbed a knife and began slicing ham. Ah Nessie and ham sandwich perfect combination for a good day.

“I’ve never had a girlfriend before” I said distractedly while she smiled smugly.

“And I’ve only kissed you and Bella-” oh shit! Me and my big mouth!

“What!? You kissed my mother!” she screamed.

“It was a long time ago.” I tried to explain but she looked menacing with her knife and her eyes too were throwing daggers!

“That’s not the point. You-Kissed-My-Mother!. That is disgusting! Get out!” My too sensitive ears were actually hurting at this point.

“Nessie-” She did not let me finish she ran through the door.

Oh man! This was turning into an awful day. Edward was definitely going to kill me!

Renesmee’s POV

I swiftly opened the door to my grandparent’s house. Oh great! After hearing from my boyfriend that he had kissed my mother I had to catch my parents making out on the sofa! They separated their entangled bodies on the blink of an eye but my dad was looking at me in a strange way. Oh yes, he had heard my thoughts. My mother seemed flushed. I now realised she might have been the one hitting on Jake. Maybe she had seduced him. After all she seemed to have a high sex drive!

“Renesmee!” my father snarled.

“What! It’s true you are more aware of that than I!”

My mother looked at us both clearly not understanding what was going on.

“Renesmee I warn you do not stress your mother even more!” how come he was not mad too? After all it was his beloved Bella who had cheated on him! Because I knew that my mother had met Jake again the same time she had met my dad which obviously meant she had two timed her feelings!

“It did not happen like that” my dad answered wearily

“You knew! Wow I’ve living in a house full of cheaters and liars.” I was aware of the petty illegal stuff they did to protect our identities but to know they had lied to me…

“Edward what is going on?” my mother asked.

“So mum how was it kissing Jake? It just occurred to me its even more disgusting considering the fact that Jake is two years younger than you!”

I heard my mothers swift intake of breath and was going to continue speaking when I heard the door barge open behind me.

“Nessie stop right now! It was no way your mother’s fault what happened between us. I am entirely responsible so leave her alone.” I heard Jake say. I turned on my heels and faced him. He looked regretful and determined.

“what! You are taking her side against me!

“I am not taking sides, I’m stating facts. I was the one going after your mother. It was before your birth and has nothing to do with my present feelings for you.”

“Yes it does Jacob! If not for your damn imprinting you could have been with my mother now!”

“No!” it was the first time I heard my mother speak up since she had heard my question. “I will not let you undervalue the level of devotion and love I have for Edward. No matter what I would forever remain by your father’s side. I chose Edward.”

“what are you trying to say? You chose dad over Jacob! Do you all expect me to be grateful! Hell. I’m getting an headache! First I hear you two kissed and now you actually had to choose between a vampire and a werewolf who imprinted on me!” I was so confused. I had wanted answers and I got them even to questions I had not asked!

“Crap this is coming out all wrong, listen to me Nessie,” I turned to her, my mother. She seemed frightened. She had been there for me in so many different ways. I knew all she had done to keep me safe. How she would have sacrificed her own life for me. After so many years I felt betrayed by her.

“No Bella, I will explain, it’s my mess to clean up.” I heard Jake say.

He turned towards me and grabbed my hands in his. I tried to pull back but he held firmly. He held my gaze and began talking:

“Renesmee before your parents were engaged, I had befriended Bella and you know that. I was a teenager, and like all teenagers I was prone to dramatize and hormonal stuff. Anyway I sincerely thought I loved Bella and during the months where Edward was absent we became very close. Even though I had wanted to take our relationship further your mother still loved Edward and only looked at me like a brother. And when Edward returned with her I only felt hate towards him because of that vampire-werewolf feud. I thought Bella was a victim so I kept provoking her to leave him. Then one day I kissed her. But she punched me-”

He cut off laughing. I was shocked and could not speak. I felt my parents tense behind us. Jacob continued.

“but I did not let go, because I was stubborn. So the night that Victoria vampire came for Bella, I provoked Bella again. I practically begged for her to show her feelings.” he stopped.

He took my chin and looked me in the eyes.

“Nessie I’m gonna be honest with you but you must listen through”

I cringed. What terrible stuff had they done? I nodded.

“That night, I kissed Bella again and she kissed me back..”

I gasped.

“Listen Nessie. Your mother and I do have feelings for each other. We deeply care for each other. I sincerely don’t know what would have happened if Edward had not returned from his exile or if you had not been born. But what I do know is that the affection Bella feels for me will never come close to the love she feels for Edward. And my love for you has nothing to do with my infatuation for Bella. You want to prove you’re a grown up…then you must be aware that there are different kinds of love. I hope you are mature enough to understand that.”

I looked at the three most important beings in my life. I sincerely tried to find the force to understand. My mother seemed distraught. My dad seemed-well he was clearly listening intently on my thoughts. And finally Jacob…I loved him so much. Love was forgiving, or so they said. But it would take me time to forgive even more to forget…