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my twilight outtakes

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Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!" alt="the Cullens & Jake" title="my Twilight Outtakes" width="122" height="30">so this is my own outtakes from Twilight..disclaimer: i do not own any of Stephenie Meyer's caracters..except the random ones i do include.... its small bits and pieces of situations that might arise when your a family of vampires,half-vampires,werewolfes as well as humans ..lol..and really weird situations do arise.. oh and by the way..the stories are kind of random..i just write stuff as i get inspired...so please excuse me..but anyway you will get the time frame, i usually include them along those lines so if a story does not interest you..maybe another one might..so please do read on..

well..those are my side-stories..they are between funny and sexy..if you can cope with my sense of humor...and heated sheets!!! and please if you take time to read..please take two secs to review..even if just to say: 'hate'..its just soo important that writers know what you think about their work..so i hope you will review

4. two years together

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1145   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

I smiled as my gaze met Edward’s. I could not believe two years had gone by since our wedding day! It seemed like we had been together since the beginning of time yet I felt that the time spent together had moved so swiftly.

I heard his phone ring and snuggled closer as he replied.

“Yes Emmett?” he paused. “okay we’ll be ready.” He closed his phone and pulled me even closer.

It had taken time for him to realise that I was no more a fragile thing and I was always afraid to crush him with my new borne state.

“Emmett will be here in ten minutes.” he sighed.

I chuckled as I pulled back to dress.

“It’s time to get back to civilisation.” I said on a playful tone.

“Are you implying that I was wild with you, love?” he replied, laughing behind me.

“No, you are always the gentleman, my dear husband.”

I heard a growl and turned just in time to see Edward land on me. He kissed me thoroughly and I kissed him back. Just as I was reaching for his chest he pulled back. I let out a frustrated growl.

“We are going to be late, love.” he chuckled.

We had spent a wonderful afternoon and night together. Edward had surprised me by bringing me to a secluded beach. I had wondered at the huge white tent and romantic setting. I had felt so much happiness to have Edward all to myself. Now we had to leave. We did not want to spend to much time away from Renesmee.

We finished getting dressed in less than a minute. I smiled contently as we walked hand in hand towards the spot where Emmett had left us the previous mid morning. The limousine appeared suddenly and I waved at Emmett.

I slowed down in front of us and stepped out to open the passenger door. Since he had showed up with the car the previous day he had taken his chauffeur role with great amusement.

“Where’s the uniform Em.” I asked teasingly.

“Rose got a little too wild last night. She tore it off me. Seems she likes to play mistress and servant.” he replied with a snicker. I was appalled that he was sharing that with us. “Why Bella? Did you want to borrow it for Edward? I did not know it was a common female fantasy.” he finished laughing out loud. My discomfort turned into rage.

“That’s it Emmett! I’m fed up! Step away from the car!” I snarled.

“Aw Bella, it’s your anniversary. You’re not gonna fight me on your anniversary, will you?” he replied provocatively.

“ We had a deal. I deal you overlooked a few times. I let it pass to not offend Esme but she’s not here. So, step away from the car!”

I released Edwards hand and crouched down. Edward stepped back chuckling.

“Edward I did not realise before that Bella was the dominant force in your couple. Are you going to let her attack me, brother?” Emmett said with a laugh. I growled more fiercely.

Apparently he was not taking me seriously!

I angled my body away from the limousine and pushed down on the ground before throwing myself on him. We landed ten feet further. I planted my feet and hands on both sides, trapping him in a vampire cage.

“Now Emmett, will you stop your remarks?” I demanded.

“Edward, I know I’m sexy and all, but will you ask your wife to get off me!”

I growled again and hit him.

Edward only watched amused before shaking his head.

“You asked for it Emmett.” he replied.

“Will you stop your remarks?” I growled again.

Emmett challengingly starred back. I pushed at his chest using my full force. It only served in pushing his body deeper in the sand. I let out a frustrated growl. There was not much I could do without really hurting him!

I felt a grip around my waist. It was Edward.

“Leave it love, asking Emmett to fight back his remarks is like asking him to fight his instinct.” he said soothingly.

I groaned and walked back. I knew I was making more of the situation than it really was but Emmett had burst my bliss bubble.

I climbed into the limousine with Edward and heard Emmett laugh as he stepped into his chauffeur role.

“Don’t let it get to you Bella.” Edward whispered in my ear before claiming my lips. I sighed as I returned to my happy state. I was with Edward, only that mattered for now.

Suddenly he pulled back.

“I need to give you my gift.”

I felt uncomfortable at those words. I had thought the romantic getaway to be his gift and since today was our actual anniversary I had left my gift at home.

I heard my cell phone vibrate. I reached for it being aware that nobody would disturb us if it was not important. Alice. I wondered what she wanted…

“Yes Alice?”

“Your gift is behind the left panel.” she whispered before hanging up. I frowned puzzled then smiled. Alice must have seen this coming up.

“What is it?” Edward asked.

“Nothing serious.” I replied before reaching behind me to open the left panel. I carefully pulled out the wrapped gift.

“Who’s first?” I asked.

“Yours.” he replied with a hint of excitement.

I smiled and handed him the package. He smiled tenderly before reaching for it. I still had doubts about the gift but they evaporated at the smile he gave me when he saw what it was.

“It’s perfect! Thank you my love.”

“Renesmee helped me. She had to show me all the little details I had missed.”

He smiled again and looked down at the miniature version of our meadow enclosed in a crystal bowl.

“Now its your turn.” he said before pulling out a CD from his vest. On it was written the words:

To my only love.

Time with you goes unseen yet when we are apart I count the seconds. Thank you for making me whole and giving me even more…

I love you.


“Thank you Edward… I love you too.”

We had said those words so many times yet after all we had gone through I still marvelled that I could hear and say those words.

I inserted the CD into the stereo. The first melody was my lullaby but it was different somehow.

“You changed something?” I asked puzzled.

“It’s a re edition.” he replied smiling.

I listened through and realised that the end was different. The previous melody had ended on a melancholic note, this one was hopeful.

“It’s beautiful Edward.” I said earnestly.

I climbed in his lap and kissed him with as much love as I could.

I heard Emmett laugh and pulled back. I pulled my shoe from under the seat and aimed for his head. He laughed harder. I leaned over and closed the panel door before increasing the stereo volume.

I turned towards Edward and returned to kissing him.

“You know he’ll be able to hear us anyway…” he said against my lips.

“Yes but I can’t!” I replied while straddling him.