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Bella and Edwards happily ever after..

it is 50 years after bella's change. she cant believe how happy she is. Renesmee and Jacobs relationship is blossoming and is causing poor Edward to suffer with his little growing up. Everything is perfect untill they recieve a unexpected visit from Renee.. why didnt Alice see this coming..? Read to find out xxx


1. What a wonderful life...

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Bellas POV

Who would have thought that 50 years from now i would be totally and utterly in love with my still god like husband?

And remained to have the same enthusiasm i had when i first became a newborn vampire.

Renessmee is now has the appearence of a 16 years old.

Her father is not to happy about her growing at such a fast rate, what with us finally going back to school, we realised that teanage boys havent changed.

With Edward being able to read the thoughts of all around him (me being the exception of course), he had to suffer with all the inappropriate thoughts about his daughter everyday.

Luckily with jacob attending with us, and the happy couple being irrocably in love, the stares and thoughts eased over a period of time. Giving me a much happier husband to spend the day with.

Edward and i still haden't got over how much we loved eachother and expressed that love any chance we got. Which of course drove poor jasper up the wall, with the lust he felt coming off of us both in waves, no wonder him and Alice were so happy all the time he had to channel that feeling somewhere.

Lucky alice thats all i will say ...

"What are you thinking my love" Edward seductively whispered into my ear. Sending shivers down my spine.

" I was jus thinking about the last few decades, and how much i absoulty love that i have spent them with you" He smiled my faviourite crooked smile which sent me breathless even in my vampire body.

"Well i should say the same for you my love, i cant imagine living without you these past years"

I smiled adoringly at him and touched my hand to his cheek, moving it down and stroking his jawline. I leaned into his hard chest and sighed in contempt. He pulled my face up to his and tenderly kissed my lips.

We both heard the sound of approching footseps coming towards our room. It could only be the pure center of our existence. Our daughter Renesmee. She poked her head round the door and was biting on her lip.

I frowned at the little habit she inherited from my human life.

Knowing exactly what it meant i asked, "Whats the matter honey? you can tell us." She sighed and came closer into the room. Plonking hersleft on the bed.

Edward sighed, this was a frustrated sigh, as he could not read his daughters mind, as i was blocking it from him.

We both had agreed that since her and Jacob were now togerther it was only fair for her to be able to think freely about her love without the intrusion of her father.

"Well mum dad, i was just wondering something...well.. um.. could i stay round Jacobs tonight please?" she put the full force of her eyes on us, which usually worked except with things like this.

Edward growled and i stroked the back of his hand trying to calm him.

I Spoke up then. "Is Billy going to be their?"

Renesmee was looking anywhere but my face, i knew that whatever came out of her mouth next would be a lie and so did Edwars.

" Absoulouty NOT young lady! Dont even try to lie to us you no you are no good at it , and i am disappointed that you even tried"

" Im sorry dad, but i just really want to see Jake, its has been almost two days since i have seen him because of the sun. I know you understand how i cant be away from him. Pleeaseeeeeeee?" she whined.

Her father looked as though her was about to give in, but i was not having that.

"Ness, there is always a compromise" I looked up to Edward with a knowing smile and he had the same look in his eyes as me. I opened my mind to him remembering him using that same reasoning when i was too stuborn to give in. He sighed and moved his hand slowly down my back without the notice of our daughter. I giggled but quickly turned back to Renesmee. She was tapping her foot waiting for the rest of my explination.

".. uh.. yes.. so there is always a compromise. How about Jacob comes around here for the night" Her eyes lit up. "...BUT.. with conditions that he is not to step foot in your room beyond 9:00pm, and then he can sleep somewhere else in the house."
Nessies eyes showed a little less enthusiasm but i knew i was doing the right thing for her.

"Edward what do you think?.. Is that a reasonable enough offer?"

I nudged Edwars in the ribs as he was still eyeing me suggestivly.

He jumped " Of course dear, whatever you say" I sighed and nodded towards Renesmee to go and get jake and arrange the plans.

"Edward, where you even paying attention to what just happend then or was you too busy?"

He laughed and grabbed my face to his and started to passionatly kiss me.

His lips never left my skin, when i rolled on top of him he spoke " You no how i get when you show me your thoughts love, you should have known better." He smiled and then continued to kiss me with urgency. I stiffled a laugh when he growled. We always got a bit carried away once we kiss.

I heard the sound of cotton ripping and looked down to see another perfectly good top of mine ruined.

I felt his hand moving across my back and over to my thigh, he grabbed it and hitched it up to his hip. I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and once agian i was dazzeled at his perfection.

Another rip, this time from my jeans. His lips moved to the base of my throat as he unfasened my newly bought bra. he stopped kissing my neck and planted small butterfly kisses over my stomach. i shivered and brought his lips back up to mine. Another growl burst from his throat, and he slid his hand past my belly button and down to my.........OHHHHH! That was good.

"Edward....." i said breathless

" im here my love..."

I sighed and pulled myself closer to his perfect body.

I tore of his pants, eager once again. He smiled at this, and lent down in to me. I wanted him closer now and i pushed myself to him as much as i could. He sensed my need and did the same, whilst fondling my breasts. He was always so good at everything. We began to kiss again and our breathing was becoming heavy. Our bodies rolled aroung on the once 'unessersary' bed and he began thrusting slowly keeping a steady pace. This time it was me that growled as i rolled on top of him and went faster than he did. He sat our bodies up and the movement was so desiarable. I arched my back as i was coming close to the best pary. He placed me back on to the bed and remained in motion....time passed so quickly, i always wished for more time.

I lay still next to my love and stroked his bare chest. He sighed and murmered " Nessie will be back from collecting Jacob soon" I groaned and he laughed.

" Well i suppose we should make ourselves presentable" i jumped up and ran to our closet pulling on a fitted blouse and a high waisted skirt. As Alice had told me what outfit went with what shoes and grapped a pair of heals and brushed my hair.

When i turned around Edward was leaning against the door frame with a smug look on his face.

" What.?"

" I was just hinking how beautifle you where, and that you were all mine" i smiled lovingly at him and brushed my lips to his.


Edward and i shared another quick kiss before heading downstairs to greet our daughter.