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Bella and Edwards happily ever after..

it is 50 years after bella's change. she cant believe how happy she is. Renesmee and Jacobs relationship is blossoming and is causing poor Edward to suffer with his little growing up. Everything is perfect untill they recieve a unexpected visit from Renee.. why didnt Alice see this coming..? Read to find out xxx


2. Trouble with the teens

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Edwards POV

I dont think i could take the thoughts coming from my daughter and that dog she calls a boyfriend. Thank god for my bella and her gift for shielding minds. Although, it would be nice to know what they get up to. I hate to think what that mongrel is doing with my baby girl. Bella sensed my mood and placed her hand over mine in an attempt to calm me.

"Hey Bells!...Uhh..Edward" he nodded towards me. I forced a smile and then turned to the sitting room, they were not being left alone!

Bella and i took our usual place in the love seat, whilst Nessie and Jacob sat together on the plush white sofa. They both smirked at eachother and i with-held a growel, I must of tensed because Bella tightend her grip on my hand, before moving it to my leg. God! She had no idea what she did to me. I smiled at her gently, raising and eyebrow, before returning my glare at Jacob.

He flinched and Nessie noticed, she turned from his face and looked at me.

Dad you had better not be like that all night, honestly its not like you and mum are any better jeese take a chill pill or something. She thought to me, i just continued to glare for a while longer before anwering.

"What your mother and i do is totally acceptable we are a married couple"

I was interuppted with a thought from Nessie. Humm.. well maybe Jake and i should take a trip to Vegas.

I stood up, "Your better not young lady! You are underage in any case."

She glared at me before looking towards Bella for help.

"MUMMMMM... for gods sake take him somewhere please he is going to drive me crazy"

" Ness...please stop with the whining already i have had enough, Edward hun lets go and hunt. Look the kids are not going to get up to anything, Em and Rose have just got back so dont worry


She gave me that look that i couldn't refuse so i sighed and gave in. I mean how could i not?

We got up to leave through the garage so i could check that Roselie and Emmett would be keeping an eye on my baby.

"Hey Bella how's it going?" My faviourite brother asked my faviourite person in the whole world.

"Hey Em, yea everything is fine, listen me and Edward are going to go hunt will you keep an ear out for Ness and Jake for me?" Emmett glanced at me with a smirk. Being the overprotective dad again are we Eddie? He thought while internally laughing.

I just glared. " Yeah sure Bells, don't worry about a thing"

I knew i could trust his statement because although he found it amusing watching me being overprotective, he was just as bad. Both Jasper and him always found a way to torture Jake if they caught him doing something with Renessmee he shouldn't. I suppose i should feel sorry for the boy, but i didn't. Thats what your get for imprinting on a Cullen's daughter.

By the time i zoned back to the real world, Bella and I were alone again in the middle of the forest.

I looked down to see Bella gazing at me.

"What are you thinking about so much that you didn't even notice were im dragging you?" She giggled. "Honestly Edward you should pay more attention, you never know when someone might take advantage of you" she eyed me seductivly.

I smiled at her and pulled her to my lips.

When we finally stopped kissing, i noticed the thirst in the back of my throat burn slightly. It really had been too long since i hunted last.

So i crouched down and let my predator self take over.

I was halfway through my Wild cat when Bella finished, obvioulsy full. So i pulled the remaining blood from its veins and stood up straight gazing at Bella.

"I will never get used to how graceful and god like you look when you hunt" She said while walking towards me. She grabbed my hand and we started to walk.

"Well if we are handing out compliments today, may i say that you look magnificently beautiful today, my love." I grinned her faviourite grin and brushed my lips against her throat.

When we returned tot he house it was silent, we walked in to the sitting room and the lights were off.

Bella switched on the light and their were two bodies molding together on the plush sofa. I let out a growel and ran towards that stupid mutt, pulling him away from my baby girl.

He landed with an ungracful thud against the wall with Bella standing over him with her hands on her hips. She looked stunning when she did that. Wait! Dont distract yourself Edward you angry remember.

Bella was speaking in her normal voice, but using a deadly tone.

" I swear Jacob Black, what did i tell you, we trusted you and what did you go and do? "

He went to speak but Bella's glare stopped him in his tracks.

" Thats right you have nothing to say. Now what do you think i will do now, maybe punch you in your nose"

I Smirked remebering the day he had tried to kiss her and she punched him straight in the face, breaking her hand.

"Bellss... im..."

"If i were you Jacob i would certainly not speak, i think you should leave before i hurt you, and dont think i wont"

Jacob got up to leave, on his way out he glanced over to Nessie and mouthed bye, before i stepped in front of his veiw and hissed, " Leave now!"

After Jacobs departure, i grew suddenly aware of someones thoughts pouning in my mind.
God talk about over reaction i think im old enough to kiss a guy! Then mum went on threatning him like she would actually hurt him.

I turned towards my daughter now." Oh you would be surprise at what your mother would do to Jacob, isn't that right honey?" I asked Bella.

Bella was still trying to get herself calm when i asked her.

" Oh yes! And as for you Ness i am disappointed, your father and i trusted you, then you go and do something like this, where is you uncle Emmett anyway?!"

I glided over to calm Bella down before she found Emmett, i wanted to be the one who handed out the threats.

" Bells love, calm down you no you will feel bad about this tomorrow, and besides i will get hold of that brother of mine and tell him whats what!"

She looked me in the eyes and instantly her expression sofened.

"Okay then, i know your right, go and find Emmett then , but hurry back i will miss you."

I placed a kiss apon her lips and ran out the door, wait till i get hold of that brother of mine!


oh crap...