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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


1. Chapter 1

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I knew I was alive, but the fact that my heart was still beating did not offer me any comfort. The numb that had infected my body would not hold forever. All I wanted was to slip into the peaceful eternal slumber that had so cruelly encased everyone I ever loved. The truth is I was like poison; everything I touched turned to dust. My hands will never be washed of the dried blood that stains them.


A new beginning, new country, new friends, new home; but unfortunately no new body or heart. It was my first day at the strange new school. I deemed Forks the perfect place to settle. The weather was similar to the temperamental climate I was accustomed to at home.

My mother had always joked when I was a child that the sky above Ireland was always unhappy, that it always cried and brought us daily downpours of rain. She said that the sun only shined when the sky saw my smile. If this were true the population of Ireland would never see another day where the sunlight tickled the lush green pastures where the animals grazed, or see the millions of crystals glisten upon the lakes and rivers dotted between the rolling hills. For I will never smile or be happy again; like the sky my tears will always flow.

Another thing that attracted me to Forks was that it had a small population. Surrounded by forests, it was slightly isolated from the rest of the world. It would be easy to retreat to the thick dark vast growth of the woods if I needed to hide. Forks was the last place anyone would consider searching for me. Trust me, that was a good thing.

I noted how my car stood out as I skillfully backed my midnight-blue Volkswagen GTI into a vacant space in the half-full school parking lot. I couldn’t deny my love for speed; nothing compared to the adrenaline rush of speeding on narrow roads.

At home a car like this may have been seen as a normal car; but here it was obvious old cars and trucks were more common. It was quite humorous that any one of the old vehicles in this lot would have stuck out in my homeland, just as my car was odd here. So far I had found small town America void of the trendy consumerism of Europe, I always loved clothes but I never considered myself the height of fashion. Here, however, my clothes screamed the latest style and gave me away as a foreigner, and made it harder to be inconspicuous.

As I stepped out of the car, I pulled my collar and scarf tighter around my neck to stop the thick droplets of rain trickling down my back. My anxious dark brown eyes peered out from under the brim of my red hat.

“A new beginning,” I whispered as I straightened my back and ignored the melodic rhythm of my thumping heart.