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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


3. Chapter 3

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The lunch bell rang through the shrill silence of my mind. Startled out of my trance, I made my way towards the cafeteria. It was quite big. The walls mirrored the cold, dirty white paint that was to be found throughout the school. A normal person wouldn’t have given this much thought, dismissing the flaking paint as a need for a touch-up. To me, however, white represented purity and goodness, and the slow decline of the paint into a decrepit, sinister, dull colour showed how we cannot stop fate taking its course; we all get tainted over time. Even if a new coat was added, it would act as just that, a coat, hiding the imperfect truth underneath.

I quickly made my way through the lunch queue, buying a portion of pizza and chips. I spotted a lone table in a corner, slightly away from the rest of the students. To my delight, it was uninhabited. I walked towards it, the small heels of my black suede pixie boots clicking against the tiled floor. Placing my earphones in my ears, I blocked out reality. Music had become my source of comfort. When I listened to the words of a song that I felt referred to my life, it made me feel closer to the composer. In the few precious minutes the song lasted it was as if I was not alone, that someone else had experienced the isolation that had smothered my life.

I opened my sketch pad and soon became engrossed in drawing. An image of a lone girl standing facing three mirrors started to form. The first mirror reflected a small child with a bright smile spread across her face, bows and ringlets blowing softly in the wind. The next mirror was slightly blurred, but the small child had grown and now stood as a young teen. Her smile was not as carefree as the last — it was tight lipped and did not reach the girls eyes. The words of my favorite song pulsed through my head. This song that spoke of hidden secrets and danger, seemed to describe my life. As the faithful sentence “I will never surrender” entered my ears, I smelled it.

A gust of air from the open window across the cafeteria carried the sweet scent towards me. That scent, so mesmerising and delicious, that it tickled all your senses — a familiar scent that I had hoped never to encounter again. I stopped shading in the third mirror, which was complete sheer darkness.

I raised my head looking for its source. My eyes travelled up a blue pullover taking in the faint outline of a muscular chest. Then I saw his face. Sheer immortal perfection; milk-white skin and strong, prominent, high cheekbones. His copper coloured hair was a messy ensemble, and yet he managed to look like a model advertising shockwaves. What surprised me the most were his eyes that were a light warm honeycomb heaven, deep and inviting. Underneath were purplish bruises that many naive people would attribute to insomnia; however, I was quite aware that this sleep deprivation was more permanent.

I glanced around quickly for a route of escape, but was stopped in my tracks as my eyes met four more sets of hazardous amber eyes. Possibly the most beautiful person in the world sat across from me, her soft hair cascaded down her back a mixture of gold natural highlights. She was the type of girl who was the envy of everyone. Beside her sat a huge muscular boy, with short brown hair. Of all of them, he looked the most powerful, no amount of steroids could get you that buff. Despite his intimidating exterior, there was a twinkle in his eye that suggested that he wasn’t at all as serious as he looked. The other boy had blonde hair and like the other two, was extremely handsome. Muscles could be seen outlined through his black sweater. Of all of them, I sensed him to be the most dangerous. His body was positioned to strike at a moments notice. The last member of the group was a small girl with black hair styled in a pixie cut. I did not underestimate her though; I knew she was probably every bit as strong as the others. They all stared at me. I couldn’t understand it, their eyes were not the crimson velvet of usual vampires, but there was no doubt that that’s what they were. Each of them had pale skin and dark shadows under their dazzling eyes.

I quickly scanned my brain for a way out of the treacherous situation. I knew I wouldn’t get very far if I ran away from them at that point. Their speed would have them catch me in the empty corridors before I would make it outside. My only chance was to stay close to large groups of people at all times, and at the end of school escape to my car and leave. They would not risk exposure by attacking me in front of others. For the time being I had to pretend that I didn’t know anything, which was hard since I had gasped and my heart was thudding close to a cardiac arrest. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. Slowly my heart returned to normal. I pulled my earphones out and placed them in my pocket. I went back to idly munching on the cold chips, ignoring the protests of my churning stomach. Although they were not staring at me anymore, I could tell they were monitoring every move I made. The tension was almost unbearable. The boy in the blue jumper was picking through his food with his fork but I could tell he wasn’t paying it any attention.

I had never heard of amber-eyed vampires before. It just didn’t add up. Why was a group of vampires going to school and how were they able to avoid the temptation of so many rich blooded humans?

Suddenly I felt a hand grab my shoulder making me jump in my seat.

“HEY, I’M MIKE” shouted a blond boy standing to the side of my chair.

He sounded out the words obviously thinking I couldn’t speak English. I was instantly annoyed at this idiot. There I was in a life-threatening situation and the so-called local player had just invited himself over and shouted into my ear.

“HI, I’M IRISH NOT DEAF,” I replied, preferring to use his method of sounding out the words to see how he liked it. From across the table I heard a loud snort. I looked over to the beefy brown haired vampire to see an amused grin light his face. I resisted the urge to grin back.

“That’s good to know. I presume even Irish people have names though,” he asked hiding his embarrassment.

“Isolde. Did you want something?” I asked praying he’d get the hint and move along.

“Just thought I’d come over and introduce myself,” he trailed of in thought, before he bent down and whispered “Do you want to come over and sit at our table, instead of this freak show?” into my ear. I was well aware that the freak show he was referring to could hear him perfectly and personally, I wouldn’t have minded if they ate him.

As incredibly inviting as his offer was to get away from them, I was curious; I knew that they wouldn’t touch me in such a public place and I decided to use my time to observe them, see if I could get any information from their actions.

“No thanks. I’m fine,” I insisted and turned around and ignored him. Luckily, he got the message and walked away.

With nothing to do, I took out my schedule and examined it. With my sensitive hearing, I could hear an almost silent conversation going on around me that a normal person would fail to hear; I couldn’t make out the words though. If anything, it was extremely irritating and I had the urge to shout at them for being so rude; thank god my sense of self preservation was good enough to keep my mouth shut. I looked up at the bronzed hair beauty, I knew he would have to stop taking if I looked directly at him. His eyes met mine and they turned cold. I decided I might as well play the new student card.

“Hi, I’m Isolde,” I said putting as much confidence into my voice as possible.

“Hmm.” was all he murmured and my blood boiled. I had a few choice words that I felt like throwing at him but I resisted.

“We would appreciate it if you didn’t take our table from us in future, you should find somewhere else to sit,” came the icy voice of the immaculate blond girl.

“Rosalie, don’t be so rude,” began the black haired vampire sitting beside me.

“Well, its not as if we should mislead her into thinking we want her here,” the girl called Rosalie continued.

“Bite me. Or on second thought, don’t. I’m sure Irish cuisine wouldn’t suit you,” I barked, and gave her a threatening glare of my own. This time it was their turn to gasp. All their eyes were set on me, now they knew that I knew. At that moment, the bell rang and I quickly gathered my stuff, avoiding their eyes, and rushed from the cafeteria.