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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


4. Chapter 4

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Four Months Previous:

The golden leaves of autumn waltzed and twirled through the air carried by the strong breeze, the faint sunrays catching the golden threads that ran through the burgundy leaves. It led the way for a young boy no more than twelve who walked along the sidewalk. There was an element of confidence in his step, his hair gelled into a stylish mess of hackles. It was obvious he thought he was invincible.

He greedily tucked a crisp twenty euro note into his pocket, a generous gift from the stranger for such an easy task. The boy walked towards a group of school girls about to board a bus, their long yellow, green and red tartan skirts billowing in the wind. The crowd thinned as the teenagers started to fill onto the bus. The boy walked up to a girl about to get on the white coach and put his hand lightly on her shoulder. She turned, her long hazel ringlets fanning out behind her as the breeze ripped through it. She smiled a little confused at the boy. Then he handed it to her, a single black rose. Her dark brown eyes grew wide as comprehension dawned on her face, if possible, her porcelain skin grew even paler as her head shot up and found the eyes of a man that stood three yards down the sidewalk from her. Dark thirsty eyes smiled back at her, a malicious smile lit the god's face.

The rest of the world was oblivious to this small interaction as they carried on with their own busy lives. Then, the stranger disappeared leaving the young woman with a promise, conveyed through the thorny sinister rose in her hand. A promise of death.

Such a picture of perfection as the beautiful girl stood with her hair wildly tossing through the air. The faint evening sun captured a glistening tear as it descended down her cheek.

Awoken from her reverie by the calls of her classmates, she ascended the steps into the bus and masked her face with a blinding smile to the oblivious girls. She sat down at a window seat and placed her cheek against the windowpane. Her face contorted into utter and total despair as the bus moved away from the sidewalk.

Present Day:

What had I done? This was not good. I definitely had secured my death warrant. Humans were not allowed to know about the existence of vampires. The unfortunate ones who found out were killed. Apart from that, I had drawn unwanted attention to myself. They were going to come after me now for certain. I always had a problem with my temper and was known to say things without thinking, but I couldn't just let the bimbo walk all over me.

I walked into English and took an empty seat at the back of the room. I watched as the class filled in. I nearly groaned aloud when I locked eyes with none other than bronze haired beauty. He started towards my desk and I instantly figured out he was planning on sitting beside me. I quickly lifted my bag to put it on the empty seat, but it was too late; he had already pulled the seat out.

"Sorry, that seats taken." I said harshly.

"Actually, this is my seat," he replied smugly. I was struck. I never thought of their being a seating plan, but I could use this to my advantage.

"Well then, I better ask the teacher where he wants me to sit," I muttered through gritted teeth starting to get up.

"Don't bother. This is the only empty seat," he said. I sat down and stared at the front of the room. I could feel his gaze burning my face but I refused to look at him. To tell the truth, I was terrified of him and his coven, but I tried to hide it under a confident tough exterior.

I saw him scribble a note on a piece of paper and pass it across to me, but I ignored it and focused on the teacher as he started discussing the play "Macbeth". I was definitely not going to read his note, because it would hold a question I knew I was not prepared to answer.

Edwards P.O.V

We had our suspicions that she knew we were vampires when she gasped at us, but then she didn't try and run, she didn't scream and her pulse slowly returned to normal. We were a little on edge, though. Alice was trying furiously to see her in the future but she couldn't find anything.

Unknown to her, the topic of every conversation was why she was sitting with us. I spotted Mike Newton as he started towards our table, brimming over with confidence that Isolde would not be able to resist his charm, already imagining their first date. She was obviously more tense than we realised, because the moment he put his hand on her shoulder she jumped in her seat. The first mistake he made was assuming she didn't speak English without doing research. I would be surprised if Newton could even find Ireland on a map. Actually, he couldn't, considering he thought Ireland was in Russia.

The second mistake was shouting his slowed down sentence in her ear.

"HI, I'M IRISH NOT DEAF," flowed from her mouth in a thick Irish brogue. It was quite funny seeing Newton brought down from his pedestal. Her statement amused us all. She and Emmett shared the same wit, and he actually snorted when she spoke. As Mike continued to try to salvage his reputation, she blatantly all but gave him the cold shoulder. He then had the nerve to call us freaks and ask her to sit at his table. If only he knew that any one of us could kill him with our eyes shut. Isolde surprised me again when she refused his invitation, even though she was uncomfortable with us.

I like this girl already, Emmett thought.

"Do you think she knows?" I whispered to Jasper.

"I don't know. She's very uneasy, but I think it's just the normal human reaction," he answered.

"We should tell her to get lost," Rosalie hissed.

"Rose, it's her first day. Give her a break," Alice joined in.

"I'll be subtle, don't worry," Rosalie grinned.

As I was about to tell Rosalie how subtle was one thing she was incapable of being, Isolde looked at me. I don't know why, but she kind of grated on me. This girl needed to know that we weren't people she should be friends with. I hardened my face and gave her a cold stare. Ignoring my glower, she confidently introduced herself.

"Hmm," I replied, trying to act un-phased by her introduction.

A slight blush grew daintily up her cheeks and her face hardened. Rosalie choose this moment as the perfect opportunity to show just how subtle she could be, which meant she pretty much told her to eff off. We were not prepared for what came next.

"Bite me. Or on second thought, don’t. I’m sure Irish cuisine wouldn’t suit you," she snarled, seething with anger.

For once every member of my family's minds were blank with shock. Before we could say anything, the bell rang and Isolde had risen and darted out the door.

"What are we going to do? How did she...? We are going to have to leave," Emmett said anxiously.

"Call Carlisle - see what he says," Alice suggested.

When I phoned Carlisle, he told us not to harm her - to wait until after school and bring her home with us so that we could talk to her. In the mean time, he advised us to keep an eye on her.

As if by fate, when I walked in the door none other than Isolde Smith was sitting in the empty seat at my desk. She made a scurry to put her backpack on the seat to stop me from sitting down, but I was too quick for her. A small smirk tugged the corners of my mouth as she attempted to get away from me, but she soon realised that she had the only available seat in the room and was stuck with me. Her posture was stiff as she sat down and kept her eyes on the teacher. I quickly tore a piece of paper out of my notepad and wrote her an invitation to come to our house after school. Don't get me wrong, she was going whether she wanted to or not; I was just being polite. She vehemently refused to read the note. I kicked the leg of her chair too hard, trying to get her attention, and she fell onto the ground before I could catch her. I slipped the note off the table and into my pocket before anyone could see it. The beret that had covered her hair fell off and her hair fell in soft ringlets around her face on the floor. The class erupted with laughter, though many of the boy's jaws were unhinged by her beauty. Her face was scarlet and angry as she looked at me.

"What is going on here?" Mr. Banner inquired, annoyed at the disruption.

"Sorry sir. I dropped my pen and lost my balance when picking it up," she answered in her rhythmic accent before lifting herself up. I could now see why the boys in Forks were so taken by her. Her beauty matched that of any vampire. She stood around five-foot-five, with a petite figure. Her clothes were simple yet stylish. She wore a pair of black skinny jeans, black pixie boots and a white plain t-shirt with a long light grey cardigan. Her curly hair reached mid-back, mahogany mixed with lighter tones that I imagined would become more prominent in the sun. Her hair framed her symmetrical face and complemented her perfect features.

I was surprised she didn't get me into trouble with Mr. Banner. When she had cautiously sat back down in her chair, I apologized and thanked her for not snitching on me. She ignored me again and placed her beret in her bag before returning to looking at the teacher. The class passed in silence between the two of us, after that I didn't attempt to pass the note to her again. When the bell rang, I did not get a chance to say a word to her before Jessica Stanley had made her way over and started introducing herself. I left the classroom listening to the short answers she provided to the inquisition Jessica was giving her. I could feel Isolde's eyes following me the whole way out the door.

No matter, I thought only two more classes and she would have no choice but to talk to me.