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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


5. Chapter 5

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Gym was the class I was dreading the most. The wound on my side was throbbing since Edward knocked me of my chair in English. It was becoming increasingly difficult to walk without wincing in pain.

I choose a deserted part of the locker room to change into my tracksuit. Last thing I needed was people staring at the scars and bruises that covered my stomach. The most prominent of which was a deep wound that ran at an angle from my right hip to the centre of my stomach just under my ribs. It was my hands that had stitched the wound, with nothing but a sewing needle and black thread. It was a butch job, but even if it had been safe to go to a hospital, how would I explain the damage. Ireland had no dangerous wildlife and what about the absence of a guardian.

I was placed on a team with Mike Newton and soon found I had another admirer a guy called Eric. Basketball was the worst sport to play because it really pulled at the stitches. Mike and Eric seemed to be in competition to see who could show of the most for my sake and soon it became a war as to who could get the most possession.

Jessica the girl that had bombarded me with questions at the end of English decided to pass me the ball. She had insisted on showing me to gym, of course I knew why she talked to me, I was the new shiny toy that everyone wanted and by association she got attention.

As the ball flew through the air Eric stood in front of me to catch it, unluckily Mike did too, I watched shocked as they collided and lost balance. As they fell they took me down with them too. Mike went crashing down into my wound. Instantly pain shot up through my side. It felt like I was being scorched with a poker. My breath hitched in my throat and my eyes went fuzzy. I could feel hot liquid flowing smoothly across my abdomen. Thankful for my black hoodie to disguise the blood I got up.

“Are you ok Isolde, I’m so sorry” Mike said rubbing his shoulder.

“Yeah I’m fine” I said biting my lip to stop my scream of agony.

“Sir do you mind if I get a bit of air, I feel dizzy” I asked Mr. Williams as he examined Mikes shoulder. I knew Mike was probably just looking for attention.

“Yes, sure go ahead” Mr. Williams said not even glancing up at me.

I made my way to the locker room. Leaning against a locker I looked down at my hoodie, a stain was starting to spread across the dark fabric. I lifted it slowly to inspect the damage. Blood was pouring out of the gash and all the stitches had been ripped open. The pain was getting worse, I needed a hospital, I would not be able to fix this.

Grabbing the remainder of my clothes, I hobbled out of the changing rooms and out the door. The more I walked the more dizzy I felt as I was losing so much blood. When I got to my car I collapsed into the driver’s seat. Quickly starting the car I made my way out onto the road.

Black spots were beginning to blur my vision and the blood was now flowing down my legs. It was at least a twenty minute drive to the hospital and after only five I knew I would not make it. I spotted a track leading into the forest to my right and pulled into it, driving far enough that the car wouldn’t be visible from the road.

As pain engulfed me and weakness took over I replayed happy moments of my life, things that should have been. As I finally let the darkness take over my memories were of a crisp snowy Christmas morning ten years previous as my brother and I opened presents, smiling and laughing with our proud parents.

Edwards P.O.V:

The last class was agonisingly slow I listened to my siblings thoughts as they to mulled over the mysterious Isolde Smith. We were all anxious to get her home and find out the depth of her knowledge about us.

When the bell rang we rushed out of our classes and met at the front door. We hadn’t bothered with a plan, if she knew anything about vampires she would not even try and cause a scene.

I examined the crowd looking for the dark curls that had been imprinted in the mind of every boy in our English class. It was not hard to examine the crowd leaving the school as they moved at their slow monotonous human rate. We all became more frustrated as the crowd thinned and still there was no sign of Isolde. When the last of the cars and trucks left the parking lot we realised she had gotten away.

“I don’t understand she didn’t get out by all of us” Alice insisted.

“She must have left earlier before school ended” Japer said angered by her escape.

“Were just going to have to track her” I said already walking around trying to catch her scent.

I started walking through the parking lot until I found it. Every scent was unique, hers smelled like wild flowers and grass it was soft and floral yet untamed.

Suddenly it got stronger the closer I got to one of the empty parking spaces and when I looked at the ground I could see small dull specks of blood on the ground.

“Her blood” I whispered and instantly my siblings were at my side. The closer I got to the space the heavier the droplets became.

“She was bleeding” Alice said her face confused, like the rest of us.

“She obviously left in a car we may just follow the scent” Rosalie spoke, angry at being evaded by a human.

We left the car behind and checking there was no one watching took of into the forest along the road following Isolde’s scent.

The scent grew stronger and stronger until we knew she was near. We crept towards a navy car parked along a hunting trail. The smell of blood was strong but the funny thing was that it didn’t smell like food. It wasn’t even the slightest bit tempting. I scanned the others heads and found none of them were struggling bloodlust. I made my way to the door of the car where I could see Isolde unconscious. I cautiously opened the door and I could see the blood gushing down her clothes. I gently lifted her out of the seat and laid her on the ground.

“Leave her, let her die, this way we wont have to kill her ourselves” Rosalie stated coldheartedly.

“Could you be any more heartless” I shouted anger licking my mind.

“We should bring her to Caralisle as planned” Alice suggested, not impressed either by Rosalie’s idea.

As Alice rang Caralisle, to tell him about Isolde, I lifted her delicate warm body into my arms, her blood soaking my sweater. No longer was she the tough hard girl from earlier, now she was weak, fragile and helpless.

I ran at full speed through the forests until I reached home. Relief ran through me as I saw the white mansion where Caralisle was awaiting at the door.

I laid her down on the dining room table, and thought how in other circumstances I would have found it almost humorous how for once it contained food.

Caralisle ripped her blood stained black hoodie up the middle revealing a thin blood saturated white top. Gingerly lifting the hem he slowly revealed a deep long gash running from her hip to her ribs. Her concave flat stomach looked as if it was painted red it was covered in so much blood. The wound was pumping crimson wine.

We all stood around as Caralisle got the necessary tools he needed. I couldn’t understand how even Jasper the one who suffered the most with his control could watch the defenceless girl bleeding and not did feel the need to drain her.

Her blood smelled rich, pure almost as if it was more concentrated than normal blood, it baffled us all, and yet when Caralisle tested it to see what blood he would require to replace what was lost, he found it to be o negative.

The remains of black thread could be seen in the wound proving that this was not a fresh laceration. It also was strange because doctors had special thread for stitching, this however was not a professional job, why didn’t she visit the doctor, or a hospital? What was this girls problem was she that stubborn, but the main question in my mind was how it happened?

Caralisle removed the black thread a frown creasing his forehead.

“This was not done by a doctor she is lucky she didn’t get an infection!, there is something very peculiar about this child, how exactly do you get an injury as serious as this and not seek medical help.”

Caralisle proceeded to stitch the wound himself at vampire speed. His hand wove the skin back together until a criss-cross effect could be seen across her abdomen. It was fascinating to see him at work, and in less than two minutes he was finished.

Esme then began to wash the blood of Isoldes stomach. She gasped at what the fist few strokes of the warm sponge revealed. My family and I looked in horror at the young girl’s midriff. It was not the milky white the rest of her skin was. Instead it was a mixture of purple and mustard yellow bruises. If that was not enough scars also littered her belly, it looked as though someone had hacked at her with a knife. It was obvious that there was a lot more to the new girl than we realised.