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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


6. Chapter 6

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Past Memory:

The wind howled the leaves swirled through the forest, a symphony of branches swinging in the harsh wind emulsified with distant screams, my heart offered the tempo for this sick concerto as its beating became a crescendo.

I ran stumbling through the thick undergrowth, as it clawed at my ankles and calves, trying to prolong my search, trying to protect me from what was waiting. With what little hope this cruel life left me with I prayed that I wasn’t too late. Adrenaline rushed through me giving me the strength to keep running.

Breaking into a small opening in the deep vast forest I reached the point of the weak gasps and whimpers.

The mangled woman that met my eyes broke my heart. I dropped to my knees beside the quaking body. Lying on her back facing the starry sky, the faint moonlight illuminated where flesh had been ripped up her arms. As my eyes swept her body, my stomach convulsed at the horror before me. All her long strong nails had been torn out leaving bleeding flesh in its place, red and raw. She was missing the finger where her wedding band and engagement ring had once sat. Her left leg was positioned at an unnatural angle. Her right leg at unusual angle too, except the bone had broken through her skin and was jutting out. The letters R.I.P had been carved into her left forearm. The elixir of life seemed to have seeped out from the numerous wounds that had been sliced into her milk white skin, forming a thin blanket over her, as if to tuck her into bed preparing her for an eternal deep slumber.

Her chin length brown hair was matted with blood and dirt. Puffy blood shot brown eyes were focused on my face as she puffed shallow breaths. The soft wrinkles that had started to become more prominent on her forehead as she aged were creased in pain. How I wished they were crinkled with laughter. Crawling out of her mouth was a thread of blood.

“Mum” I breathed.

“Isolde” her weak voice whispered.

We stared into each others eyes tears leaking from our identical pools.

“I love you Isolde, with all my heart, this is not your fault, I will always be with you, I have faith in you…. he thinks your in Donegal, save yourself…. I’m dying… please end …the pain.

I gripped her cold hand.

“I’m frightened I can’t live without you, I’m tired of running, I can’t do it.”

“Do it for me” she coughed as the blood in her throat gurgled.

He had done this tortured her to find me. My brave mother had protected me until the end as he sadistically killed her slowly. He had ensured she would die a slow death from her wounds. This was her dying wish, if this was the only thing I could do for her I would.

I rummaged through my bag until I found a knife. I knew it wouldn’t protect me from him but I carried it because it made me feel safe regardless.

I clasped my shaking hand tighter around hers as my tears fell heavily down my face, she smiled weakly up at me. I bent over and kissed her soft cheek gently.

“I love you Isolde, I’ll always be with you” she said.

“I’m sorry.. please forgive me.. I.. I love you” I stuttered.

With that she nodded her head and closed her eyes. With trembling hands I lifted the knife in both my hands, the sharp blade glittered and reflected the bright stars. Positioning it above her chest I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. With a swift descent of my hand I stabbed her through the heart.

I howled in pain as I cradled her limp body in my arms. That night my mother Caoimhe Smith died, and she took my will to live with her. In the end it was by my hands my mother died, and that is what makes me, Isolde Smith the worst kind of killer.