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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


7. Chapter 7

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My mind was a whirlwind of memories as I started to wake up. As the haze that covered my mind started to lift my last memories of bleeding in my car came to the forefront. I kept my eyes closed wondering if I was dead. Could death have been so easy? If I were would I have gone to heaven or hell? Cautiously I opened my eyes and squinted as I adjusted to the bright light. I took in the king sized bed I lay in, tucked up in cream silk sheets. The room was big decorated in contemporary colours of soft greens and coffee. White roses were neatly arranged in a crystal vase on a locker. Heavy green satin curtains blocked out most of the sunlight, darkening the room. Well I was certain I was alive and I definitely wasn’t in a hospital but I had no idea where I was.

A noise outside my door swiftly got my attention. I could hear hushed voices as the handle started to turn but stopped mid way. I tensed as I recognised the voices.

“Alice don’t, you might wake her she needs to sleep” came the deep velvet voice of the bronze haired vampire I had met earlier.

“Edward I promise I won’t why do you have to be so annoying? I’m just curious…It’s driving me mad not being able to see her future!”

“You heard what Carlisle said, she needs rest, wait until she wakens up” there was a note of finality in his voice and after a sigh of frustration from the female, the voices faded away.

Relief flowed through me as the door handle was released, all the same it was short lived and it was soon replaced with terror as I realised that I was trapped in a house full of vampires. Lifting the duvet I carefully sat up and looked down at the loose delicate cotton pyjamas that I had been changed into. I cringed as the sudden movement sent a pain through my midriff. I lifted the hem of the top and gently pulled it up revealing my stomach covered in gauze and wading. I winced again as I moved my body and pulled down the top. The area was sensitive and sore. I lay back against the soft thick pillow allowing my body to mould into the mattress. They had seen my scars and bruises how would I explain them, I couldn’t tell them the truth. How do you explain that you had a very close encounter with a sadistic vampire who is hunting you? How do you tell them that you have a death sentence and no matter what you do you will die before your 18th birthday. I always feel that I’m falling and there is nothing anyone can do to save me, pretty soon I will hit the ground and all will end.

I closed my eyes as I heard the door handle turn again praying that whoever it was would go away so I could think. After counting three minutes in my head and not hearing a sound I squinted through one eye. Staring down at me were two beautiful golden orbs set in the face of Edward Cullen. I opened my second eye looking up at him.

“I thought I heard movement and came to check if you were awake” he said with a small smile playing on his lips.

“Hmmm” I huffed thick that he had caught me out.He continued to stare down at me as if debating whether to say something, his eyebrows furrowed. The opportunity to say what was on his mind was soon interrupted by a loud bellowing voice from the doorway. I looked up startled by the sudden entrance of the big muscular vampire with the curly hair.

“Ah Eddie you woke her…..what happened to letting her sleep”

“Emmett unlike when you and Alice wanted to come in, I knew she was awake” he said while squeezing the bridge of his nose with his eyes pressed shut in annoyance. It was quite humorous to see a vampire perform such a human trait.

“Hey little leprechaun how are you feeling, man that was some amount of blood you had squirting out of you Monday” Emmett asked smiling down at me.

“Did he just call me a leprechaun!!!” My face went beet red and before I could give an angry retort Edward spoke.

“Little Leprechaun? Where did that come from” Edward snorted.

“Well when I think of Irish people I think of leprechauns and she has luck”

“Argh…If I wasn’t terrified of you and you weren’t a million times stronger than me Id beat your face!!”

“Emmett explain to me…what part of sitting in a car bleeding to death is lucky?”

“Oh you know… the part where the gorgeous, irresistible, hot, muscle man that I am came to her rescue” Emmett replied winking at me.

“So anyway how are you” Emmett pressed still smirking.

“Fine” I replied avoiding eye contact, “but I would be better if I wasn’t in a house full of vampires!

“Isolde now that your awake, the rest of the family is anxious to talk to you, do you mind if they come in?” Edward asked.

“Ok” I knew it wasn’t really a question more of a warning.

Five more vampires all entered the room forming a line at the bottom of my bed. I was scared senseless at their presence waiting for one of them to kill me. I felt as if this was my judgement day. A man who appeared older than the rest of the family and yet only around the age of twenty-three stepped forward with a benign smile.

“Hello I’m Carlisle, this is my wife Esme” he said squeezing the hand of a beautiful woman with caramel coloured hair and a wide smile.

“Hello dear” she said, her friendly tone doing little to ease my nerves.

“I believe you have met the rest of my family briefly at school” he continued, I couldn’t help but feel that I would have preferred that brief encounter at school had been our last.

“This is Alice”, the small pixie like girl gave me an enthusiastic smile and a generous wave, she reminded me of a child who drank to much coke.

“Jasper”, the tall blond guy standing beside Alice nodded at me warily, his demure had changed from when I had seen him at school, he didn’t look as… constipated.

“Rosalie”, the gorgeous blonde female glared at me with arms crossed.

"Emmet" Emmet smirked at me.

“and finally Edward” Edward just looked at me as if trying to figure out a puzzle.

“From what my family have told me I believe you know we are vampires”I turned my head to the side bypassing all eye-contact, again my stupid heart sped up giving away my true panic at the situation I was in. Silence cloaked the room and I realised I would have to reply.

“Yes” I said.

“Do you mind me asking how you know this?”I considered many sarcastic answers such as the Easter bunny told me or a vampire ate my dog, the truth was that a vampire was after me and we had had a few too many encounters to not know what he was. I settled with a more believable answer.

“My Grandma was very superstitious, she believed lots of things, when I was growing up she told me stories that she had been told as a child myths about vampires. When she was in her twenties she seen her friend killed by one. She told me they were the most beautiful creatures. Their skin the palest white imaginable, cold and hard as stone, their eyes blood red. Fast and powerful they are invincible. Your children though they do not have red eyes are inhumanly beautiful, they do not eat and for children who are not supposed to be related they all have the same eye colour.”

“Well you have been well informed all of that is true, you are correct about our eyes they are golden because we do not follow the traditional diet of human blood we hunt animals” Carlisle answered.

“Yet I do believe that there are many holes in your story how is it that on first viewing without even touching any of my family you knew what we were”

“Your smell” I said

“Our smell” Carlisle asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, my grandmother described how a vampire smells, it’s intoxicating; sweet like the most delicious perfume and yet it is distinctive like incense. It’s like blackcurrant and vanilla; strong and bold, but not strong enough to be heady like many perfumes. It’s inviting and luring. Apart from smelling exactly like my grandmother described the bruise like bags under all your eyes are another give away.”

All the Cullens looked slightly uncomfortable at my observation.

“Have you shared this information with anyone else?” Carlisle asked after a minutes silence.

“No, I am not stupid I realize that it is not something to tell. I know that the existence of vampires couldn’t have been kept secret for so long if people found out….what are you going t…to do with me?" I stuttered.

“Well my conscience would not have me or any of my family kill you” while saying this he glanced at Rosalie who had a livid expression on her face.

“However there are many of our kind that would, it is our law to kill or change humans that know our secret. I do not agree with this view, we will not harm you but be warned do not tell anyone of this.”

I nodded slightly dumbfound that they weren’t going to hurt me. Maybe I had misjudged them.

“If you don’t mind I would like to talk to you in private Isolde” Carlisle said softening his voice. I looked startled as Carlisle pulled up a slipper chair and sat down beside the bed. The family started to leave, Rosalie stormed out first obviously angry that I was still alive, Alice gave me an eager smile and a promised that we would be “the best of friends”, Jasper nodded, Emmett said “goodbye leprechaun”, Esme smiled, Edward looked deep into my eyes as if trying to decode my mind again before a quick goodbye leaving Carlisle and I alone.

I had a feeling that this conversation would be centered on my cuts and bruises. The biggest excuse was yet to come; only I had yet to concoct it.