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A New Beginning

Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.


8. Chapter 8

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2 Months previous:

The bus station was crowded as I walked through the thick crowd. The hood on my green raincoat covering my head. I impatiently made my way towards the timetable prepared to take the first bus to Dublin Airport. On edge I jerked as people pushed into me passing by. I stood staring at the timetable making out the sea of bus numbers. Suddenly a cold hand wrapped around my upper arm and I could feel a cool breath blowing against my neck causing my hair to stand on end.

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing alone in a place like this, who knows the dangers that lurk out there” a low menacing voice whispered in my ear; that voice that reminded me of nails on a chalk board.

“Well Isolde that’s quite the chase you gave me, how about you be a good girl and come without a fuss, I’m sure you’d hate for anyone innocent to die”. I was slightly shaking at this stage, tremors of fear and anger ran through my body. I turned and looked at the monster that haunted my every dream and step. He smiled evilly his cold burgundy eyes screamed victory, he had finally gotten what he wanted. Pulling me forward and placing his arm around my shoulder he led us towards the exit.

“Oh Islode smile, people might think you don’t like me” he grinned his voice mocking me while squeezing my shoulder causing me to gasp in pain. Composing myself I plastered my face with a smile. To a passer-by we were the image of a perfect couple; young, beautiful and happy. There was a time that I believed we could have been too.

Outside he led me to a black Bentley Continental GT and opened the passenger door for me to get in. I hesitated for a moment looking around the quiet street. Sensing my hesitation he pushed me into the car slamming the door before walking at human pace to the driver’s side.

The drive was made in silence, I stared out the window and I noticed we seemed to be heading into a more rural setting. We drove along small windy country lanes. After about an hour we pulled up to an old large two story farmhouse situated in a woodland area. The house was made from grey limestone and had many large windows.

“Beautiful isn’t it? When I saw it I just had to have it. Coincidentally the elderly owners died in suspicious circumstances a day later and when it came onto the market I bought it” he said a vicious smirk on his face. I felt sick as I imagined an old couple being slaughtered by him; his predatory pounce as he prepared to kill.

We entered the house through the sturdy mahogany front door. It’s hinges creaking from age. We entered a large hall with many doors leading of it. The walls were painted white and the floor seemed to be an original wooden floor that was in need of attention. A set of stairs were situated at the end of the long passage. Picking me up roughly he whizzed us up to the second floor and into a large bedroom with boarded up windows.

“Were going to have so much fun….but I better go hunt first…we don’t want any accidents” he smacked his lips at me a wicked gleam in his eye. He let me down out of his arms and before I knew it the door had closed and there was the clink of a lock. I stared around the room. The walls were a dusty pink and a single bed lay against the back wall with no bedclothes. An old chest of drawers was stationed against the opposite wall covered in dust. Another door led of the room and I quickly ran to it opening it hoping for an exit, instead I found a bathroom. Cursing I turned around and quickly made my way to the drawers rooting through them for anything that could help me open the door. However they were all empty. Sinking to the ground I lay in the foetal position and cried myself to sleep.

“Ah your awake, good” he said as I opened my eyes everything was disorientated but soon his pale face came into focus over me. My eyes widened and I went to scoot backwards away from him.

“Now, now that’s not very nice Isolde, I’m quite disappointed there was a time when you liked my company, however you got my message” I instantly remembered the black rose I had been given on Grafton St. while boarding a bus about to go home from a school trip.

“What no thank you? I thought girls liked roses”

“Not black roses” I said through gritted teeth.

“Mummy didn’t like that did she…how is your mother anyway” he said his voice jubilant.

“You bastard, you are no better than an animal the way you cut her up and left her to die a slow death” I spat in his face. He wiped his face with his sleeve of his jumper his smile fading into a thin line.

“My dear her pain will be nothing compared to what I have planned for you, when I’m done you will beg for death”, He trailed a frosty finger down my cheek.

“I will never beg you” I whispered. He backhanded me across the cheek and I flew across the room banging into a wall. There was a crack and a pain ran through my ribs. Breathing heavily and pushing back the tears that scalded my eyes I pulled myself up of the floor.

“Has anyone ever told you your to stubborn for your own good?” He whizzed across the room and was suddenly was standing inches away from my face.

“Boo” he whispered while squeezing my ribs between his fingers where I had been injured. I screamed in pain as there was another sickening crunch.

“Ooops” he said his cackling laugh filling the room.


Carlisle cleared his throat unnecessarily before starting to talk another human habit that could be added to the Cullen’s list.

“Isolde what happened to you that you got all those injuries?

"Think, think…car accident? No…he’ll ask why I didn’t go to a hospital….think…..think……….

“Isolde…please I want to help did someone do this to you”

"Bingo! Self inflicted, perfect!"

Emm actually Carlisle I did it to myself” I said quietly, silently delighted with my excuse.

“You mean you did this to yourself…how” he said his voice full of pity and deep in thought.

“Well my parents died in a car accident and I couldn’t handle the emotions…I went a little wild. I started drinking alcohol, taking drugs and cutting myself”. Carlisle seemed speechless as he processed what I had told him. He just starred at me with his golden eyes his face shocked that I could do such damage to myself.

“How did you get the bruises?” he said as if his voice was drained.


“Well I kind of owed a drug dealer money…and when I wasn’t able to pay it things got nasty. The wound that you had to stitch was caused when they bet me up, they had a knife…. I was afraid to go to a hospital…to many questions, so I fixed it myself” tears started to tingle in my eyes as I started to think of what really happened. Before I knew it blobs of tears were falling down my face as I grieved; grieved for my father, my brother and my mother, as I cried for what that monster had done to them and me, I cried for the fact that I was taking the blame for the physical damage that wracked my body and finally a million tears for the life that I should have had.

Soon I found myself encased in strong cold arms my head pressed against a stone chest as Carlisle tried to comfort me with lulling sounds. I just cried harder as I wished they were my mother or my father’s arms. My sobs quietened after a while a dull numb replacing the pain in my body, it was almost unnatural the calm that covered my body. I slowly pulled myself away from Carlisle blushing as I noticed his wet shirt.

“Sorry” I murmured looking up into his face with my puffy eyes.

“Just one more question Isolde…have you stopped taking alcohol, drugs and self harm?” I felt bad that I was misleading him but I couldn’t tell him the truth.

“Yes, I came here for a new start….a new beginning” I said giving him a small smile.

“Ok, I’m happy that you are dealing with your problems, I think its best you stay here for a few days until you are able to take care of yourself. You have already been asleep for three days, you lost a lot of blood. We have informed the school that you will be out for another week because you are sick. We will talk more later, for now you need to sleep” Carlisle said before getting up, smiling at me and leaving the room.

Swiftly a wave of exhaustion ran through me and against my will my eyes drooped closed before I had a chance to ponder over my eventful interaction with the Cullen family.