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Crimson Moon

Since Eclipse came out, this is extremely outdated, and I haven't written in a while and considered discontinuing it, but some extremely nice people said I should keep going!!! (You all deserve cookies and hugs, by the way). So, once again: Bella and Edward are finally married, but when some of the Cullens' close friends have tragedy thrust upon them, and an unwelcome visitor (at least to Bella) comes to stay, what will happen next? Teen rating is a safety net....there are some incredibly prude people out there. It isn't really that bad, but whatever. Reviewing my story would be like a little kid seeing Santa and Rudolph on Christmas!! You know you want me to feel like that!!!Chapter 9 is up!!! Finally!!! WOOHOO!! R&R, cause ya know I love hearing from you!!

It's just something I'm trying my hand at...review and tell me how I did. Pwease??? *pouts adorably*

4. Chapter 4

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I woke up, cradled in Edward’s stone arms, with his smiling face hovering over mine. I stretched and reached up to give him a good morning kiss. He groaned.

“Bella...we’re almost married…please, please just…wait?” I grinned up at him.

“What? I’m trying to say good morning to my fiancé”—I stressed the word, holding up my left hand to show off the glinting gemstone—“and that’s all I get?”

“Your fiancé, huh? And should I be jealous of—” His laughing reply was cut short by Alice bursting into the room.

“Edward, move. I’ve got a bride to prepare. Bella, come with me. We need to start soon, so you guys can finish what you started here, which, by the way, was mildly unpleasant to walk in on.”

I grimaced. Prom night all over again. “Can’t I just…you know, wear the dress and minimum makeup?” I knew a sure way to get Edward to agree to this new idea of mine. “It would make preparations a lot shorter…the wedding would happen a lot sooner!” I hoped it would convince Alice, but no such luck. Darn it, I should have known better.

She smirked. “Nice try, Bella. Edward, I said move! I have a lot to do here! Rose! Come on! We’re ready!”

A moment later, Rosalie rushed into the room, arms loaded with dresses, makeup, and hair accessories. Edward, who still had yet to move, glanced at his two sisters. “Sorry, Bella…I’m not involving myself in this one. I’ll just wait in the living room.” He ran off on me! Left me to the mercy of these two—two…Ugh! Alice grinned, walked up to me, and grabbed my hand. “Come on, we need to pick a dress.”

Hours later, I finally emerged from the bathroom. The whole thing had taken so long it was actually late afternoon now. Esme had been called in for an opinion, and upon seeing me, smiled happily.

“Bella, dear, you look so beautiful! Edward is going to be so happy!” I grinned at her.

“Let’s go to a wedding!”

Carlisle actually performed the ceremony right there in the hotel room, since it was a very sunny day and there was no real possibility of going outside. It wasn’t the most normal place, but people did get married in hotels anyway. The location didn’t matter to me. It was still sinking in that Edward, my Edward, was finally going to be my husband. I felt a huge twinge of remorse that Charlie or Renee couldn’t be here to see it, but it couldn’t be helped.

Afterwards, I couldn’t really remember most of what happened. The only thing that stuck in my mind from it was the kiss. Like the ones he had given me yesterday and that morning, but more possessive, more passionate. I was practically giddy with happiness, but couldn’t help the sadness that swept over me whenever I chanced to think of my parents. The whole ceremony hadn’t really taken all that long, but it was now nighttime.

The whole family was sitting in the living room afterwards, after I had changed in to more comfortable clothes. I was sitting on Edward’s lap with his arm wrapped around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder. Every few seconds, I glanced down at my left hand, just to make sure it was all real, and not just a dream. Carlisle was discussing my being changed.

“I think we should move to a more…remote place so that no one…hears anything,” he said to everyone. I was confused.

“What would there be to hear?”

Edward glanced at me hesitantly. “Bella…transformation is extremely…painful.” I stared at him for a second as comprehension dawned.

“Oh.” I had known that before, of course. It had just been forgotten in the heat and happiness of the moment. After a few seconds, Carlisle spoke again.

“I have found such a place, miles away from the outskirts of the city. It’s not the most comfortable, but the best we can do right now. There’s a forest, and a clearing there. Bella, that’s where everything will happen.” I nodded, fully aware that it wasn’t going to be comfortable anyway, and the forest would probably provide immediate nourishment for my new…eating habits. I just managed to suppress a shudder, not wanting Edward to know my sudden aversion to drinking blood, from animals or not. I was willing to do this for him, and I wanted it no matter what.

Carlisle continued. “It’s dark outside. If everyone’s in agreement, we can go now.” Glances were exchanged, and everyone nodded. I felt Edward stiffen, but he said nothing. I nodded also. It would be painful, but the end result would be completely worth it. I wanted nothing more than to spend eternity with Edward.

We left the hotel in silence, after checking out—we wouldn’t really need it anymore—and got in all of our cars. Edward grasped my hand as tightly as he dared, and I squeezed his lightly. As we set off, all following Carlisle and Esme’s car, he spoke.

“Bella, I know how much you think I hate this idea, but I think you should know that I just…don’t want you condemned to this kind of fate. You seem so eager for it, but I keep wondering…after you change, will I still be enough for you? Or will you grow bored with me? I’m…I’m scared, Bella. That’s been my main reason for not wanting this. I just…want you to know that I love you, so much.”

I gasped. “Of course I won’t grow bored with you! How could you ever think such a thing? Edward, I love you so much it hurts when you’re away for too long. If you left again, I couldn’t bear it. Nothing will happen, nothing will change the way I feel for you!”

He nodded grimly. “You say that now, but what about after you’re like me? What if I lose my allure to you? I just…if you ever left me, Bella, I wouldn’t even need to go to the Volturi. I would die right there. And I’m terrified that after you’re exactly like me, you won’t see any of the appeal I held for you before…”

“Edward! Dammit, look at me!” Slowly, he slid his gaze from the road to my face. He looked everywhere but straight into my eyes. I reached over and grabbed his face between my hands, forcing him to look me in the eye, so he could see the tears building rapidly there.

“How do you think I’ve felt for these last months, thinking you didn’t want me anymore? I couldn’t believe—still can’t believe that someone like me could hold any lasting fascination for someone as utterly amazing as you are. You are and always will be the only person I’ve ever fallen in love with, or ever will love. Without you, without your love, I would die, Edward. I wouldn’t have the will to live anymore. If you don’t believe that, I don’t know what I could say to make you believe me any more. I’m just going to have to prove it to you over the rest of our lives together, and I intend to make that last a very long time.” With that said, I leaned over and swiftly pressed my mouth to his. Finally, he smiled. I grinned back at him.

“Now, husband dear, would you please go faster so I can start proving everything I just said to you?” His smile widened into his amazing grin. He stepped on the accelerator.

Even with the Cullens’ insane driving, it took about a half hour to get there. We had been in L.A., after all. Edward picked me up onto his back, and I grinned. Now that I was semi-used to it, I actually enjoyed the running. Finally, we stopped, and I was so excited, my heart was pounding so loud, I was positive that Jasper would be hard-put to control himself.

I slid off Edward’s back and we walked to where the rest of the family stood. Edward looked at Carlisle, who nodded his head. Edward looked back at me.

“Are you ready?”

I nodded, but I was still scared inside. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

He looked at me for a long moment, then drew me into his arms. His mouth covered mine, taking complete possession. He slowly drew his mouth away, trailing it across my face for a second, then on down my neck. I heard him whisper, “I love you,” and barely had time to respond in kind before his venom-coated fangs sank deep into my neck.

Instant, mind-numbing, burning pain. I screamed.