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Crimson Moon

Since Eclipse came out, this is extremely outdated, and I haven't written in a while and considered discontinuing it, but some extremely nice people said I should keep going!!! (You all deserve cookies and hugs, by the way). So, once again: Bella and Edward are finally married, but when some of the Cullens' close friends have tragedy thrust upon them, and an unwelcome visitor (at least to Bella) comes to stay, what will happen next? Teen rating is a safety net....there are some incredibly prude people out there. It isn't really that bad, but whatever. Reviewing my story would be like a little kid seeing Santa and Rudolph on Christmas!! You know you want me to feel like that!!!Chapter 9 is up!!! Finally!!! WOOHOO!! R&R, cause ya know I love hearing from you!!

It's just something I'm trying my hand at...review and tell me how I did. Pwease??? *pouts adorably*

7. Chapter 7

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Lifting my head off his chest, I glanced around the meadow. I made a fast decision. Finally, I glanced up at Edward and smiled as seductively I could (which, from my lack of previous experience, wasn’t very much).

“You know, we haven’t had a real honeymoon yet. What would you suggest?” He looked kind of surprised. Then he walked me away from everyone so we could continue the conversation in private. As we walked, I glanced back at the rest of the family. Alice sent me a meaningful glance and mouthed “We’re leaving.” It was followed by a wink. “Have fun,” she smirked.

Edward turned to me. “Really? Are—are you sure you’re ready?” I smiled.

“Remember that night all those months ago? That first night you really spent with me, when I asked you about…us?” He nodded. I cast my eyes away shyly. “I wouldn’t have asked if I hadn’t been thinking about it happening between us someday…Unless you…don’t want to?” He looked shocked.

“Don’t want to? Bella, are you insane? You are so beautiful, so desirable, I would have to be insane or…well, let’s just leave it at that, not to want you! I just…I wasn’t sure if you’d be ready, so I didn’t press it.”

I smiled. “I think…I think I’m ready.” His eyes widened and then darkened, but this time, not for a hunger for blood. This time it was a hunger for me.

His head lowered to mine and my eyes drifted closed. The first touch of his lips caused a moan to escape from my throat. As his mouth devoured mine, his hands swept down my body in a light, barely-there caress down to my hips then back up to the hem of my shirt.

His hands, not as cold as I remembered, but now, since I was the same temperature, almost warm, crept under my shirt and slowly up my waist to my bra. He growled low in his throat, becoming frustrated with the clasp.

I grinned from beneath the onslaught of his mouth and reached down to draw off my shirt to make his task easier. Still, he couldn’t seem to get it so I helped him by unfastening it and leaning forward to take it off.

He drew in an unnecessary breath, staring at me. I cocked my head to the side.

“Something wrong?” I inquired. He slowly and reluctantly drew his gaze upwards to meet my eyes.

“You are…so beautiful.” Then he grinned. “If my heart had still been beating, it would have stopped just now, from the sight.”

I huffed a short chuckle. “Well, it seems to me that something isn’t quite fair here.” He lifted a brow.

“How so?” I grinned reaching up to unbutton his shirt.

“Seems to me that it’s not quite fair that you’re seeing a whole lot more than I am,” I replied, slipping it off his shoulders. He grinned wolfishly down at me.

“Well, maybe we should completely remedy the problem,” he said, wrapping his arms around me and lowering me to the ground. “Let me fix this…”


A few hours later, we lay next to each other in the grass, in that place that, because of what had happened there, would remain in my memories forever, no matter what other memories faded.

I was slowly tracing circles across his amazing, sculpted chest, smiling contentedly. I looked up at his face, and he was watching me intently with his gorgeous topaz eyes. There was a question in them, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Instead of talking out loud and ruining the moment, I tilted my head inquiringly.

“Are you happy?” I smiled. I should have known he would ask that. Ever the gentleman, my Edward was. For an answer, I moved even closer to him than I had been before, wrapping my arms around him, while staring into his eyes and smiling softly at him the whole time.

He slowly dipped his head down to mine, kissing me leisurely, deeply. Softly. I moved my arms up so that they were wrapped around his neck instead of his waist. He rolled over so he was poised above me and whispered softly in my ear before taking me to the stars again.

“Me, too.”


Lying there, in that beautiful meadow, brought back a few memories of that other gorgeous place Edward had taken me to. But I pushed those thoughts away as I considered an important question.

“Edward, has Carlisle decided where we’re going to live?”

He scowled. “You’re thinking of that now? What, I just haven’t done enough to hold your interest? Maybe we should fix that,” he said, burying his face in the curve of my neck. I smiled as he inhaled deeply, murmuring, “God, I love that scent of yours, all floral and sweet…”

I brought my face to a level with his, trying to put a serious look on my face. “I’m being serious, this is really important. Has he?” Edward sighed, a resigned look coming over his face.

“Fine. I’ll answer you, but if you consider anything else that’s this serious for the rest of today, I’ll get you back,” he replied with a mock stern glare on his face. I giggled. I hate giggling. For some reason, I couldn’t help myself. I cut it off mid-laugh, then raised a brow at him when I’d realized that he still hadn’t answered my question. He sighed again.

“Yes, he has. We’re going up to Denali…to live with them for a little while before we go somewhere else. We don’t want to attract unwanted attention again.” He answered easily enough, but there was something in his eyes that told me he didn’t like the idea.

“I see. And is there a particular reason you don’t like to go to Denali?” He seemed surprised at my observance. I laughed. “I can be perspicacious sometimes, you know.” He nodded thoughtfully, but there was a reluctant look in his eyes.

“It seems, Mrs. Cullen, that, while incredibly intelligent before, your vocabulary has grown a bit,” he said, lowering his head once more to capture my lips. I responded for a little while, before I realized what he was doing and pulled away.

“Uh-uh…you’re not distracting me with that. Why don’t you want to go to Denali?”

He lowered his head to mine again, murmuring against my lips, “Darling, it’s not important…let’s just enjoy the time we have alone, before we need to worry about outside troubles again.”

I pulled away once more, really glaring at him this time. “Edward. I’ve never pictured myself as a nagging, overbearing wife, but dammit, if you don’t answer me instead of trying to distract me with sex, I swear to God I will.” He looked at me incredulously.

“Why is this such a big deal? Why are you making something so insignificant this important?”

“Because, you keep trying to distract me. If you hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be acting like this. It’s just a feeling I’m getting that you’re trying to keep something from me. Why don’t you want to go to Denali, and why don’t you want to answer me?!”

Now he just looked surprised by my outburst. In fact, I was surprised by my little tantrum, but I knew he was keeping something from me. It wasn’t just a feeling. It was much more than that, yet it was so difficult to describe how I knew. It also came with a feeling of foreboding because I knew I probably wasn’t going to like what he had to say. He sighed, still looking reluctant, but now there was a little resignation mixed in. He finally nodded in acquiescence.

“You’re not going to like it,” he started. I stared at him, silently telling him to continue. “When—”

A throat clearing broke him off in the middle of the sentence. We looked up in alarm, and I tensed, because I sensed this newcomer was a threat to my newfound security. Then the stranger spoke, with a gleam of annoyance in their eyes.

“Edward. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Fancy seeing you here.”