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Crimson Moon

Since Eclipse came out, this is extremely outdated, and I haven't written in a while and considered discontinuing it, but some extremely nice people said I should keep going!!! (You all deserve cookies and hugs, by the way). So, once again: Bella and Edward are finally married, but when some of the Cullens' close friends have tragedy thrust upon them, and an unwelcome visitor (at least to Bella) comes to stay, what will happen next? Teen rating is a safety net....there are some incredibly prude people out there. It isn't really that bad, but whatever. Reviewing my story would be like a little kid seeing Santa and Rudolph on Christmas!! You know you want me to feel like that!!!Chapter 9 is up!!! Finally!!! WOOHOO!! R&R, cause ya know I love hearing from you!!

It's just something I'm trying my hand at...review and tell me how I did. Pwease??? *pouts adorably*

9. Chapter 9

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Unsurprisingly, to say that this was astonishing news was a gross understatement. Since we had been seeking a sort of refuge in Denali, this just left us sort of hanging. Meanwhile, Tanya continued her story.

“I’m not sure where to begin. Four days ago, I went out hunting with Irina. Kate, Carmen, and Eleazar had already gone earlier, and we were hungry. We had gone out quite a ways, because Irina had wanted a race. Apparently, we went too far, because we left even our hearing distance of the house. We grabbed a caribou and ate quickly, then started back as soon as we could. I’d told Irina that I had a bad feeling about leaving this time, so we should go and come back fast. When we got there…” Tanya trailed off with a far-off look in her eyes.

Carlisle had a look of thought on his face as she stopped. As I looked around the room, I was sure the look of consternation at the abrupt end of the story that was on everyone else’s face was reflected on mine. Finally, Alice couldn’t take it anymore.

“When you got there…?”

Tanya jumped, startled. The distant look disappeared, and she visibly shook off the memory. “Sorry. When we got there, the parts of the house looked as if it had been torn apart. The door was in the yard, some of the windows were knocked out, and through the empty panes we could see what had been the furniture was strewn all over and broken into pieces. Irina let out a cry and raced inside to see what had become of our family…but all I could do was stand there. I was in shock, probably because nothing had happened in so long that I think we all just started developing a feeling of invincibility. While I stood there, the bad feeling grew, but I couldn’t make myself move, even with the thought of our family being hurt. And­­­”—here her voice broke—“and then it all just…just burst into flames, and Irina was still inside and I could finally get my feet to move but it was too late—” Tanya dropped her head into her hand and did the vampire equivalent of a sob. Her body shaking, her unnecessary breath gasping, she tried to finish the story.

“I ran towards the house, but it was all flames…I kept trying to get inside but the heat was too much…I guess I must have been like that for a few hours, because then I heard sirens, and something told me that I shouldn’t be there when they came—I don’t know what—so I ran back for the woods and hid there, shaking until the next evening, when no one was around to see me. I spent the rest of the day and into the night searching the house for any clue of who it was, or my family, or anything, so I decided to come down to you. I had money with me, so I used a pay phone to call Carlisle, and he told me how to get to this house. And now…here we are.”

Damn. I couldn’t hate her as much anymore. Not after that. I mean, the poor woman had just lost her entire family! I couldn’t hold a grudge after that. I watched her drop her head back down and cover her face with her hands. No, I didn’t hate her anymore. Instead, I felt a sort of pity. Sure, I’d lost my dad. But I still had Edward, and Alice, and the rest of the family. I wasn’t as alone in the world as I had been. Alice, seeing Tanya alone on the couch, came to the same realization I just had, and went to comfort her, wrapping her arms around the crying woman.

Nobody in the room knew what else to say. We now had no where to go, since the Denali were gone. There were no covens like us that we presently knew the location of and were as close to as we were the Denali. We had also acquired one new member that we had to hide from Victoria’s vindictive urges, and whatever else she’d picked up. We probably couldn’t stay in L.A. for long. Although, that might not be a horrible idea. L.A. stinks, by the way, even if we were outside the city limits. But getting back on topic…

To put it easily, unless we had somewhere better to hide to figure out what was going to happen and what had happened to Victoria to make her so powerful, we were screwed. Well, maybe not screwed. But we were definitely not in a very good position.