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After Dawn

After Dawn This is the story of Renesemee after Breaking Dawn. It shows her extreme love for Jacob and fight with the vampire side of her. When something horrible happens how will Nessie cope? And will Jacob stand by her side? banner by MRSBellaCullenBlack! Inspired by Black stars by Lunamoon! (Check it out!) Rated R for language and mature themes.


14. New

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The day of our wedding was anything but unceremonious, the night before the big day me and Felix were forbidden to see each other- a scheme set in motion by Jane and Demitri. I nearly killed her when she told me I couldn’t sleep in the same bed as my fiancé for the first time in four months. She just laughed and threatened to use her power if I refused. Demitri, Alec, Felix and Dawn all set off the night before to hunt and for the first time ever Dawn tasted human blood. At first I was beyond pissed, but when I saw him the next day and his eyes were still a shockingly beautiful green I began to wonder.

“Jane? Why does Dawn’s eyes stay the same color? Why don’t they change at all?” I asked her while she did my hair.

“I heard the boys talking about it earlier and his father said it must have something to do with the human side of him. I don’t think his eyes are ever going to change Ness and that should be somewhat of a relief. He can live in a both all human or all vampire society, without giving away his true identity.” Then she started with my make up.

“Did he like it? Tasting blood?” I asked her apprehensively.

“Of course he did Ness, he is a vampire.” I shook my head.

“No. I can’t have him like that Jane what if he gets to comfortable with the taste and can’t control himself? I’ve worked very hard on maintaining his cravings.” Jane laughed and then took a step back to view her creation.

“Dawn is a bright boy. He knows the consequences of losing control and I don’t think he likes the thought of drinking blood anymore then you do, though it is first nature to him and he can’t help but like the taste of it, I think he knows what your wishes are. You’re the last person in the world he’d want to disappoint.” She kissed my cheek lightly leaving a cold sensation on my skin.

“I don’t want him to ever stop growing. I’m so afraid of what he’ll become when Aro chooses to invite him into the guard.” I frowned and Jane rolled her eyes.

“Like I said- he’s a smart kid, he’ll know what to do when the time comes! Now stop being so depressed, it’s your wedding day!” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“You’re right! This has to be absolutely per-” I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and almost fainted. Who ever it was staring back at me in the mirror was positively stunning. Tight curls wound gracefully around her face, giving way to her chocolate brown eyes. Her skin, pale except for the hint of rose on her cheeks, glistened ever so slightly only a vampire would notice. White silk and lace weaved its way around her body beautifully. She was destined for this. Jane sighed beside me.

"She's gorgeous isn’t she?" I became aware of a another heartbeat in the room. A slower one.

"Mother's always gorgeous." I turned around to see Dawn's boyish version of his fathers smile. I wanted to cry so badly but I just didn’t know how in such a happy moment.

"Oh Dawn!" I gasped before hugging him gently. He hugged me back just as Marcus, Caius and Aro entered the room.

"Well well well...who is this I see here? Surely this isn’t my Vanessa!" Marcus beamed in his dark tuxedo.

"Yes Marcus it's me somewhere under all this make up!" Jane laughed and a chorus of perfect harmony whistled in the room.

"I didn’t even put that much on Ness! It’s all you believe it or not."

"I believe it!" Aro said half smiling. We all stood there for a second before Aro stepped forward. A heavy wooden box sat in the palm of his hand.

"We want you to have this Vanessa. It's something we picked up for you a while back. It was your mothers, but following our little tiff after you were born she decided to give it back." Marcus said and gently opened the lid revealing a large expensive looking necklace attached to an even larger more expensive looking jewel.

"Thank you. Thank all of you." I touched it as soft as possible afraid it might break.

"Don’t mention it." Caius managed to cough out. He was such an idiot. Aro placed the diamond on my neck and I looked in the mirror once again. It was time.

The ancients exited the hall first giving way to a roar of applause. The batter of hands clapping lulled and next was Alec and Giana. Following them was Jane and Demitri, tied together cheerfully at the hip, if it wasn’t for Jane's lack of an heartbeat they probably would’ve thought she was the bride. Dawn entered the grand room and all fell silent, everyone was holding their much un-needed breaths. After a few short heartbeats a rush of air came out from everyone in the room. They were realizing how beautiful he was, how magnificent and truly special his life was. He was the new vampire. He was the first of the more powerful race of immortals.

I didn’t even hear the music as I descended down the aisle right into Felix's realm of sight. There was only one thing I was seeing. Some one beautiful, two people so familiar I would known there faces anywhere. The older vampire had eyes the color of roses, so rich and bright at the same time, her hair hung loosely at her neck and she was dressed quite elegantly. The younger vampire did not hide her scowl, she was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Yet, in all her anger she was the most stunning vampire I had ever seen. She was so stunning because she looked just like Felix- his sister. I smiled at his mother and she nodded back grinning wistfully but saddened. You would never know they were prisoners if you didn’t see the two hulking guards at their sides. Suddenly both of their heads snapped to the front of the room where Felix was standing, his mother nodded again and Felix's eyes beamed with joy. She liked me.

"Vanessa Rogerson. Do you take Felix Volturi in this lawfully wedded union to spend the rest of eternity together under the moon? Do you abide by this sacred oath to be loyal and loving to him for the rest of your immortal existence?"

"I do." I looked at Felix- glowing red eyes and ivory skin. His hands felt so soft in mine and I feared he would run away from my hard touch. But he didn’t and despite his cold skin I felt warmer then ever.

"And do you Felix Volturi take Vanessa Rogerson in this lawfully wedded union to spend the rest of eternity together under the stars? Do you abide by this sacred oath to cherish and love her for the rest of your immortal existence?" He smiled at me, the smile that made me want to grab him and kiss him until the world stopped spinning. I love you. I said to him silently so no one but he could here in his mind.

"I do." He said, so proud and willing. So different from any other 'I do' in the world. Different because ours was so much more special. Are family is different from the others, yes, but this did not ail us. It made us stronger. I felt a profound emotion in my gut and new that our world would never be the same now. Not after Dawn it wouldn’t. No way it wouldn’t, he was the future of this world- a future so magnificent it was quite shaky in my vision- but I could tell that Dawn could see it, and Aro and Marcus and Caius and Felix. They could all see how great the change would be but I didn’t care, not as long as I had Felix and dawn and Jane and Marcus and a little hope for my family back in Forks, Washington. So now with this new hope that maybe our world would one day change, unite us both human and vampire, I glide into the impossible forever feeling wonderful.

Jacob's Point of View

I have to find her. I have to find her. I have to find her. I have to find her. IHAVETOFINDHER.