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After Dawn

After Dawn This is the story of Renesemee after Breaking Dawn. It shows her extreme love for Jacob and fight with the vampire side of her. When something horrible happens how will Nessie cope? And will Jacob stand by her side? banner by MRSBellaCullenBlack! Inspired by Black stars by Lunamoon! (Check it out!) Rated R for language and mature themes.


2. Him.

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1183   Review this Chapter

Five hours and a hundred thoughts about slitting Rose’s throat later we returned in one piece. All the lights were on, something they don’t usually do unless some emergencies occurring. Rose goes into freak mode while I step out of the car calmly with arms folded. I can smell him. Probably sitting in the living room while Jacob is staring daggers into him…or killing him. Felix.

Two years ago me, my mom and my dad had to go meet The Volturi to report my progress in the vampire world. Aro stared at me like a creepy perv the whole time calling me a “wonderful prized possession” and a “beautifully grown up young lady.” Could he get anymore like a fucking pedophile? Especcially with the two thirteen year old-looking vampires Jane and Alec always by his side, two for the price of one. Fucking sick. I also had to resist punching Caius in his annoying, loud mouthed face. Every little thing he said was condescending and pointless, like he was speaking to a child. Is their a vampire shrink somewhere around here? He needs some serious help to bring out his inner child. Marcus as always never had anything important to say, I think he’s mute but im not sure. We had to stay over night to so they could “observe” us or whatever and Felix took an unnatural liking to me. After a couple of hours of knowing him he professed his undying love for me and his desire to “have” me. Eeeewww.


“Yes Felix?” Sigh, sigh, double fucking sigh.

“I know you’ve only been here a little while and the thought of staying utterly repulses you but I am ready to offer you a home hear- not professionally but emotionally.” He grabbed my hand and kissed it like a fucking weirdo and I cringed at his touch.

“I don’t think so Felix…” He stopped me mid sentence with his arrogant bassy voice.

“Ness can you have children? I would be delighted to hand you a true vampire child. I understand that your blood is a diluted version of mine but we could make a new race of vampires- stronger, faster, diverse, and adaptable. Let me make love to you.” His vultarian accent made him sound like a drunken slob and I threw up in my mouth secretly.

“Im sorry Felix but im not so into the beefy foreign guy thing, I have a boyfriend.”

“Another vampire? What’s his name?” I could see the vendetta pulsing through his veins.

“No he’s a… a werewolf.” I lied purposely to entice him.

“Disgraceful! Demoralizing! Pitiful!” That’s what he said. He fled the room in a fit of rage and I slept like a baby. I left without saying goodbye and put the whole thing behind me. I never dreamt in a million years he would even think about setting foot in Forks and alone too!

I was smiling when I entered the door. Jacob had him by the throat and let him go as I walked in. He swept me off my feet and gave me an overly passionate kiss. I liked it though-his jealousy and my bitchiness. We were made for each other. Felix didn’t think so though, a growl ripped through his throat and he lunged forward, Emmett grabbed him by the shoulder and swung him to the wall.

“Sit.” He demanded.

Jacob’s POV-

Nessie my warrior woman. I heard a growl rip from his throat and I kissed her harder. She sent me a wave of malicious and unbearably sexy thoughts and I grinned. At that moment I didn’t even care who was there or where we were, it was just me and her.

Felix thought he could just waltz on in without even introducing himself? How fucking rude is that? Good thing Emmett was around to fill me in on whom he was and why he came. He wanted her…but of course he did every vampire wanted her. They wanted a piece just so she could bear their biological children. It also didn’t seem to help that she was so god damn hot and equally bad ass. No one could take her away from me though, she was my Renesemee and I didn’t even care about her having my children and what gift it would be to the vampire/werewolf world. I just wanted to be with her forever, so much that I would keep turning into a monster just to spend every second of eternity with her.

The feeling of his throat locked in my grip gave such an incredible surge of pleasure I could have driven me insane. There’s nothing better then beating some parasite’s ass, especially one drooling over my girl. So now we’re here- in a couple of minutes he’ll do or say something to offend her and she’ll show him a lesson. Ugh the pain is agonizing.

Renesemee’s POV-

“God damnit Ness! How could you fucking do this! Being with that filthy dog! He doesn’t deserve you!” He spat on my mothers hardwood floor and I turned from taunting to enraged. Oh hell no he will not spit on my mom’s floor! I grabbed him and dragged him to the spit and pointed.

“Clean it up!” My voice ringing with “alpha,” as Jacob would put it.

“Bitch who do you think I am!? You’re coming with me!” He squirmed from my grasp and clenched my throat with his massive hands. Jacob trembled and I wheezed a warning.

“No Jacob! Don’t turn! I can handle this!” Jacob calmed and I kicked Felix across the room.

“Asshole!” I shouted as I stormed towards him and stepped on his right leg breaking it. He screamed in agony as if he was a little girl. I took two seconds to think of something clever to say so he would go crying back to his mommy Aro and his daddy Cauis.

“Next time you come around here im going to break something else off!” I heard Alice and Rose rack up behind me and he shot them a deadly glare ready to pounce.

“Don’t even think abut it! Just get the hell out of here!” He refocused and got up slowly.

“Ill be back bitch you better believe it and im bringing all the shit down on your little clan of bastards!”

“What do you think you’re going to do? Don’t even think about bringing your sorry ass back here! Don’t even think about stepping g foot in the U.S. because I will find you and I WILL kill you.”

Oh you’ll see what im going to do! It will be exceptionally pleasant…for me anyways.” He snarled before he darted out of the door and hopefully out of my life.

Everyone was staring at me with wide eyes before hurrying back to their regular day. Their nervous faces didn’t hide their frightened thoughts. I knew what they were thinking even without mind reading-The Vulturi. We would’ve never guessed though, that he had something so much worse in store for me.