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After Dawn

After Dawn This is the story of Renesemee after Breaking Dawn. It shows her extreme love for Jacob and fight with the vampire side of her. When something horrible happens how will Nessie cope? And will Jacob stand by her side? banner by MRSBellaCullenBlack! Inspired by Black stars by Lunamoon! (Check it out!) Rated R for language and mature themes.


6. Dawn

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Nessie’s Point of view

When I started running I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t even stop to take a look back at my childhood home, my family and the love of my life waiting for me through the night. As soon as they weren’t looking I swept back in to grab my stuff and leave Jacob a note.


I know I’ve hurt you with my unkind words and sudden departure and you may not understand it all just yet but soon you’ll realize that this is the only way. As long as no one, including you, knows where I am, you, me, my family and the baby are all safe. I just want you guys to be safe. I will send my love when I can but for know my location will remain a mystery, by now the Volturi have caught wind of my disappearance and they will never bother us again.

With all my heart,

Renesmee Cullen Black

Writing the letter was difficult to say the least, trying to put everything I want in a single letter was almost impossible. Almost. Leaving was even harder, closing the door and taking on the solitary life I was about to live without Jacob seemed almost impossible. Almost. And when it came down to it the only thing that kept me moving was my beautiful baby boy. Yes, a boy. After the day I left Jacob, I found out something incredible. Not only was he an extraordinarily special vampire but he had a power that was beyond unique. He used the emotions and vampire powers around him against those who meant us harm or made me angry, tense or uncomfortable. He damn near almost killed the poor rude cashier at McDonalds. Only if she knew better. He sends me warm thoughts when im sad about leaving Forks and keeps me company in my lonely apartment in Maine. It is all so amazing.

Maine’s icy cold and ever so dark, even darker then Forks most of the time. With my good looks and pregnant belly, it wasn’t so hard to get an apartment. I either used my charm or the sympathy card. The nights are cold here and I find the time to reflect on the rest of what I have to call life. Felix will never find me here, I know that for sure and hopefully my parents will not come looking for me. Jacob is a different story though, I know he’ll try to find me because that’s just who he is. Always trying to be the fucking hero, always trying to save me…why couldn’t he save me from Felix. Why’d it have to come to this? Now im sitting here in this ram shack apartment waiting for my little miracle, my amazing son Dawn. He’s the only thing that keeps me alive, the only thing that keeps me fighting and even though he’ll be born here with no hint to how special he really is, I know he’s more then just a regular vampire.

The time is almost here and soon I’ll single handedly deliver Dawn to the world. The bruises on my stomach are getting worse and there’s only so much more I can take. Only a few days now and it’ll all be over. I can move from Maine and find a real home, with a real job and I raise my little family. The shadows outside of my house are creepy and really starting to wear me out, they’re almost teasing me with there creepiness. It reminds of the dangers that lurk just beyond the trees, just beyond the ocean, in a city called Volterra where bad men lay and wait for there chance to strike. They’re trying to find me now but for some reason Demetri just can’t sniff me out, my mind is luring him away, I can feel it. It’ll all go away soon- everything, the pain, the heartache, the sacrifice. I wont have to sacrifice anymore then I need to anymore…it’ll all be over soon.

“Son of a bitch!” The pain sky rockets through me and I feel like Dawn is ripping right through my body. He feels my pain and tries to make it better but it just doesn’t work. I feel my body crumble into a pile on the floor and for the first time since I left I cry. But over my sobs I hear something else, something entirely different then my cries, it’s a child’s cry. The moon is raised high in the sky and I catch a glimpse of him. Dawn. His little pink cheeks are wet with tears and other god-knows-what. My body feels like a train just ran over it and I look down to see my stomach torn in shreds, slowly healing itself as vampire’s do.

Dawn reaches up to me with his little fist and touches my face, his hands are cold but I can feel the slight flow of blood under his ivory skin. He smiles at me and I can now see how truly wonderful he is. His pale skin and dark hair set the stage for his green eyes, looking up at me as I hold him in my arms, his tiny feet and hands quick wildly and I know he’ll be more then a handful. Through the night he doesn’t cry once except for when I leave his sight, but he doesn’t need to cry long because I don’t want to leave him for more then two seconds. My body mends and heals and I feel stronger, lighter but also empty. I miss his little kicks and soft reassurances but im glad I don’t have to experience any hard jolts of pain and my heavy footsteps. It isn’t until a month later that I get out of the apartment and feel normal again.

“So you had the baby already?” The little old store clerk asks me one day.

“Yes, yes I have.” I answer blankly hoping she won’t ask anymore questions. It’s only a few more days until I get to leave and no one will see me here again.

“Well where is it?” She says, worry filling her eyes.

“With the…dad.” I choke on the word remembering Felix. The clerk eyes me suspiciously and then rings up my items. She’ll never know that my baby is special, and unlike other newborn’s he’s very capable of spending ten minutes by him self so I can run along and get some common necessities.

“Well okay...have a good day!” She replies just as chipper as usual.

“You too!” I call over my shoulder.

Packing my things is not as hard as last time but it definitely brings back some memories. Almost as if I’m leaving my second home, even though I’ve only been living here for two months. Dawn sits in his hair chair watching me as I place his toys in a little box. Dawn Rogerson. I place my clothes in a box next to his and mark it Vanessa Rogerson. Our new alias’s make me feel like im on some kind of secret mission….well basically I am! I laugh at myself as I think this and Dawn cocks his head to the side. What is it? He thinks. Nothing. I answer back in my head.

“What’s so funny?” A cryptic voice says from behind me and I freeze. I don’t want to turn around! I don’t want to turn around! I don’t want to turn around and see his face. But I do and there he is…