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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


14. Chapter 14: Revelation

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Chapter 14: Revalation

The next week went by without incident. Edward seemed to have an extra spring in his step with the mounting pressure of having to change me now on the back burner. It made me feel incredibly guilty for the deceitful planning that was taking place in my mind. The thought of turning me had always been such an enormous emotional burden for him to carry. I could tell it was constantly on his mind just by little comments he would make in every day conversation such as “I love your face when it is flushed” or “this is something you need to experience before….,” a comment he was always unable to finish. For the first time since we had met he seemed truly happy without any trace of underlying sadness.

Before I knew it, it was Friday again. I reluctantly agreed to go shopping with Alice after classes to look for bridesmaid dresses. Charlie and Billy were going on a weekend hunting trip so I promised him I would stay with the Cullens all weekend. He was still uneasy with me being alone with the unsolved murders. Even though I knew what had happened and that the threat was now gone, I couldn’t tell him.

Emmitt and Jasper were also planning a hunting trip of their own on Saturday. They kept pushing Edward to go but he refused. I tried to convince him to go as well but he said he would miss me too much. I knew the real reason was because he didn’t want to leave me alone after what happened last weekend. He had been with me almost every minute this past week, only leaving me when I was sleeping to go change his clothes or bag a deer or two.

Edward and I met up with Alice and Jasper in the parking lot after our photography class. Alice and Jasper drove separately today so Alice and I could stay behind to shop. Edward kissed me good-bye and said he would be waiting for me at his house when we were done. He made Alice promise him she would not let me out of her sight.

Alice didn’t say much at first as we were driving to the first, overpriced, ridiculously frilly designer wedding store. It was definitely out of character from her normal, cheerful, chatty self. When we pulled into the parking lot she turned the engine off the turned to look at me, “Bella, I know what you are up to.”

“What?” I had no idea at that second what she was talking about.

“With Edward; I know what you are planning after the wedding.”

Crap. I was so relieved that Edward couldn’t see what I was thinking that I carelessly forgot about Alice.

“Bella, let me tell you this is not the right way to go about this. It is too dangerous. Something could go terribly wrong and I can’t risk that happening. I already love you as my sister and I am not going to let you do something so foolish. And what about Edward? He is so happy right now; it would destroy him, either way it ended that you did this to him.”

“Alice, I…it was just an idea. I haven’t decided that is what I am going to do.”

“Yes, you have Bella. If you haven’t decided I wouldn’t be able to see it. You need to do some serious reevaluating here. I will give you a couple of days to think this through but I won’t be able to keep it from Edward much longer than that. It has been hard enough keeping it from him already.”

“You’re right Alice. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put you in this situation.”

“It’s ok. I know this is hard for you but you don’t have to worry. I still see you as one of us in the future. The outcome hasn’t changed, just the timeline.” I was sick of that timeline moving and moving as I was getting older and older.

I smiled and she leaned over to hug me. “Now come on! We have some shopping to do!” The way too happy Alice was back.

It was an excruciating three hours going from store to store until we found the perfect dresses. Alice really picked them out but I was very happy with her choice. They were red, long, and tightly form-fitting with spaghetti straps. Alice and Rosalie were going to unquestionably steal the show in them which was perfect. I would rather all eyes were on them instead of me.

When we pulled up into the Cullen’s driveway Edward stepped out onto the porch. He came out to help us with the dress bags, the shoes, the purses, the necklaces and everything else Alice bought while we were out.

“I see your mission was accomplished,” he smiled from ear to ear. I could see as every day passed he was getting caught up in the excitement more and more. Even though I wasn’t as enthused about the whole wedding part of it, his happiness was contagious and was rubbing off on me.

I rolled my eyes and shoved my hands in my jean pockets, “Yep, Alice made some store owners very happy today. They could probably close down for the rest of the month and still come out profitable.”

Edward laughed at my response, “I hope it wasn’t too painful.”

He was so happy I couldn’t help but smile back at him, “It was fine. It was actually a little fun even.”

“I don’t have to be able to read your mind to know you are fibbing to me, but I appreciate the effort.” He smiled and winked.

We barely got inside when it started raining cats and dogs followed by some intense thunder and lightning. It was going to be a nasty night. I was glad I was staying here tonight.

Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood tonight as Alice showed today’s treasures to the rest of the family. Emmitt and Rosalie had come back for the weekend and much to my surprise Rosalie seemed to be excited about the dress. I would have thought after last week she wouldn’t even want to be in the wedding anymore so I was glad she was getting into the spirit of things. I knew it meant a lot to Edward to have her and the rest of his family participate.

We were all hanging out in the kitchen area as Esme and Carlisle insisted on cooking me dinner. It still confused me why they enjoyed doing that so much for me but looking around at everyone, smiling, talking and laughing, I couldn’t help but think that in some strange way maybe it made them feel normal, human again.

Emmitt had turned on the stereo and grabbed Rosalie from her bar stool. She started laughing more loudly than I had ever heard her as he twirled her around the room.

Jasper walked over to Alice and grabbed her arm, outstretching it to kiss her hand as he bowed. Alice curtsied and they gracefully started gliding around the room joining Rosalie and Emmitt.

Edward and I continued to sit at the breakfast bar. He knew better than to try to get me to dance. Carlisle and Esme were now dancing into between stirs and flips of the food as well.

It was an amazing scene to watch. Every one of them was so elegant and light on their feet. They all moved together with their partners in perfect harmony, never missing a step. I was lost in the beauty of it when Emmitt suddenly grabbed me and spun me around to the center of the room.

“Emmitt, put me down!” I screamed.

“Not a chance Bella.” I knew there was no use fighting him but it still didn’t stop me from trying. He just laughed at me.

I threw a pleading glance to Edward but he just smiled, shrugged and threw his hands up in the air like there was nothing he could do. Rosalie then grabbed him and they started floating across the room too.

“Bella, you are going to have to learn a proper waltz before the wedding,” Emmitt teasingly smiled, “even if you do have two left feet.” He still had me lifted off the ground so since I couldn’t walk away I opted to punch him on the shoulder instead. He of course didn’t flinch, but I did. It wasn’t a good idea to punch marble-like vampires.

He started cracking up and sat me back on my stool. He went to the freezer and got me an ice pack for my hand.

I was about to put in on when Edward grabbed my hand and kissed it softly. He shook his head smiling and put the ice pack on top of my incredibly sore hand. “When will you ever learn.”

I started laughing and shaking my head with him. As much as I wanted to be mad I couldn’t. The atmosphere was just too light and fun.

Edward and I sat and chatted with Carlisle and Esme while the other two couples continued to dance around the kitchen when I felt Edward flinch besides me and then freeze, the smile wiped instantly from his face. I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“Edward, what is it?” Carlisle said in a calm but nervous tone. He lifted his head and squished his nose as if he was trying to smell something. I looked around and the rest of them were doing the same. The same look of terror crept over all of their faces.

They all scrambled over to Edward, looking at him as if they were waiting for some kind of answer. Edward grabbed Carlisle by the arm, “Quick Carlisle, she is hurt.”

I wanted to ask what was going on but the doorbell rang. Edward and Carlisle were already at the door before I could even get off of my chair. When I got to the living room I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Sam, dripping wet towering over everyone in his enormous, black wolf form. He was holding Leah, also in wolf form in his arms. She was howling as if she was in tremendous pain. As I got a closer look I saw the blood leaking out all over the floor. She had gashes all over her and it seemed that one of her front paws was missing. I felt like I was going to be sick.

“This way,” Carlisle said leading him into the dining room. “Put her down here Sam,” he pointed to the dining table.

Leah winced and howled in pain as Sam laid her on the table. Sam howled back in response, as if he was in pain too.

“Esme,” Carlisle said in a calm but hurried voice, take Rosalie and get my bag and emergency cases. Hurry.”

Before I even realized they had left they were back again with 4 huge suitcases and Carlisle’s medical bag which I had seen way too often.

Sam bolted out of the room and outside. Everyone else just looked at each other in confusion.

“He will be right back,” I jumped at the sound of his voice. I didn’t know Edward was right behind me now.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said softly rubbing my shoulders. “Are you ok? Do you feel sick, dizzy?”

“No, I am ok,” I replied, reaching my hand up to touch his. “What happened Edward?”

“I don’t know yet. His thoughts are all completely on needing to know if Leah is ok right now. He isn’t thinking of anything else. He is transforming now and will be back soon.”

Rosalie spoke next, “Carlisle, are you really going to help them? It was just last week they were about to kill Edward and the rest of us for that matter!”

“Of course I am going to help them Rosalie. They went against years of treaties and traditions to let Edward and the rest of us go last week. We owe them at least this much.”

She didn’t say anything else, just shook her head in disgust.

Leah howled out in pain again as Carlisle stuck her with a long needle. He already had two IVs in her and was starting to clean up her wounds. She suddenly went limp and I gasped. Carlisle turned to look at me, “It’s ok; I just gave her a sedative.”

I was awestruck at the speed Carlisle was working. By the time Sam got back he had finished stitching all of her wounds and had her leg with the missing paw all wrapped up in gauze.

“Carlisle?” Sam asked terrified.

“She is going to be ok Sam. She is healing but not nearly as fast as Jacob did. She is still pretty weak but I have her sedated. Hopefully by the time she wakes up in a few hours she won’t be in nearly as much pain as she was.”

Carlisle spoke again, “Sam when did this happen? Did you see them?” It was like Carlisle new exactly what caused her injuries.

“It happened right before I brought her here. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get her to transform and I had nowhere else to take her.”

“Of course. No need to apologize Sam. You are always welcome here friend.”

“It happened so fast. We didn’t have time to get to her before they started.”

“Did you see them Sam? Can you describe them to me?” Carlisle seemed like he was on the verge of anger now.

“No, I mean I don’t know. We all saw different things.” Sam still seemed dazed by the whole thing.

I looked back at Edward to see if I could get anything from his face but he was giving me nothing.

Sam continued, “Leah was doing a routine boundary check when she caught their scent. It was raining so hard and happening so fast Leah wasn’t relaying what they looked like back to us. All we could tell was that there were three of them. They must have heard us coming because they took off before they could finish the job.”

Edward put his arms tightly around my waist when he felt me freeze up. “Three of them,” was the only thing that came out of my mouth. Alice must have heard me because she stared at me with a confused look, like she was thinking the same thing I was.

“Sam, you mentioned that you all saw different things. What did you mean by that?” Carlisle asked.

“Well, Collin, Brady, Embry, Quill and me got to her first. We were on patrol tonight and the only ones transformed. A few minutes later Jacob, Jared, Paul and Seth showed up. They were in their normal state when it happened. They claimed to have seen something entirely different then we did. It made no sense.”

“What did they see?” Carlisle insisted trying to get to the bottom of all this.

Sam slowly looked up at me, then past me at Edward. He stared at Edward dazed and confused, “They saw…they saw you.”

The room became silent. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of my heart about to thump out of my chest. Edward tightened his grip around me yet again. I wasn’t sure if it was to comfort me or to protect me from the room full of vampires.

“I can assure you Sam that Edward has been here, we have all been here since this afternoon. None of us have left the house.” Carlisle’s voice was very assuring.

“I know it wasn’t any of you. I know your scents. That is why I don’t understand about Jacob, Jarod, Paul and Seth. We all know your scents yet they were adamant that it was Edward.”

“Jacob is still mad at me,” I blurted out in desperation. “He is just trying to get Edward. He threatened us last week that he would be after Edward.”

“It isn’t like that Bella,” Sam replied. They actually believe it was Edward. They believe it so much that they didn’t follow my orders and ran off. They say that they actually saw him do it which is impossible. Me and the others saw what was really happening. Jacob and the others weren’t even in wolf form.”

“Sam,” Carlisle spoke again. “Where are the others now?”

“Collin, Brady, Embry and Quill are right in the woods outside. As I said before, Jacob, Jarod, Paul and Seth took off. They must have transformed back into their normal shape because I can’t see what they are thinking anymore.”

“Would it possible for you and your pack to escort Edward and Emmitt to where this happened? They may recognize the scent of who did this. I would send them alone but I am assuming this happened on Quileute land?”

“Yes, and of course we will escort them,” Sam replied. He walked over and rubbed his hand across Leah’s head, petting her. He looked at Carlisle, his eyes full of tears, “Are you sure she is going to be ok? I don’t want to leave her if…”

“She is going to be fine Sam, I promise. I won’t leave her side.”

Edward kissed me on the head and started to walk towards the door. I ran up and grabbed his arm.

He saw the worry in my eyes and hugged me. “Bella, I will be back in a few minutes. You won’t even know I am gone my love.”

I looked around and tried to whisper, “Edward, what if this is some sort of trap. You know what Jacob said last week!”

“You always seem to forget that I have a better insight on things than you.” He tapped his forefinger on his forehead. “I will be back before you know it.” He leaned over and kissed me and headed towards the door. Emmitt and Sam followed.

Carlisle was redressing some of Leah’s wounds when I sidled up beside him. “Is she really going to be ok Carlisle?”

“Yes, Bella, she will.”

I couldn’t help but look at the gauze over her leg, or arm when she was in human form, where her paw used to be. “What about that?”

“Well, I don’t know yet. I would assume she will regenerate and grow it back but I can’t be certain.”

I couldn’t help but reach my hand out and pet her leg…arm, whatever. I had always felt so sorry for her, going through what she did with Sam and Emily, still going through it.

“Bella, I need to change her gauze Sweetie,” Carlisle sensitively said. This was my cue to walk away.

I went into the living room and saw Alice sitting on the couch by herself with her head in her hands. I went to sit by her and put my arm around her shoulders. “Are you ok?”

“I can’t see anything Bella! I understand why we have to take care of her but it is totally blocking everything!” From her look she gave me earlier, I knew her outburst was much more than just not being able to see anything now that was bothering her. I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

I patted her on the back and went to look out the front window. Even though he said it was going to be ok I wouldn’t believe it until he was back here in my arms.

The lightening was rapid and fierce; a strike happening every couple of seconds. The thunder boomed just as quickly and the wind was so strong it was making the rain hit the windows sideways.

I saw something blurry running through the yard and breathed a sigh of relief when Emmitt came through the door. He was dripping from head to toe. Edward stood at the door, waving the rest of them in. Sam, Brady, Quill, Collin and Embry, in their human forms, followed Edward in.

Alice ran hurriedly up to Edward and Emmitt. Edward put his hand on her shoulder and nodded yes.

The surprised, befuddled look on Alice’s face gave it all away. Megan and her vampire posse were back, and she didn’t see them coming.

“I don’t…I don’t understand,” Alice said softly and went back to sit on the couch. “I saw them, they were still in Alaska.”

Carlisle couldn’t resist his fatherly instincts and sat down next to her. “Alice, you can’t blame yourself for this. They obviously have some kind of power to block your visions. I think it is about time I called Tanya to see what I can find out about them.”

The 5 pack members were all seated around the table, every one of them petting Leah. Even though she drove them crazy most of the time you could tell that there was a real comradory there. Rosalie and Emmitt kept a safe distance but were keeping a watchful eye on them. Carlisle went over to ask them if they needed anything and checked on Leah before he adjourned to his study to call Tanya. Esme followed.

Jasper suggested to Alice that they go out for drive to get her away from the wolves so she could clear her mind. She didn’t say anything, just nodded her head yes and he walked her out. I would have been worried about them driving in such bad weather but I was sure with their instincts they could probably drive with their eyes closed and be fine.

Edward came downstairs after changing out of his soaked-through clothes. He wasn’t in a hurry so I was able to admire him as he walked down the stairs. His hair was still wet and disheveled which was my favorite look on him. He had on perfectly fitted black jeans and a black v-neck sweater, the sleeves pushed up to his elbows; that clung to him showing off his magnificent chest muscles. His skin seemed much whiter when he dressed in black which gave him even more of a dreamlike quality. Only he could make me forget even for a moment the gravity of the situation that was going on around me.

He looked over at me with my mouth hanging open, probably a strand or two of drool hanging from my chin, and smiled. He was very aware he had just dazzled me again. Even though he smiled, I could see the serious concentration in his eyes. No doubt he was eavesdropping on Carlisle’s conversation with Tanya.

He swooped me up in his arms and walked me over to the couch. He delicately put his finger under my chin, scrutinizing my facial expression, “How are you holding up?”

“Anxious would be the best way to describe it I guess.” I grabbed his hand with both of mine. “So, it was definitely them?”

“Yes, it was definitely them,” his expression hardened.

“How long have they… been back?” I tried to sound non-chalant.

“I don’t know,” He questioningly looked at me.

“I was just curious,” I didn’t look him in the face as he would see right through me knowing I wanted to know if she was here last weekend. While I did believe deep down that what I saw last weekend didn’t really happen, sometimes the irritating insecure part of me couldn’t help but wonder.

“Hmm… curious…,” he shook his head. Looking at him or not, he knew me too well.

“So why do you think Alice didn’t see them coming?” It was time to move on.

He still looked a little annoyed with me, “We don’t really know. It isn’t the first time they were able to get by her. Since they know about her gift and how it works they could have figured out a way to go under her radar. Hopefully Tanya will be able to shed some light on it for us.”

“Edward, why do you think Jacob thinks it was you who did this to Leah?”

He didn’t answer. He had that far away look on his face.

I didn’t want to interrupt his concentration as I knew he was reading Carlisle and I wanted to know what Tanya was saying.

A few minutes later Carlisle and Esme walked down the stairs, Carlisle still talking on his portable phone. I couldn’t get a lot out of his conversation. There were just a lot of “yes” and “I see” comments. The conversation ended with Carlisle thanking Tanya and telling her he would be in touch again soon.

Carlisle and Edward exchanged a look I couldn’t quite make out. Edward nodded and politely told me to “c’mon” as we went into the dining room. Everyone was there except for Jasper and Alice, including the 5 wolves still sitting there holding vigil around Leah.

Carlisle started addressing the room, “I just got off the phone with our friends in Alaska. I called them because they have spent time with the ones who did this to Leah.” We of course knew this but he was filling the wolves in on the background.

“We are dealing with a very dangerous group of vampires here. One of them, the leader, has an extraordinary ability. She can make others see things that aren’t really happening. I would imagine that is why Jacob and the others believe it was Edward who hurt Leah. She obviously put that vision in their head. What she does is so real that you actually think it is happening, you actually see it. She uses this so she can throw you off track so she can do whatever she wants without you being able to stop her. You would never know what she is really doing because you are seeing something else completely.”

“Do you have any idea why they would come after us,” Sam got up from his chair and walked to stand next to Carlisle.

“No, I’m sorry but I don’t Sam. I am pretty sure it has more to do with us then you. They have been here before and have used this power against us several times. They show Alice they are somewhere else because they know we are keeping an eye on them. They have used this to kill some people by the hardware store without us being able to see them do it. There was also the incident when Alice saw them hurting Charlie but they were really here, on our property, killing an innocent person. They have used it on Edward and I am assuming Bella last weekend. I didn’t know it at the time these things were happening but after my conversation with Tanya just now it has all become clear.”

I didn’t know whether to feel terrified or relieved. I was terrified because they were back and even more dangerous then I first believed them to be. I was relieved because I now knew I wasn’t crazy and for the first time 100% sure that Edward didn’t betray me.

“So how do we stop them?” Sam looked determined and angry.

“I don’t know how. I don’t know how we can even find them. We could follow their scent but they are too much in front of us with all of the time that has passed, we would never catch them. Right now we all just have to keep our guard up. I don’t think they will try anything else, at least not tonight. Their attacks seem to be very thought out and carefully planned. They obviously know about our relationship with your pack and know we will all be on the lookout right now. Even with their ability they won’t chance getting caught, they are too smart.”

Carlisle continued, “I am going to do some research to see if any other of our kind has had this ability before. I have a lot of contacts in our world that may have encountered something similar. If so I will see if there is anything that can be done to stop them.”

“Ok, well, I need to go try to find Jacob and the rest to let them know what is going on. Will Leah be ok with you if we leave for a while?” Sam was still incredibly worried.

“Let me take another look at her wounds and I will let you know how she is. Just give me a few minutes.”

Carlisle worked carefully and quickly, lifting up bandages, taking some off, putting new ones on in some places. He removed the gauze from her arm and looked disappointed. He put some new gauze on and wrapped it up. He took her temperature, blood pressure and listened to her heart.

“She is doing much better,” Carlisle stated as he took out the IVs. “Some of her wounds have healed already. The deeper ones still have a way to go but they are getting there. As for her hand, well, I don’t see any improvement there. It may be too soon.”

“I think it would be best if you brought her back to La Push. She will be much more comfortable in her own surroundings. It would probably scare her waking up here. I will give you some pills for the pain and some antibiotics so infection doesn’t set in. With your permission of course I would like to come by tomorrow to change her bandages and check on her progress. If there are any problems tonight please call me and I will be right there.”

“Thank you Carlisle,” Sam sincerely replied, then the wolf and the vampire shook hands. “Will you let me know what you find out?”

“Of course. I will be in touch.”

Sam and the others walked out of the house. They returned a few minutes later transformed back into their wolf state. Sam slowly picked Leah up, who was still unconscious from the sedative Carlisle gave her earlier, and they left the house. As they were walking out Alice and Jasper were walking in.

Carlisle relayed the information to Alice and Jasper just as he did to the rest of us a few minutes ago. I would have thought Alice would be relieved to know her ability wasn’t on the fritz but she wasn’t. Her frustration just seemed to turn into anger.

“Well that’s just great!” She shouted as she started pacing the floor so quickly I could barely see her move. When she calmed down a few minutes later she asked Carlisle “Did you happen to ask Tanya why in the world she would tell them about my visions? I mean, why would she do that?”

Carlisle didn’t answer. He just looked down at the ground.

“Carlisle?” her shrill voice was demanding.

“Alice, Tanya said she didn’t tell them. They told her.”