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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


15. Chapter 15: Complications

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Chapter 15: Complications

We were all shocked by Carlisle’s last words before he adjourned to his office for the rest of the night. Megan had told him she had heard about the Cullen’s special family and their abilities from Tanya but the truth was she had already known. None of us really had any idea what to think about that and I was too tired to try to figure it out.

Edward saw me yawn so he grabbed my hand and said goodnight to everyone before we headed up to his room. I grabbed my overnight bag from off of his bed and excused myself to go brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my sweats. When I returned Edward had the covers pulled back for me while he laid on top of them on his side. He was still dressed but had taken his shoes and socks off.

I crawled under the covers and snuggled up next to him putting my head on his chest. He pushed the blankets up to my shoulders then wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head.

“Are you ok Bella? It has been quite a night,” he asked in a very quiet, calm voice.

“Yeah, I am fine…tired. I can’t help worrying about Leah and….” I thought it best to not finish the sentence. I thought I would snuggle in closer to act like I was going to sleep.

“And Jacob? It’s ok that you worry about him Bella. I know how you feel about him.” He sounded sad like he did every time I mentioned I was worried or thinking about Jacob.

“Try not to worry Bella. I don’t think Megan, Nathan and Alexis will be back tonight. Even if they are Sam and the others will be on the lookout for them. They will not make the mistake of going out alone like Leah did.”

“No, I am not worried about that, well, not only that. I am worried about how angry he is. Edward, if he really believes that you did this, I don’t know what he will be capable of. He is so mad about everything anyway; there is no telling what he will do. I worry about him coming after you.”

“Is that what you are worried about? Me? I am sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were worried about Jacob getting hurt somehow. There is no need to worry about me Sweetheart. I hope you know by now that I can take care of myself.”

“I always worry about you Edward, that is a given. But you were right the first time, I am worried about Jacob getting hurt. I worry about him being angry and stupid and coming after you and that you will have no choice but to…” I started trembling and couldn’t finish the sentence. The idea was just too horrible to think about.

“Bella,” he said in a reassuring voice ad he grabbed my chin with his fingers so I was now looking at his hypnotizing eyes, “if he was by chance that stupid; and unfortunately he could be being such a young, inexperienced wolf, I would do everything I could not to permanently damage him. I know what that would do to you and I couldn’t live with myself if I did something to hurt you that deeply.”

“But Edward, he has Paul, Jared and Seth with him. What if you have no choice? I mean, I am worried about Jacob but you are more important to me than anyone.”

“Yes he does have Paul, Jared and Seth, but I have Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie. Nothing is going to happen to me. And, as much as we don’t like the wolves Bella, we don’t want to hurt them. They helped us save you from Victoria and the younglings and we will always be grateful to them for that. We will only do what is necessary to protect ourselves Sweetheart. There is no need to worry your pretty head about this anymore, I’m not going to. There are more important things to worry about than Jacob Black right now.”

“Megan,” I could hear the disgust in my voice every time I had to mention her name.

He lightly chuckled at my tone, “I feel the same way.”

‘And speaking of the devil herself,” he continued, “It seems I owe you an apology.”

“What for?”

“Well, I have a terrible habit when it comes to you Bella. I always assume that you did something clumsy or you are just being paranoid in most situations. I was too quick to pass judgment that you had hit your head or were just dreaming when you thought you saw me in the meadow. That wasn’t the case. She made you see something that looked real. I know how real it seems because she has done it to me before. I should have figured it out but I thought they were gone and Alice didn’t see anything that would indicate they had returned. Anyway, I hope you will forgive me for jumping to conclusions prematurely.”

“There is nothing to forgive Edward. I am clumsy and I do have a history of being paranoid, especially when it comes to you. Shoot, I believed the same thing you did after you came to see me at La Push.”

“It is very kind of you to be so understanding. I promise in the future I will try my best not to jump to conclusions. I am so very sorry Bella.”

I leaned up and kissed him. “I will take you up on that promise.”

He smiled and gave me another soft, gentle, lingering kiss. Of course it didn’t last long enough. It never did.

I put my face back onto his chest and he was twirling a strand of my hair in his fingers.

“Edward?” I said while yawning. “What are you going to do about Megan, Nathan and Alexis? I mean, how are you going to fight them now that you know what she can do?” I yawned again.

“We will figure that out in the morning. You should get some sleep now. I won’t leave your side so you are safe. I love you Bella.”

“I love you too Edward.”

He started humming my lullaby and I was soon fast asleep in his arms.

I woke up early as Edward’s room was covered with wall to wall windows. As soon as the sun came up, even when it was completely covered with clouds, daylight filled the room. Still half asleep, I looked at the clock on the nightstand; it was 6:50 AM. It took me a second to figure out where the voices were coming from and realized that Edward had the huge flat screen TV that hung on his wall on.

I rolled over to put my arms around him. “Good morning”

“Good morning to you as well. I’m sorry, did the TV wake you?”

“No, the day started too early,” I said as I waved my hand towards the wall to wall windows.

“I’m sorry about that. I will go out and get some blinds or something. I never really thought about how this room would affect your sleep.”

“There is no need Edward. I know what you said and I promised to wait a little while longer after the wedding but if things go well I won’t need to sleep for much longer anyway.”

He didn’t reply, just shook his head frowning.

I got up to brush my teeth and make myself look somewhat decent. I came back still in my sweats and crawled back into bed. Edward gave me a confused look.

“Just because the sun says it is time to get up doesn’t mean I do.” I snuggled back up to him.

He chuckled, grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. I unhesitatingly knotted my hands in hair and pulled him closer to me.

He started laughing, “Ah…so this is why you came back to bed.”

“Does that surprise you?” I said as I slowly kissed his neck and around his ear.

“A lot of things surprise me about you Bella but this is definitely not one of them.” He closed his eyes and moaned as I continued kissing his ear.

“Remember, practice makes perfect,” I whispered in his ear, breathing into it harder and faster.

“Yes, practice is a very good thing,” he whispered as he grabbed my face and pulled my lips onto his.

I was completely gone, lost in him…his lips…his rock hard body, when he pulled away way too quickly, even for him. A second later there was a knock on the door. I sat up and pulled my fingers through my hair, trying to straighten it out. Edward looked at me to see if I was presentable before he told Emmett and Alice to come in.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Emmett said with a sly grin. He looked at us now serious then at the TV. “Turn to channel 13.”

Edward grabbed the remote and Emmett and Alice sat down on his black leather couch.

As he flipped to the channel I was astonished to see Charlie in front of a podium with microphones everywhere and the press surrounding him outside of the police station. What was he doing there? He was supposed to be hunting with Billy.

Edward turned up the volume for my human ears so I could hear my dad talk.

“As you all know, approximately 6 weeks ago three unidentified bodies were found outside of Forks Hardware. Last night we received a call from a family in Seattle stating that their 2 children and 2 friends had gone missing about 6 weeks ago. The four of them set out on a two month hiking expedition throughout the northern part of Washington. We had pictures and dental records sent over and were able to positively identify the three bodies as the missing hikers.” He held up the pictures one by one:

“Harold Ryan – 21 years old

Jessica Ryan – 20 years old

Jonathan Reynolds – 21 years old”

He held on to one more picture but didn’t show it yet. He continued, “We don’t know what happened to the fourth hiker but we have promised our cooperation to work with Seattle authorities to try to locate her.” He turned over the fourth picture:

“Missy Albertson – Age 20. Due to the violent nature of these crimes we don’t suspect at this time that Ms. Albertson had anything to do with the murders of her friends. Our hope is she got away and we will find her safe and unharmed. If anyone has seen this girl, please call the Forks Sherriff’s Office hotline shown on the bottom of your TV screen. Thank you all for being here. We hope that your coverage will help us find her.”

Edward clicked the power off with the remote. I looked over at him and he was giving Emmett and Alice a strange look. Edward and Alice looked worried.

“What’s going on?” I asked Edward.

“Bella, the missing girl is the girl we found out in the back yard, the day Charlie came over.”

“What? Oh no Edward, what if…what if Charlie finds out…”

“They won’t find anything Bella,” Emmett jumped in. “We took care of it. Besides, they already searched once and didn’t find anything.”

Edwards voice was strained, “Yes, but it doesn’t help that we were indicated in something like this just 3 days after they found the other bodies at the hardware store. We will have to be extremely careful on how we handle this if the police come back. They didn’t make an issue out of it last time because no one was reported missing. I am sure that someone is now actually missing they will want to retrace their steps. We should talk to Carlisle.”

“I don’t think Carlisle knows yet. He is gone,” Alice chimed in. “He called Sam this morning then went over to La Push to check on Leah.”

Edward cast a worried gaze on her.

Don’t worry Edward, Esme, Jasper and Rosalie went with him just in case he ran into Jacob. Sam had also agreed to meet them at the border and escort them in.”

“Hey Edward,” Emmett said as he stood up. “Why don’t we go bag a deer or two real quick?”

“I don’t think so,” Edward replied.

“No, you should go Edward,” I tried to sound reassuring. I noticed that his eyes were turning black this morning and knew he needed to go. “I will be fine. I am just going to jump in the shower and get ready for the day.”

“Yeah you should go Edward. I will stay with Bella and go out after you return,” Alice offered.

He reluctantly agreed and said he would not leave the wooded area of their property so he could be here in a flash if anything out of the ordinary would happen. What he really meant was if someone out of the ordinary showed up.

I made him promise to be careful as Jacob and the others were out there somewhere. Emmett laughed at my concern.

When I got out of the shower Alice was still sitting on the couch in Edward’s room with a faraway look on her face. I knew that look. She was having a vision.

“Alice,” I said shaking her lightly on the shoulder. “What is it? Is it Edward?”

She came back around, “No, nothing like that. I am just trying to see Megan, Nathan and Alexis and every time I try it is like I see the same thing. They are over in Alaska. It is like a movie that gets stuck and just keeps replaying the same scene over and over. I don’t know how I am going to find them Bella. I feel so helpless, so ordinary. I guess I know how you feel now,” she laughed and slightly elbowed me in the ribs.

I laughed back, “I don’t think so Alice. Take away your beauty, your speed, your strength and all your other vampireness and then you will know what it’s like to be me.”

“Perish the thought Bella! Bite your tongue!”

Alice and I hung out in the living room for the next hour or so looking through the dozens of wedding magazines she had accumulated. She showed me about 10 different wedding cakes she liked but wouldn’t tell me what she had finally decided on. She did the same thing with the flowers. Just about the time I thought my head would explode Edward and Emmett returned from their hunting trip. They excused themselves and went upstairs to go “clean up.”

While Edward and Emmett were still upstairs, Carlisle and the rest of the family returned from La Push. I asked Carlisle how Leah was doing and he told me she was healing quite nicely and was able to transform back to her human form but she was still very weak. I asked about her front paw, or hand, and he let me know that there was no change but he was still hopeful it would regenerate and grow back.

Soon Edward and Emmett had rejoined us and we all sat around the enormous dining room table.

Alice and Edward filled Carlisle in on the new developments with Charlie’s murder investigation and he agreed with Edward that they should be concerned. Even though there was no evidence and everything was taken care of it still may not stop the police from checking the Cullen’s out more carefully. Carlisle promised to go through all of their records; fake birth certificates, fake employment history, school records, medical records, etc. to be sure everything was in order. Edward must have seen the confused look on my face when Carlisle mentioned medical records. After all, they were incapable of ever being sick. Edward explained that Carlisle always kept phony records showing that the kids had all the usual childhood illnesses like the flu, chicken pox, a broken bone here and there. It astounded me on how much they had to do, keep track of and be careful of to live in this world without their secret getting out. I was hopeful that when the time came they would help me with this stuff because I was no good at keeping myself that organized.

Carlisle continued on but this time about the Megan situation, “I called everyone I could think of last night and no one besides Tanya has heard of any of them. No one has come across anyone with her kind of power either. Alice, have you been able to see anything?”

“Nothing. Just the same thing I have been seeing, all three of them in Alaska,” she replied, pouting like a 4-year old whose candy has just been taken away from them.

“Megan’s power must be incredibly strong and she is obviously very well experienced with it,” Carlisle went on. “For her to be able to keep feeding Alice false images and at the same time be able to feed Jacob and his friends different false images at the same time is quite extraordinary. And to be able to do it from far distances is even more frightening.”

“Well, what are we waiting for,” Emmett interrupted. “Let’s go get them and end this.”

“It isn’t that easy Emmett,” Carlisle replied. “They aren’t going to let us find them right now.”

I couldn’t help but jump in, “But Carlisle, didn’t you find them once before? The night you persuaded them to go back to Alaska?”

“Yes Bella, but it is obvious now that they wanted us to find them then. They wanted us to believe they left so we would relax…let our guard down so they could come into our lives and inflict more damage.”

Alice spoke now, “The one thing I am confused about is why they seem to be targeting us. Everything that has happened has revolved around us. The murders at the hardware store, so close to our home… the murder on our property… Leah and the wolves…Bella in the meadow, everything is centered around hurting us. But why?”

“That is the mystery I am trying to figure out myself Alice,” Carlisle said as he scratched his head. “But you are correct in assuming everything they have done definitely has to do with us. I haven’t told any of you this. I am sure Edward knows as… well, we all know we can’t keep secrets from him, but when I talked to Tanya she told me that Megan was deeply interested in our family. She knew a lot about us but kept fishing for more information. And…well…she seemed particularly focused on Edward.”

Edward grabbed my hand under the table and squeezed. He instinctively and automatically knew that this was going to freak me out. I tried to keep a calm look on my face. I had promised myself after Edward told me I wasn’t ready to be one of them because of my emotions that I would do my best to keep my feelings to myself. I could see him studying my face but I was trying desperately not to give him anything. It was easier than I thought it would be because I really couldn’t decide on which emotion was winning out right now; fear because Megan was focused on Edward, or anger that he obviously knew about this ever since Carlisle talked to Tanya last night and he didn’t tell me.

“Edward?” Rosalie sharply interrupted Carlisle. What do they want with Edward?”

“We don’t know Rosalie and we cannot be sure it is only about Edward. They asked about all of us, just more so about him.” Carlisle was walking around the table as he spoke and he patted me on the shoulder as he walked by. He knew just like Edward that this news would be upsetting to me.

“So what do we do Carlisle? How are we supposed to find them?” I had never heard Rosalie speak in such a worried tone. It caught me off guard and made me feel more frightened then I was before. It was very unsettling.

“We don’t find them, Rosalie,” Carlisle answered. “We probably can’t. But we can keep our guard up and be on the lookout at all times. I talked to Sam and the others and they are going to do the same. There is no doubt that Megan and her evil dominions will try to strike again. They are obviously out to destroy us and won’t stop until they succeed or die trying so we need to step up our game. I have taken a two week vacation from work so Esme and I can keep an eye out on things around here. Emmett and Rosalie, you will need to tell your professors that you have a family emergency to deal with and that you won’t be able to attend class for a little while. Be sure to get your assignments you will miss to make it look believable. I will need you two to keep an eye on Charlie. Follow his every move. They targeted him once before so they may do it again. Edward, Bella, Alice and Jasper, you will need to keep going to your classes to keep up appearances and so Charlie doesn’t get suspicious.”

“We are going to be spread out pretty thin here everyone so we need to be extra smart and extra careful. We can’t believe anything we see now so we have to get back to our basic instincts. Use your smell and hearing instead of depending on your sight. Most importantly, use your senses. If you see something that doesn’t make sense or shouldn’t be happening it probably isn’t. Is everyone clear on this?”

Everyone shook their head in agreement and got up and went their separate ways. I wanted to talk to Carlisle so I stopped him before he walked away.

“Carlisle, did Sam find Jacob?”

“No, I’m sorry Bella. Jacob and the others have not transformed back into their wolf state so he doesn’t know where they are. He assured me that they are still looking and will do everything they can to find them. Try not to worry. Jacob will calm down and come to his senses.”

Try not to worry. Yeah right. That was impossible to do with only one scenario of impending doom in our lives and now there were several. What would Jacob’s anger do to himself or the Cullens? What would Megan do to the Cullens? What would Charlie do to the Cullens?

Not worrying was not an option. There was a storm brewing but this was no ordinary storm…it was the trifecta… the perfect storm.