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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


16. Chapter 16: Ultimatum

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Chapter 16: Ultimatum

Edward and I decided to go over to my house for a while to feel out Charlie as it was obvious he didn’t go hunting with Billy. Alice and Jasper were going to hang out in the area around my house to be sure there was no incoming trouble in the form of other vampires or wolves.

When we got there Charlie wasn’t home. I assumed he was at the station working on the new developments he announced on TV this morning. I called the station and sure enough he was there. I told him I was just checking in and wanted to know if he would be home for dinner. He let me know he would be home around 5:00 but there was no need to cook dinner. Billy would be joining him to watch the WSU Cougars game and they were just going to order pizza. With Billy here it was going to be hard for me to ask Charlie about the case but it didn’t matter. Edward could find out more without saying a word.

I made myself a sandwich while Edward went into the living room to watch TV. We had a couple of hours to kill before Charlie got home.

As I sat on the couch I saw Edward set the remote down and smile at the TV. I looked to see what was so amusing and saw Bela Lugosi getting out of a coffin. He was dressed in what looked like a tux with a cape and his eyes popped open as wide as they could go in a campy attempt to look frightening. Edward laughed and yanked me up on his lap trying to duplicate the look as he opened his eyes wide and starred into mine. There was nothing campy about his eyes, just smoldering beauty with a slight hint of danger. But, just like Dracula, you couldn’t help but become hypnotized when looking directly into them. He could see I was completely lost in him after just a few seconds. “Hey, it worked!” he chuckled then kissed me on my nose and sat me back up next to him.

As we continued to watch the movie we laughed at all the vampire myths such as needing to sleep in coffins, not being able to look at crucifixes and turning into bats, but I couldn’t help but notice some of the similarities between Edward and Count Dracula. Edward had always called himself a monster but it was impossible to see him as one. Seeing these similarities while watching a “monster” movie was shockingly unnerving.

The first similarity was when Dracula turned into a bat outside of Mina’s window and let himself in without her knowing. While he didn’t actually turn into a bat, Edward had let himself in through my window without my knowledge.

The second was whenever Dracula stepped into a room, all eyes, especially the females, were upon him, not being able to look away. There was something entrancing about him but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was. Edward had the same effect on everyone around him.

Third was the way they both spoke; articulate, polite and true to the early 1900s era.

When the movie was over and the credits were rolling, Edward turned to me, one eyebrow lifted, the sexy half grin on his face, “We’ve come a long way since then, hmm?”

Looking at my favorite facial expression in the world, I had to laugh. I couldn’t believe I had just let myself get creeped out even for that short amount of time. He returned my laughter and snuggled me into his chest, giving me a hug.

As I was watching the ending credits, I noticed the copyright date of 1931. It was weird to think that Edward was alive so long ago. I mean, I always knew the timeline of his death and rebirth as a vampire but seeing the way they dressed back then and the carriages they drove kind of made it seem more real just how long he has been in this world. As my thoughts wondered I realized I was chuckling out loud.

“Are you going to share your joke?” Edward asked curiously.

“I was just trying to picture you in a top hat, cape and carrying a walking cane.” I was still laughing.

“I was never fond of capes or canes but I must say I sported a top hat quite nicely,” he replied as if remembering his earlier years.

“So, do you remember what you were doing in 1931? Inquiring minds want to know.”

“I remember that year quite well actually,” he replied with a hint of sorrow in his voice. “Do you remember when I told you that for a while I had left Carlisle and his way of life?”


“Well, 1931 was the year I returned to him. I was on my own for close to 4 years, thinking I was doing a good thing by ridding the world of bad guys when I realized that taking a life was taking a life, regardless of what sins anyone had committed.” His face looked pained as the old memories resurfaced. He shook his head as if trying to put them back into the “don’t think about again” vault in his brain. “Anyway, when Carlisle graciously took me back under his wing, I hated myself more than I ever had before which is saying a lot. It was a very tough year trying to forgive myself and even tougher trying to get used to surviving on only animal blood again.”

“I’m sorry Edward; I didn’t mean to dredge up any unpleasant memories.”

He leaned over and kissed me. “Bella, there is never any need for you to apologize for asking me questions. We are going to spend the rest of our lives together; you have the right to know anything and everything about me and my p…” He froze before he could complete his thought.

“What is it Edward?” The all too familiar rise in my heart rate returned.

Before he could answer his cell phone rang. He answered it after only a quarter of a ring. “Yes Alice, I just did as well. Stay put, Charlie is pulling up also so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Edward?” My voice was a faint whisper.

“Jacob’s here, with Billy,” he sounded too calm.

“What?” I ran to the kitchen window and saw Jacob helping Billy into his wheelchair. Charlie had just pulled the police cruiser behind them.

“Stay calm and act natural Bella,” was all Edward said as he sat down on the kitchen chair.

Charlie was the first in the door, “Hey Bells, hey Edward.”

Edward nodded his head, “Charlie.”

“Hey dad,” was all I could muster.

Billy’s wheelchair was in the door next followed by Jacob. He was smiling like he didn’t have a care in the world.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Charlie said to Jacob as he took over pushing Billy’s wheelchair into the living room.

“Hey Bells!” Jacob exclaimed. Before I could even blink he walked over and wrapped his muscular, warm arms around me. He dipped me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “Nice to see you again.”

He turned and flashed a big grin at Edward who was so white and stiff you would have thought he was dead if you didn’t already know he was a vampire.

I punched Jacob in the gut as hard as I could but he just laughed. “Jacob what is wrong with you!”

Edward jumped up to inspect my hand to be sure I wasn’t hurt. After confirming there was no damage, he stood in front of Jacob so close it looked like their noses were touching. “I will not warn you again mongrel. If you so much as touch a hair on her head without her permission ever again I will kill you. Do you understand?”

In a flash Edward was back in his seat before Charlie walked up to the refrigerator. “You kids want to watch the game? It should be a good one,” he asked while grabbing two Vitamin R’s.

I was too confused to answer. Luckily Edward was on top of it as usual. “No thank you Charlie, Bella and I were just about to go for a walk.”

“Thanks Charlie,” Jacob replied. “But a walk sounds like fun. You don’t mind if I join you do you Edward?”

“The more the merrier,” Edward answered through clenched teeth.

“Ok, you kids have fun,” Charlie said as he walked back in the living room.

My head was swimming. What was Jacob doing here? He had been in hiding for the last 24 hours and all of a sudden he shows up at my house? Did he still think that Edward was the one who hurt Leah? Where were Paul, Jared and Seth? Where they waiting to pounce on Edward once he walked out the door?

“Shall we,” Edward waved his hand to the front door to let Jacob go first. He grabbed my hand tightly and bent down to whisper in my ear. “Don’t be afraid. Nothing is going to happen.”

We walked outside then around the house to the backyard. We could see Charlie and Billy sitting in the living room through the sliding glass doors. They waved as we walked towards the woods. When we were into the trees, out of Charlie and Billy’s sightline, Edward and Jacob stopped. I looked around as I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were many eyes upon me. Slowly, I saw Jared and Paul, in human form, come through the trees on one side, Alice and Jasper on the other.

“It’s ok Alice,” Edward said calmly as he lifted his hand motioning her to stop. “Jacob didn’t come here to hurt us, well, at least not right now.”

Jacob gave the same motion to Jared and Paul. They all slipped back into the trees but were still watching each others’ every move.

Jacob and Edward just glared at each other in silence to the point I couldn’t take it anymore. “Jacob, what are you doing here? Where have you been? Have you talked to Sam yet?”

“I’m really not in the mood for 20 questions now Bella,” he snarled still glowering at Edward.

“Jacob, I know you think that Edward hurt Leah but it isn’t true. There is this other vampire, Megan, and she can…”

“I know about the other bloodsuckers Bella, I talked to Sam before I came here.” His eyes were still upon Edward. “You guys are the freaks of all freaks aren’t you? You just keep coming out of the woodwork, one after the other, the next freakier than the last.”

“That is a little like the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think Jacob?” Edward still remained calm.

Black, good pun there. Who knew leeches could be so funny.” There was no amusement in Jacob’s voice.

“Well, then what are you doing here Jacob?” I interrupted. “You know it wasn’t Edward that hurt Leah so what do you want?”

“On the contrary Bella, it is his fault that Leah got hurt. He turned his attention back to Edward, “Do you know that she lost a hand freak? Do you know that she may never get it back?”

“What you talking about Jacob? You just said you knew it wasn’t him!” I was getting angry now.

“I know he didn’t actually do the physical part of it Bella but it never would have happened if it weren’t for his freakish family of the undead. Sam told me that Carlisle said that the other bloodsuckers did this because of them, not because of us. Just because he didn’t do the actual deed doesn’t mean he isn’t responsible.”

“What?” I was yelling now. “Are you crazy? How could it be the Cullen’s fault that they did this? They had no idea…”

“Shhh… Bella,” Edward grabbed my hand. “It doesn’t happen often but Jacob does have a valid point.”

“I don’t need you to agree with me or defend my point Cullen,” Jacob snarled.

“This is ridiculous Jacob. The Cullen’s didn’t do anything.” I was way past fed up now.

“Don’t you get it Bella? The Cullen’s never do anything, yet they are responsible for every bad thing that has happened around here since they returned. First James…then Laurent… then Victoria, not to mention the weird-ass vampire police; now this new wave of freaks. Don’t you understand Bella? There haven’t been any problems here in Forks since the last time they were here, the last time some of my kind had to give up their normal, human existence to turn into wolves to protect our lands. Now, they are back, the trouble is back, and we had to sacrifice ourselves to be the protectors once again. 10 of us had to give up most of our humanity just because the bloodsuckers think of Forks as home sweet home. Well, I have had enough. This is finally going to end one way or another.”

My anger suddenly turned to fear. Jacob wasn’t really going to try to fight Edward was he? While it was three on three I was fairly certain that the wolves wouldn’t get out alive.

“Jacob, don’t be stupid,” I walked up closer to him. "You can’t win. Please, just forget about this and go home.”

Edward gently yanked me back to his side. “Jacob doesn’t have any intention of fighting us Bella. There is no need to worry. Right Jacob? Why don’t you inform Bella of your intentions.”

Befuddled yet again, I stared at Jacob waiting for a response.

“Don’t worry leech, I had every intention of filling Bella in.”

“Well?” I couldn’t take the suspense, the not knowing for one minute longer.

“Bella, I am giving the Cullens two weeks to get out of Forks. If they don’t, I am going to tell Charlie and the police to let them know of the evil that resides right here in their tiny little hamlet. It won’t take much convincing, especially with all of the trouble and murders that have happened since they have been here.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” I screamed.

“Watch me Bella.”

“No one would believe you Jacob and even if they did I would turn around and tell them about you in a heartbeat.” Speaking of heartbeats, I was so angry that my heartbeats were so rapid and furious that all of my blood had rushed to my face.

“You don’t think I thought of that Bella?” He laughed as if enjoying a private joke that only he knew the punch line to. "You can say what you want. Do you think they will believe you? I mean after all, my dad has known your dad for years. They are best friends. Besides, when I am in human form I am totally normal. When someone shakes my hand they will feel warmth…life… they will feel the blood pulsating through my veins.” He laughed again, “What do you think will happen when they feel your leech’s hand?”

I was stunned. How could Jacob even consider doing this? Yes, I knew he was mad at me but was it possible he hated me as well? That he would do this to me?

“Jacob, please think about what you are saying,” I begged. "This is insane. Think about what it will do to Charlie. You know if Edward goes I will be going with him. Charlie is just now starting to get well again, he needs me.”

I was staring at Jacob with pleading eyes but he wouldn’t return my glance. He stared at the ground. “I am thinking of Charlie. It is more dangerous for him to have you here Bella. Look at all the stress he has been under because of the bloodsuckers. Since you will be one of them soon he will be better off with you gone.”

“That is enough!” Edward snarled and jumped between Jacob and I. “How dare you say that to her! I should kill you right here, right now.”

I could faintly hear Edward and Jacob snarling at each other but couldn’t concentrate on them. Jacob’s words were like a knife twisting through my heart. He really did hate me. And Charlie? Jacob was right. I was making life more dangerous for him by sticking around. I tried to breathe as I tasted the salt from my tears as they rolled over my trembling lips.

I don’t know how long it took me to snap out of it but when I did I felt Alice’s cold arms around me. My head was bent over resting on her shoulder.

As the ringing in my ears subsided, I could hear Edward and Jacob still snarling at each other.

“I think you have caused enough damage for one day Jacob. You should leave while I am still giving you the chance. If I have to listen to her crying for one more minute because of the pain you caused her I will lose control and it will not end well for you.”

“Bring it on leech, I'm not going anywhere,” Jacob growled.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up to see Edward and Jacob going around in circles like two Sumo wrestlers about to pound into each other when I saw it. As Jacob was moving around he started trembling. His body started contorting itself into wolf form. My mouth hung open in amazement as I watched the fur suddenly sprout from his arms…his chest…his face. His growl grew deeper and more ferocious until seconds later he was in wolf form.

I was just about to bury my head back in Alice’s shoulder so I didn’t have to watch when I heard a familiar voice shout from the distance.

“Jacob!” Sam yelled. I turned around to see Sam running through the trees with Carlisle at his side.

“Edward, back down,” Carlisle said rather calmly.

Edward turned to look at Carlisle but Jacob didn’t listen. He plowed into Edward with all of his might making him airborne until he finally smacked him into a tree. Edward, still pinned, reacted by biting him in the neck. Jacob howled as Edward spit out a mouthful of fur.

I didn’t even notice that Sam had turned into his wolf state and the rest of the pack was there now too. I couldn’t tell which three wolves they were with the exception of Sam but they pulled Jacob off of Edward and seconds later Jasper, Alice and Carlisle were holding Edward against the tree.

Edward seemed to have gained his composure first. When they let him go he combed his fingers through his hair, reached down with his hands to iron out his shirt then wiped his mouth with disgust as he spit out the last of Jacob’s fur before he glared at Jacob again.

Jacob didn’t move; just glared back as if he was telling Edward something, threatening him. He raised his paw to show two claws. I knew what he meant; two weeks. The rest of the pack surrounded him and they lifted him up between them all and ran off as quickly as they appeared.

Edward nodded at Carlisle and cautiously walked over to me, “Are you ok?”

I nodded my head yes but was still unable to speak. He nodded back. “I am going to pick you up now Bella, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” He carefully slid me on his back and ran me out to his car. We didn’t even bother to go in and say goodbye to Charlie, we just sped off towards the Cullens’.

When we arrived Edward held my hand and walked me in as I was able to find my footing again. He excused himself to go change and clean himself up so I sat on the couch with Esme as Carlisle proceeded to tell her what had happened. I was still completely and utterly confused and terrified about what had just come down but I made it a point to try to act like I was ok. I couldn’t keep showing my fragile, insecure human side if Edward was ever going to turn me.

“Bella, how are you holding up Sweetheart?” Carlisle comfortingly asked.

“I’m fine.” I was sure I sounded convincing but his facial expression proved otherwise.

“I’m sorry you had to see that…again. It is never easy to see us like that, even when you are one of us.”

“I’m ok really.” I must have been more convincing this time because he looked like he believed me.

“Hey Carlisle, how did you know what was going on? How did you know where to find us?” I asked, my voice filled with awe. I was amazed at his superhero-like tendencies. He always seemed to show up at precisely the right time.

He chuckled a little as if knowing my thoughts, “I wish I could say it was some kind of instinct or something else mysterious but the truth is Alice sent me a text message from her cell phone. As soon as I received it I called Sam and we met up to come to your house.”

I found myself chuckling along with him. It always seemed somewhat unbelievable to me when they did something ordinary such as texting.

“So what is going to happen now, I mean with Jacob? He said he was going to tell Charlie about you…us. What are we going to do?”

“Sam is going to handle it Bella. He doesn’t want the otherworld information coming out anymore than we do.”

I wished I could have felt completely relieved by his words but I didn’t. Regardless, I had trust and faith in Carlisle and Edward that they would somehow make everything ok. They always did. Besides, there was something else on my mind that was bothering me.

“Carlisle, Edward said something strange to me before we left my house. He said “I am going to pick you up now Bella, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” Why would he think I was afraid of him? I have seen him do his vampire thing before and wasn’t afraid then.”

“Bella, it is very difficult for Edward when he has to show that side of himself in front of you. He told me of a conversation you had once where he explained to you why you could never see him hunt. He told you that it would be dangerous for you to be around him while he was on the prowl because his human instincts are taken over by his predator side. While Edward has gained incredible self control when it comes to you since then, he still fears that you will be afraid of him when he is in predator-mode. He feels like you actually should be afraid of him.”

“And you Carlisle, do you think I should be afraid of him when he is like that?”

“It is always in your best interest to keep your guard up Bella but no, I don’t think you need to be afraid. Edward has amazed me by what he has accomplished when it comes to loving you. Edward always doubts himself, he always has. That is why he reacts the way he does sometimes. You two have that in common.” He smiled and winked at me. “Edward loves you way too much to ever hurt you, of that I am fairly certain.”

I hugged Carlisle and Esme and thanked them for always being there to support me. I started to walk up the stairs to find Edward when there was a knock on the door. Before Carlisle could turn around Edward had flown down the stairs, carefully lifting me out of the way in the process, and by the time I could look, Edward, Carlisle and Esme were opening the front door.

“Seth, please come in.”