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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


17. Chapter 17: Seth

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Chapter 17: Seth

Seth walked sheepishly through the Cullen’s front door, nodding at Edward, Carlisle and Esme as if to say hello. “Hey Bella,” he quietly muttered when he noticed me standing by the stairs.

“What can we do for your Seth?” Carlisle politely asked as he waved his hand motioning for Seth to sit on the couch.

I felt the chill of Edward’s hand pressed gently on the small of my back as he led me to the couch where we sat down next to Seth. Esme asked Seth if she could get him something to drink, which he politely refused, then proceeded to answer Carlisle’s question.

“I wanted to come by and apologize. I am so sorry that I believed it was you that hurt Leah, Edward. I should have known better. Sam told us about Megan and what she did to us but at the time all I knew was what I saw. I believed it so much and was so mad at you that I didn’t even stay with Sam to be sure my own sister was ok. I feel really bad.”

Seth wasn’t looking at anyone, just staring at his lap like a child who got busted for doing something wrong. He looked so young and vulnerable. I could tell by his face that he was truly sorry and felt horrible. My heart went out to him.

“There is no need to apologize Seth,” Edward replied with a small, comforting smile as he patted Seth on the shoulder. “It is perfectly understandable why you reacted the way you did. We know from first-hand experience that the visions Megan puts in your head are unsettling realistic.”

“Thanks Edward,” Seth almost inaudibly replied, obviously still upset with himself.

“Really my friend, it is ok,” Edward reassured him.

Seth finally looked up at him and smiled, undisputedly relieved. He shook hands with Edward before the horrified look consumed his face again. “Apologizing wasn’t the only reason I came by Edward. I came to warn you about Jacob. He was serious about his threat today, about hurting you. He isn’t listening to Sam like he should be; he isn’t listening to any of us, and Jared and Paul are being the same way.”

“We appreciate your concern Seth,” Carlisle jumped in. “But I don’t think that Jacob will tell Charlie, or anyone else for that matter, anything. It will put his own identity in too much jeopardy. His judgment is clouded by emotion right now but once his head clears he will see his plan will not work. Besides, he will not be able to deny Sam’s authority for much longer once he calms down. It goes against your very nature to not obey your pack leader.”

“Well…that…that is part of the problem,” Seth hesitantly replied. “I know…I mean… I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but I feel like I owe you so much for saving my sister.”

“Seth, you don’t need to tell us anything that makes you uncomfortable or that makes you lose favor with Sam. You don’t owe me anything for helping Leah. Regardless of what the treaty says, you are friends and friends help each other.” Carlisle was always the voice of reason.

“Sam knows I am here, well…to apologize anyway, so that isn’t the problem. The problem is Jacob.” He turned to face Edward as he continued speaking, “Edward, Jacob will tell Charlie if…if his other plan doesn’t work first.”

I felt the breath go out of me like I had just been punched in the gut. If there was another plan, a first plan, it had to be as bad, or worse, than Jacob telling Charlie. Edward squeezed my hand as he already had seen what Seth was about to tell us.

“You see, Jacob is set on getting rid of you Edward, and I don’t mean by making you leave Forks. He is convinced he needs to kill you in order to save Bella, and he wants to be the one to do it. The telling Bella’s dad thing is only a back-up plan in case something goes wrong and he can’t finish the job himself. He is even planning to arrange for a letter to get to Charlie in case something happens to him. I wish I knew how or when so I could tell you but we never got that far before going to Bella’s today. I don’t think he has figured it out yet because I would have been able to see it when we were in our wolf form.”

I was so stunned by what I was hearing I didn’t even realize that Edward had me pulled close to him now, stroking my hair, trying to comfort me.

I heard Carlisle speak again, “Seth, was Sam able to see what Jacob was thinking?”

“Yeah, but he only knows as much as I do.”

“Did he mention anything about what he intends to do about the situation?” Carlisle was still poised, never letting on he was experiencing any kind of emotion.

“Well…that is the other part of problem. I don’t know if you knew this, but Jacob was always meant to be the true leader of the pack due to his ancestors and all that. He just didn’t want to do it. When we got back to La Push today he confronted Sam. He said he now wants to take over his rightful place as pack leader because he feels that Sam has failed in his duties by breaking the treaty and letting you all get away with being on our territory and not killing you. He told Sam that if he didn’t step down that he, Jared, Paul and me would start our own pack. It was then that I realized I couldn’t go along with him and walked away to stand next to Sam. He looked at me like he was so mad then the three of them took off. Sam went to talk to some of the elders and that is when I left to come here.”

“Poor Sam,” Carlisle sighed. “It sounds like he has his hands full. Seth, thank so much for apprising us of the situation. It is very much appreciated.”

“Yeah, I owed you that much after thinking what I did. I am not looking forward to the punishment I will get for telling you though.”

Carlisle let out a comforting laugh, “Don’t worry about that Seth. We will be sure not to let on about what we know. I am supposed to go back and see your sister in the morning anyway. Sam is usually very forthcoming with me so I am sure he will tell me everything when I see him.”

“Thanks.” Seth seemed relieved again.

I was still dazed as Seth apologized once more and left to return to La Push. Everyone had gotten up to say good-bye but I just sat there, like a useless lump of human flesh, not saying a word. My brain didn’t seem to be functioning.

“Bella?” He said as he grabbed my hand. “C’mon Sweetheart, let’s go lie down.” I still wasn’t able to move and found myself suddenly cradled in his arms and being carried upstairs to his room. He propped up some pillows against his headboard and gently sat me down.

“Bella, are you in there?” He said jokingly waving his hand in front of my face. How could he possibly be smiling?

I looked at him befuddled and he let out a quiet laugh. “There you are.” He was still laughing when he leaned over to kiss me. His overwhelming scent brought me back to reality.

“What could possibly be so funny Edward? Seriously, you pick the oddest times to be amused.”

“I’m sorry,” he replied, trying to force a more serious look on his face. I know when you get all comatose like that on me that you are frightened. That is something I should never find amusing. Please forgive me.”

“I am scared Edward.”

“Of what my love? Of Jacob Black? We have been over this Bella. I am not worried about Jacob in the slightest. If he would be so stupid as to come after me it would be to his own detriment.”

“I know that Edward, and yes, I am a little bit afraid that there is the smallest chance that he will hurt you. I know you are strong but if all three of them catch you alone who knows what will happen. But I am mostly afraid of what will happen to Jacob. I know you told me you would try not to hurt him but I don’t see this ending any other way then with one of you dying.”

“Huh,” was all he responded with as he took his arms away from me and dropped them into his lap.


“Jacob Black is a smart kid. Smarter than I ever gave him credit for.” He sounded defeated.

“What are you talking about Edward?”

He looked directly into my eyes, shooting his pain right into them like lasers, “Don’t you see Bella? No matter what happens there is no way for me to win this. If he does somehow get lucky and does manage to end me, he wins. If he doesn’t, and I end up killing him, you will never forgive me, and he still wins. I will always be the person that took away someone you love very deeply and that will destroy us. Either way he gets what he wants, he gets you away from me.”

I tried to think of something to say but his words were haunting me. Was he right? Would I be unable to forgive him if he hurt Jacob? I know I would never be able to forgive Jacob if he hurt Edward, but would it be the same the other way around? No, it couldn’t be. Jacob was bringing this all on himself and if something happened to him it would be because Edward was defending himself. Yes, that is how I have to think about it. That is how I would have to think about it.

“That isn’t true Edward. You are not the one doing this, Jacob is. If something happens to him it will be his own fault. How could I ever blame you for that? I love you Edward. There is nothing that will keep us apart.”

He smiled a slight, unconvincing smile and pulled me into his chest. “Let’s just hope this whole thing doesn’t come to a head. Prevention will be our best bet.”

He held me for a moment then gracefully hopped off the bed. “C’mon, let’s go back to Charlie’s. He is probably worried that you didn’t say goodbye and we never got a chance to feel him out about the investigation yet. If it somehow leads him back to us again it won’t matter whether Jacob tells him or not.”

When we arrived, Charlie was in his usual spot on the couch, remote in one hand, Vitamin R in the other.

“Hey Bells, hey Edward. How was the movie?”

The movie? I didn’t even have time to get confused by Charlie’s comment before Edward stepped in with the save. “It won’t win any Oscars but it was very entertaining for what it was.”

Charlie chuckled, “I have to tell you I was surprised when Jacob came back from having dinner with you, to pick up Billy, to hear you were going to see a vampire movie Bells. You were always afraid of those monsters when you were little. You would have terrible nightmares and I would have to sit up with you, sometimes for hours, convincing you that monsters didn’t exist. You would make me look out your window, under the bed, in your closet.”

Jacob was more crafty then I thought. Edward and I were seeing a vampire movie? That was pretty resourceful of him.

We sat down on the couch next to Charlie and watched him flip through the channels. He finally settled on ESPN Sportscenter.

“So dad, I didn’t get to ask you about your TV appearance on Friday. You looked good up there on your podium, very official.” I tried be casual but wasn’t sure if I was pulling it off or not.

“Well, it was pretty strange having to talk with all those microphones and cameras on me. Stuff like this never happens in Forks… well… never used to anyway. I was just glad we were finally able to identify those poor kids.” His expression was serious like he was totally focusing on the conversation. That would be helpful for Edward.

“So, have you heard anything about the girl who is still missing?” Again, I was attempting casual.

“No, we are going to start retracing our steps on Monday, to see if we missed anything. Even though I said I was hopeful to everyone, I’m really not. There is no way those brutal killers would have left her alive. My fear is they took her away and raped her or something and that we will eventually find her body somewhere.”

Edward didn’t say anything. He was content to have me ask the questions and just listen for responses Charlie wasn’t saying out loud.

“Do you have any leads yet on who could have done this?”

“No, absolutely nothing. I would wager that they are no longer in town though. It would be too easy to find them in our tiny little community. The FBI is working on this now so we are basically out of the loop and just here to assist them if they need us. Once we retrace our steps I doubt we will work on it anymore unless they ask for our help. I sure wish I could have solved this one myself but it is what it is.” He took his last sip of Vitamin R and crushed the can as he got up.

“Well kids I am going to turn in. Since we didn’t get a chance to go hunting this weekend Billy and I are going fishing tomorrow.”

“Yes, I should be going as well,” Edward replied.

“Let me walk you out, Edward. Good night Charlie, I’ll see you tomorrow. Be sure to bring me home some fish to fry.”

“Fry? I thought that word was banned in this house?” Charlie was obviously surprised.

“Well, you have been a very good patient so I think you deserve a little treat don’t you?” I patted him on the back and he smiled back at me.

I walked Edward to the front door and gave him a quick kiss goodbye for Charlie’s benefit. I knew he would be up on my bed before I even climbed the stairs.

Sure enough, Edward was sitting on my bed but I was surprised to see him on the phone.

“Ok, thanks Alice,” he whispered as he hung up the phone.

“Edward, is everything ok?”

“Yes my love, it is fine. Alice just wanted me to know that she was going to be a little late for their nightly rounds at your house tonight. She is taking Rosalie and Emmett to the airport so they can get back to Dartmouth to get their assignments for the next couple of weeks so they can be here.”

“Won’t it be more dangerous with Rosalie and Emmett gone? Even for a night?” I started to tense up again.

“Come here,” he said as he stretched his arms out for me, pulling me next to him. “We have it covered. Carlisle and Esme are going to join Alice and Jasper in your woods tonight. Since we are two short we are all going to stick together in one place for the next couple of nights.”

“I don’t care where we are Edward, as long as I am with you. I just wish we were safe.”

“Bella, we are safe. If the vampires, or more immediately dangerous, Jacob, tries anything he will need to be in wolf form to even attempt to fight us. If that happens we will smell him and Sam and the rest of the pack will hear his thoughts. Carlisle called Sam after we left to be sure it was still ok to come check on Leah tomorrow. Sam told him everything that Seth told us earlier and promised he would be on the lookout for Jacob as well.”

I couldn’t help but think of Seth and started laughing.

Edward smiled. “It is so good to hear you laughing again. It has been a long time. Do you mind filling me in on what is so funny?”

“I was just thinking of how scared Seth was today, telling us everything and worrying about what punishment Sam might inflict on him. The poor thing was so scared he was literally shaking. He must be so relieved to know that Sam told Carlisle everything and he is now off the hook.”

“It took a lot of courage for Seth to come to us today. I find myself incredibly surprised by how fond I am of that kid which is oddly unsettling. He is a wolf after all.” He smiled to himself as if he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

I leaned over him and kissed his delicious lips. “I think your friendship with Seth is sweet. I think he looks up to you like an older brother, like someone he admires. I think he likes you more than he likes some of his own pack.”

“I guess life and death situations can make even the most unlikeliest of people become friends. Seth and I will always have that bond from fighting Victoria together. I guess Carlisle and Sam have the same thing as well.”

“You know, it wasn’t just Seth and Sam out their fighting with your family that night Edward,” I said as I put my head down on his chest.

“Bella,” he responded while he stroked my hair. “Friendship will never be an option for Jacob and I. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be.”

“I know you will never be friends, I just didn’t think you would become mortal enemies.”

“That is his choice Bella, not mine. I actually feel sorry for Jacob. I cannot imagine what it is like to be in his shoes. To love you so much and not be able to have you… to touch your hair…to kiss your lips. It has to be unbearable for him; that is why I haven’t done anything about him already.”

He lifted my head off of his chest and rubbed his icy fingers along my cheek. “I cannot imagine not being able to look at this exquisite face every day. It would be like a human having to go without oxygen. I would be dead in a matter of minutes.”

I totally forgot we were talking about Jacob. His eyes had me hypnotized; his smell and whisper of his voice had my heart pounding a thousand times a minute in my chest.

“What…what were we talking about?” I mumbled, breathlessly.

“We were done talking,” he whispered as he tenderly grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine. In a heartbeat every worry, every care was washed away. The only thing on my mind was how amazing he felt…how amazing he tasted…how much I loved him.

With one hand he effortlessly rolled me over and laid half at my side and half on top of me. His lips moved urgently with mine. One hand was knotted in my hair and the other caressed my body. He got dangerously close to parts he had never let himself get near before.

He could feel the rush of my blood, the pounding of my heart. He knew he was driving me crazy. He lifted his face slightly off of mine and smiled his unfairly sexy half grin, “Practice right?”

“Yeah…practice…” I mumbled.

He kissed me behind my ear and then down my neck, one of his signature moves. His lips moved further down; down the middle of my chest as his hands held my hips as they heaved with excitement.

“Edward…I can’t stand it…please….please...”

His lips found mine again. The urgency turned to tenderness. “Practice Bella, just practice. It will be soon enough my love. I want you just as badly.” The kisses slowed down and eventually my heart rate did as well. I silently laid in his arms and drifted off to sleep.