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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


22. Chapter 23: Plan

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Chapter 23: Plan

We were getting ready to head into the woods to meet the pack for the daily training when Carlisle answered the unexpected knock on the door.

“Hello, are you Dr. Carlisle Cullen?” The man in the dark blue suit asked.

“Yes, I’m Dr. Cullen. How can I help you?”

“Dr. Cullen, we’re with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I’m agent Strobe and this is my partner agent McKinnley. We were hoping you had a few minutes to answer some questions for us.”

“Of course gentlemen, please, do come in.” Carlisle remained composed as usual.

“Agent Strobe, Agent McKinnley, this is the rest of my family; My wife Esme, our daughters Rosalie and Alice, our sons, Emmett, Jasper and Edward, and last but not least, Edward’s fiancé Bella Swan.”

“Swan? Are you any relationship to Chief Charlie Swan?” Agent McKinnley inquired.

“Umm…yes…I’m his daughter,” I responded, trying not to sound too nervous.

“We won’t take up much of your time Dr. Cullen,” Agent Strobe interrupted. “We just have a few questions about the phone call that came into the Forks police station several weeks ago.”

The agents went on to ask Carlisle the same basic questions Charlie had asked him when he came. Where was everyone that night? Did anyone see or hear anything out of the ordinary? They took notes from everyone’s answers which were all the same, we were all home that night and no, we didn’t hear anything unusual. When they were done they asked if they could search the grounds. Carlisle graciously agreed.

As soon as the door shut behind them, Carlisle looked at Alice, “Alice, a little warning might have been nice.”

“I can’t see anything Carlisle, the dogs are right out back!”

“Edward,” Carlisle said calmly, but with an undeniable urgency in his voice. “Hurry, go out the back and tell Sam to go. Tell him I’ll call him when they’re gone.”

Edward was gone in a flash and back again just as quickly. Even though we had expected this visit would come sooner or later, and were pretty sure they wouldn’t find anything, it still made us nervous. We all paced anxiously around the living and dining room until the FBI knocked on the door again about 20 minutes later. They didn’t come in this time; just thanked Carlisle for his time and told him they would be in touch if they had anymore questions.

Relieved that they were gone, Carlisle called Sam and we all went to meet up with the pack in the back woods.

I don’t know why I was disappointed when we arrived and I didn’t see Jacob there. After all, I knew how he felt, how angry and hurt he was, and I was actually still mad at him about what he was doing with Charlie. Still, I couldn’t help to secretly hope he would’ve had a change of heart and come around by now.

The training was amped up a bit more then yesterday. Instead of one on one, Jasper had everyone attempting two on one. It didn’t go very smoothly for most of the wolves, especially Leah who was fighting with only one front paw, but the Cullen’s seemed to master it with ease. While the wolves were strong, their reaction time wasn’t nearly as quick as the vampires. I couldn’t help worrying about their safety.

When Seth was done with his turn, he ducked out of sight and turned back to his human form. My heart went out to him when I saw the defeated look on his young, innocent face. He’d probably performed the worse in the exercise, next to Leah. He came over to join me on the same tree Edward had pulled over for me yesterday.

“I suck,” he moped, looking thoroughly disgusted with himself.

“You don’t suck Seth,” I chuckled. “You were getting better there towards the end.”

“Yeah, but if I don’t do good Sam won’t let me fight.”

“I don’t think that’s such a bad thing Seth,” I replied, looking down, kicking the twigs around my feet. It made me sick to think of this young kid out there fighting Megan and her posse.

“Yes it is Bella!” He looked like he was about to cry. “You don’t know what it’s like knowing everyone’s out their fighting and you aren’t allowed to help them.”

“I think you forgot who you’re talking too Seth. I know far too well how it feels.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I forgot. Well, then you know how much it stinks.”

“Yes, I do, Seth.”

I didn’t know what to say to him to cheer him up. I really did understand what a helpless feeling it is to have everyone you love in danger and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help them.

Seth and I continued to watch the rest of the match ups. Sam was up next taking on Esme and Carlisle. He took Esme out almost immediately but couldn’t get Carlisle. I didn’t know what to feel about it. Should I be happy for Sam that he could take out one of the Cullen’s with all of their expertise, or should I be worried that Esme got taken over so quickly? The whole situation was making me ill.

When everyone was finished they talked more strategy amongst themselves. Edward came over to join me and Seth.

“Nice work out their today Seth,” Edward lied.

“Yeah right.”

“No really, you did just fine. In a few more days you’ll be kicking my tail,” Edward smiled.

“Do you really think so Edward?”

“I know so,” Edward answered, putting his hand on Seth’s shoulder to reassure him.

“Hey, I have an idea,” I blurted out as the light bulb clicked on in my head. “Seth, why don’t you come over to my house for dinner tonight? I’m making a pot roast for Charlie. We can eat and then you can spend some time with Edward, one on one. He can give you a few pointers.”

“Really Bella? You wouldn’t mind?” His expression went from defeated to hopeful.

“I wouldn’t have asked if I minded, Seth. Edward? What do you think?”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” he quickly winked at me before smiling at Seth.

“Great, then it’s settled. Seth, why don’t you come to my house, let’s say around 6:30?”

“Thanks Bella; thanks Edward. You guys are awesome!” Seth couldn’t stop smiling even as he got up to leave with the rest of the pack.

Edward and I drove to my house immediately after the pack had left the clearing. Carlisle said the rest of the family would be right behind us and that Sam and the other wolves would meet up with them a little later, once it got dark.

I didn’t expect that Charlie would be home yet because it was only 5:00, but I was wrong. Not only was he home, but there was another police cruiser in the driveway as well, only this one wasn’t a Forks police car, but a state trooper.

We were going to sit in the car for a minute so Edward could figure out what was going on but Charlie and another officer walked out the front door foiling our plan. Edward opened the door for me and we walked up to meet Charlie on the sidewalk.

“Hey Dad, what’s going on?”

“Hey Bells, Edward. This is Officer Brady. He’s down here from Seattle.” Charlie’s face was much too serious for my liking.

Officer Brady reached out to shake my hand before turning to Edward. Edward quickly put his hand up to his mouth and started coughing. “Sorry, about that. I think I may be coming down with something.” Brady gave him a squeamish look then took his hand back, withdrawing the offer.

“So Dad, what’s up?” I still didn’t get my answer.

“Well Bells, there’s been some trouble up in Port Angeles, particularly at Peninsula College. Over the past week or so Officer Brady’s office has received 8 different missing student reports.”

“What!” I exclaimed as Edward put his arm around my waist.

“Our office as never seen anything like this,” Brady chimed in. “We were hoping that your Dad here could help us out with some information on the girl that went missing here in Forks. We think they may be linked together somehow.”

“Bells,” Charlie asked seriously, “you and Edward haven’t happened to see anything unusual at school have you? Maybe some new kids or someone walking around campus that looks like they don’t belong there?”

“Um…no, not that I can remember.”

“No, I haven’t seen anything either Charlie, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for anything and let you know,” Edward chimed in.

“Well, I’d rather you didn’t do that Edward. Bells, I was hoping you and Edward could take a few days off school, maybe get some assignments from your professors to do at home. It isn’t safe up there right now and I don’t want you anywhere near that campus.”

“Sure Dad, we can do that.” I didn’t feel like I was really lying since Edward and I had just done this anyway.

“Good,” Charlie replied, putting his hat on. “I’m sorry, Bells, but I’m going to miss dinner tonight. I need to get back to the station. Don’t wait up for me; I’ll probably be pretty late.”

“OK. I’ll leave a plate in the fridge for you. It was nice meeting you Officer Brady.”

“You too Bella,” Brady responded, tipping his hat to me and Edward.

When Edward and I got inside he called Carlisle to let him know the news. Carlisle wasn’t surprised as everyone knew Megan and her coven had to be feeding somehow. He told Edward not to worry about it; there was nothing we could really do about them until Sunday.

Edward sat in the kitchen with me as I prepared the pot roast and shoved it in the oven. Neither one of us said too much, we were caught up in our own thoughts.

The doorbell rang at 6:25 and Edward answered the door to let Seth in. As Seth and I ate, he was busy chattering on to Edward, asking him a million questions. I had to smile at his eagerness. When we were through Edward and Seth adjourned to the living room to practice some maneuvers as I cleaned up and made a plate to save for Charlie. Right when I had finished drying off the last dish, Edward came back to the kitchen with a somber look on his face. “Bella, Alice had another vision.”

“Tell me Edward,” I whispered.

“She isn’t seeing the full moon anymore. We get ambushed, not prepared. I guess the full moon was something Megan did to throw us off. I don’t know.”

“What are we going to do, Edward?”

“I don’t know, my love. I mean, who knows? Who knows if what Alice is or was seeing is even real? The whole thing could have been just another Megan mind game.”

Edward saw the fear come over my face and wrapped his marble arms around me. “Try not to worry too much Bella. We’ll figure it out, I promise.”

I knew Edward was making me a promise he couldn’t keep. This whole thing was crazy. They were all going to die. I didn’t care about me, just them. I knew I couldn’t just stand by and watch this disaster unfold anymore. I had to do something. Not one of them was going to listen to reason and would stubbornly insist on staying to fight. I didn’t know how I was going to pull my plan off; I just knew I had to, and fast. Seth being here with me would help. Alice wouldn’t be able to see what I was contemplating.

“Bella?” Edward asked as he pulled me away. “Are you ok? Please tell me what you’re thinking before I go mad.”

I gazed into his golden brown eyes, trying to soak up every detail of his face. I knew what I was about to do would not only be dangerous and would quite possibly get me killed, but would infuriate him so badly that he probably would never speak to me again. This could possibly be the last time I would ever see him.

“I’m fine Edward,” I answered, stroking his hair with my fingers, still starring deeply into his eyes.

“It’s a little bit of a strange time to be dazzled don’t you think?” He chuckled.

“Dazzle just happens, Edward. I can’t control when or where.”

He grabbed me tightly in his arms again, still laughing, “You’re so absurd.”

“Anyway, Sweetheart, I have to go for a little while. I have to meet Carlisle and everyone in the back. I won’t be gone too long and I won’t be far. There’s nothing for you to be afraid of Bella. If they come we’ll be able to catch their scent and be up here before they’re even close enough to see you.”

“I’m coming with you,” Seth interrupted.

Edward turned and smiled at him. “Seth, I have a more important job for you. I need you to stay here and protect Bella while I’m gone. Can you do that for me? It’s the most important job in the world right now and I think you’re ready to handle it.”

“I can handle it Edward. I won’t let you down.”

“Good, I’ll see you in a little while then.”

Edward turned back to me and gently kissed my lips. “I won’t be long, my love.”

“Take your time Edward. I’ll be fine. Do what you have to do.”

He walked towards the screen door and as he was about to walk out I shouted his name and told him to stop. I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him as hard as I could.

He pulled me close to him and hugged me so hard it felt like my lungs were deflating, “Everything’s going to work out Bella,” he whispered in my ear. “Just concentrate on Thursday, how wonderful it’s going to be. Everything’s going to be fine, Sweetheart. I’ll be back soon.”

“Ok, Edward. I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too, Bella.”

As soon as I knew he was gone, I ran up to my room and grabbed my suitcase. I threw a change of clothes, my toothbrush, some toothpaste, a brush and a few other necessities in it and ran back downstairs.

Seth looked utterly confused, “Bella, what are you doing?”

“I don’t have time to explain Seth. I need your help. You have to take me to Jacob.”

“What? Bella, I can’t, I promised Edward. Besides, you know how mad Jacob is.”

“Seth, listen to me. There’s no way we are going to win this fight. We need Jacob, Paul and Jared. We don’t have a choice. Please Seth, Jacob will listen to me.”

“I don’t know Bella, Edward will get mad.”

“I promise he won’t be mad at you. Me, well, that’s a different story. Please Seth, I don’t have that much time.”

“Fine,” he finally agreed, disgusted at me. “Do you want me to transform and carry you?”

“No!” I exclaimed too loudly, obviously startling him. “You can’t transform Seth. The pack will see what you’re thinking. I need you to help me back my truck up. It’s too loud. If I start it in the driveway Edward will hear me.”

“I don’t like this Bella, not one bit,” Seth replied.

“I know Seth. I’m really sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

Seth helped me push the truck far enough down the road that even the vampire ears couldn’t hear me start it up. He jumped in the passenger side and I sped towards La Push as fast as I could. I constantly checked the rear view mirror, expecting the Volvo headlights to be speeding up behind me, but I made it in record time to La Push without being followed. I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

When we got to Jacob’s I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him witling on the front porch. He stood up looking more confused than angry to see me and Seth jump out of the truck.

“What the…” Jacob started before I rudely interrupted him.

“Jacob, listen, we don’t have much time. I know you hate me but I need your help. I mean, I don’t need your help, everyone does.”

“Bella, what makes you think I’m going to help any of you? I mean, I know you’re not stupid, not about most things anyway,” he grunted.

“Please Jacob. You have to know what’s going on. Sam…Leah…everyone; their in trouble. I’m sure you know that.”

“Yeah, I know that. But how’s that my problem?”

“C’mon Jacob I know you. I know you care. You can act like you don’t all you want but I know you do. Jacob, Alice, she…she had another vision tonight. Their all going to die unless we do something. Please Jacob, I’m begging you. If you won’t do it for me, do it for Sam and Leah and Seth.”

He stood there for a few seconds just starring at me before he shook his head and caved in “I can’t believe I’m doing this, again. I’m such an idiot. What do you need me to do?”

“Do you still have your passport from when you went to visit your cousins in South America last year?”

“Passport? Yeah, why?”

“I need you to grab it and pack some overnight clothes. Please, hurry Jacob.”

“Bella…what are you talking about? Where are we going?”

“Just do it now Jacob! There’s no time! I’ll wait for you in the truck.”

Seth stood there looking like he had just committed a crime. I didn’t have much time to comfort him.

“Seth, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I’m sorry I have to ask but I need one more favor from you. I need you to not transform into your wolf state. Not for a while. I need you to hide out at least until tomorrow so Sam and the others can’t read your thoughts. This is important Seth.”

“Sure Bella. I’m going to hide from Edward anyway. He’s going to kill me.”

“He won’t Seth, I promise. Thank you so much. You won’t be sorry.”

I jumped in the truck and grabbed my cell phone out of my purse and dialed the 800 number to my bank. I was sure I had enough savings from my job at the studio but wanted to be sure.

I was impatiently listening to the automated message, pressing 1 here, 2 there, when Jacob threw his bag in the back of the truck and climbed in the passenger side. I held the phone up with my neck and chin and sped off.

“You’re current balance is seven thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight dollars,” the automated teller announced.

“Perfect!” I exhaled in relief as I threw my cell on the seat.

“Bella, what the hell’s going on? Where are we going?”

“Italy, Jacob. We’re going to Italy.”