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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


5. Chapter 5: Encounter

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Chapter 5: Encounter

A week had gone by and Charlie seemed to be doing just fine. He was restless of course and tried to sneak out of the house a couple times but his efforts were futile as Edward was always on to him.

I got up early because I wanted to cook Charlie his egg white omelet before Edward, Alice and Jasper picked me up for our first day of college. I didn’t think I would be excited about having to go back to school but I was. I was really looking forward to the photography class I had enrolled in. Ever since Renee had given me a camera for my 18th birthday I had become somewhat of a shutter bug and found I had quite a knack for it. Mostly I took pictures of Edward which is probably why my pictures were so good, how could they not be with him as the subject, but I also photographed the different areas in Forks, especially the meadow where Edward and I fell in love.

By the time I showered and dressed, Charlie was already at the kitchen table reading his newspaper. “Morning Bells! Are you ready for your first day of higher learning?”

“Good morning Dad. You sound awfully chipper this morning. This wouldn’t be because I am leaving you for a while today and you will finally have some freedom is it?” I knew what he was thinking; well Edward actually saw it last night. He thought he was going to be able to sneak to the station for a while once I left this morning.

“I am chipper because my one and only daughter is starting college today. This is a very proud day for fathers.”

“Oh good, then you won’t mind that I called Billy last night and asked him to come keep an eye on you today.” I was trying to hide my smile so I turned to the stove to start his omelet.

“Oh, Bella, you didn’t. Billy has better things to do then come over here and hold me hostage. When are you going to stop mothering me? I am perfectly fine. Doc Cullen even said so himself when you brought me in for my follow up appointment yesterday.”

“Yes, he did. He also said that you have another two weeks of resting to do. You should enjoy this time off Dad. You have worked every day of your life for a long time. You have earned this.”

“I am going crazy here Bells. Taking it easy is definitely not something I was born to do. Did you ever stop to think that taking it easy is stressing me out more than work would?”

“Nice try Dad,” I said as I brought him his omelet.

He looked down at the plate with disgust. “Can’t I at least have some cheese on this thing?”

I was about to go through the rules of his diet yet again, when there was a knock on the door. I heard the door open and recognized the most wonderful sound in the world, Edward.

“Good morning Bella, Charlie.” His smile wanted to make me forget all about Peninsula and just ravage him in my room all day.

“Edward,” Charlie said as he forced himself to take another bite of omelet.

“So, are you ready for your first day of higher education?” It took me a minute to hear him as I was still staring at his beauty, heart pounding. He had on jeans, a blue shirt that hung perfectly off of his rock hard chest, and a tan leather jacket. The man had style but he didn’t need it. His face would look perfect with anything he wore.

“Uh, yeah, Just let me grab my stuff.” He smiled a sexy smile as if he knew what I was thinking. Sometimes I think he was just lying about not being able to read my mind.

As I returned to the kitchen I reminded Charlie that Billy would be there any minute so he should forget all about his escape plans. He grumbled something and wished us luck on our first day.

Edward put his arm around me as we walked out the front door. “Are you ok? You seem a little dazzled this morning.” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“That is an understatement. You know, you should try to tone that down. It isn’t fair.”

He laughed as he opened the car door.

“Hey Bella!” Alice was always so perky.

“Hey Alice, hey Jasper.”

“Good morning Bella. You look lovely today.” Jasper had made an effort to be extra nice to me since my 18h birthday party when I gave myself a paper cut and he tried to attack me. I told him not to worry about it, that I understood he couldn’t control himself at the time but I could tell he never really forgave himself.

As Edward pulled out of the drive, we saw Jacob’s car coming down the street. Edward slowly passed him, glaring at him like he was his arch enemy. Jacob’s reaction was no different.

“Unbelievable.” Edward murmured.

“What is unbelievable?” I asked curiously.

“That guy just won’t give up.”

“Edward, he is only here to drop off Billy. I am sure there is no hidden agenda behind it.”

“I can assure you there is. There is always a hidden agenda with him as far as you are concerned.” He was expressionless as he looked out the windshield.

“Edward relax,” Alice chimed in from the back seat. “You shouldn’t waste your time worrying about him. Your ultimate future with Bella is the same as it always was. I don’t see him being an issue.”

“That isn’t the point Alice. He still thinks of Bella in a way that, well, he shouldn’t.”

“I am sure that he only does that to get under your skin Edward.” I tried to sound convincing, like I believed it.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes, “Yeah, I am sure that’s it.”

When we got to the campus I was impressed at how big it was. Since coming here was a last minute decision we hadn’t had an opportunity to visit the school beforehand. I had Edward, Alice and Jasper all gather together for a picture right outside of the administrative building. I thought they would be more reluctant as they were sick of me photographing them all of the time but they were all in a good mood so they happily obliged me.

The day progressed nicely. Edward and I had the same classes together with the exception of my photography class so it was nice I got to be with him most of the day.

He walked me to my photography class and kissed me as he went to walk around the campus as he had a free period. I was excited to see what the class was going to entail and what I could learn. If I wasn’t going to be a vampire in 3 months I would have seriously considered this as a career.

It was here that I first saw them. My Jaw dropped as they glided into the room with the grace of gazelles. I hadn’t seen anything like them since, well, since I first saw the Cullens in the lunch room back at Forks High School.

There were three of them, 2 women and 1 man. They were absolutely breathtaking. The girl on the left was dark skinned, had long black hair hanging straight down her back, and a body any Hollywood actress would envy. The girl on the right had long dirty blond hair that she had thrown back in a ponytail, legs that went up to her neck and stunning amber eyes. The guy in the middle had jet black hair and black eyes and was probably the second most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had his arms thrown over both girls’ shoulders as they laughed, walking to get to their seats.

Could it be? Could they be vampires? Humans just weren’t that perfect. Alice hadn’t seen any visions of any other vampires in the area since Victoria and the younglings; at least I didn’t think so. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots off before they noticed and glared at me. Their dark eyes met mine and they looked at me like they wanted me for lunch. I felt a shudder go down my spine. I immediately started taking pictures of everyone else in the class so it looked like I was just randomly shooting, not focusing on them. When I finally looked back at them they were talking amongst each other and they seemed to have forgotten all about me.

I couldn’t take me eyes off of them as the professor went through what we would be doing in class this semester. I was fascinated by them and terrified at the same time.

When class was finally over I hurried out the door and was surprised to see Edward, Alice and Jasper all standing right outside. Edward pulled me to his side quickly without saying a word. As the three of them walked out the door behind me, I could feel Edward tense up immediately. He was holding me very close to him.

Their eyes met with the Cullen’s and a look of surprise and amusement came over their faces.

Alice was the first one to speak. “Hi, I am Alice Cullen. This is Jasper, Edward and his finance Bella.”

“Fiancé?” The black haired bombshell sniffed. “How interesting; I’m Megan and these are my friends Alexis and Nathan.”

No one else said a word; they just nodded their heads in acknowledgement. Edward looked back and forth between them scanning their thoughts.

“So Megan, are you new to the area?” Alice made it seem like an innocent question but I knew she was fishing.

“Yes, we just moved here a couple of weeks ago. It seemed like the perfect place to hang out for a while with all of the clouds and rain.”

“Oh, so you plan on staying in the area then?”

“Why, yes, we do.”

“Well, we will have to be sure to get together sometime soon, get to know each other.” Alice was very welcoming. It surprised me.

“Yes, we will have to do that. Well, we will see you around then,” Megan said as they started walking away. She stopped when she was about to pass Edward, she stood way too close to him for my liking, and winked at him. They walked down the hall and were out of site.

No one said a word until we got to the car. This was something that couldn’t be talked about with hundreds of students all over the place. Edward had loosened his grip around my waist but he hadn’t let go either.

When we were all in the car I could see Edward look through the rear view mirror and nod at Alice. What was she telling him? Did she have a vision?

“Edward, what is going on?”

He grabbed my hand as he kept one hand on the wheel “Alice had a vision earlier. You were in trouble. The three of them were stalking you after class.”

“Oh my god! Are they stalking me now?” I felt a familiar terror sweep over me. This wasn’t the first time vampires wanted to kill me

“No, Bella,” Alice quickly jumped in. The vision changed not too long after I had it. Did something happen in class that would have made them target you out like that?”

I explained to them about taking the pictures of them, them staring at me like I was lunch; then starting to photograph everyone else so they didn’t get suspicious.

“It must have worked, throwing them off like that. That is why my vision changed. Nice, quick thinking Bella!”

“So, if your vision changed, why were you all waiting for me outside of class?”

“Bella,” Edward said in a very serious tone, “they are vampires. Most vampires as you know are not like us. Just because Alice’s vision changed doesn’t mean that you were definitely out of danger. Besides, we needed to check them out, see what they were up to.”

“Were you able to get anything from them, I mean, from their minds?”

“No, not really. I didn’t see any hostility against any of us. What did seem odd is it seemed that when Alice introduced us that they knew us, or of us anyway. I didn’t see anything we should be alarmed about.”

When we arrived at my house Edward escorted me to the door. He said that they had to go and talk to Carlisle to let him know about the situation. I was sad to see him go but he promised he would be back tonight when Charlie was asleep.

“Don’t worry Sweetheart. I really don’t think anything will come of this. We just need to keep an eye on them.” He grabbed my face with his smooth hands and kissed me gently. “I will see you tonight. Oh, and by the way, Charlie had another visitor today besides Jacob and Billy. He is hiding the evidence under the couch cushion right now. You may want to ask him about it.” His voice faded as he walked to the car.