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Everchanging Destiny

Bella and Edward continue their relationship as a vampire and a human. This story takes place after Breaking Dawn but not as you would expect it to. There are the usual threats of other vampires trying to get to Bella and ruin the Cullen family.


9. Chapter 9: Gone

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Chapter 9: Gone

Edward and I returned downstairs at the Cullen house to tell the rest of the family about his thoughts on what had happened. Everyone agreed that the college vampire coven fooled Alice into seeing Charlie get attacked while they were brutally slaying some poor unsuspecting human on the Cullen’s property.

What no one could agree on was the reason why. Carlisle, Edward and Esme thought it was to run the Cullens out of town so they could claim their territory. Emmitt and Jasper seemed to think that they were just young punks with big egos who liked to feel powerful. Rosalie thought it was because Megan wanted Edward. Of course she looked at me when she said it. I don’t know if she actually believed it or if she was just trying to hurt me because she hated me. I didn’t want to say anything but I agreed with her. Alice wasn’t saying anything. She was too absorbed trying to concentrate on where the human-blood-thirsty brat pack was at right now so they could go find them.

We all went out to the garage where the Cullen arsenal of high-performance cars were kept. Carlisle and Emmitt started stuffing their back packs with lighter fluid and matches. I had seen this before too many times. The only way to kill a vampire is to tear them apart and burn the pieces. They didn’t need any weapons to do this; they were physically equipped with their own tools, their speed, strength, and of course, their teeth.

As Carlisle was packing, he was calmly doling out instructions, “Emmitt, Alice and Jasper, we will drive the jeep up to Port Angeles to find them. Alice, you will have to find us the perfect opportunity when they are alone so we can make our move. Edward, you stay with Bella and Charlie. Rosalie and Esme, you keep guard outside of Bella’s house to be sure nothing out of the ordinary happens. With Alice’s visions now compromised, I don’t want to chance they may be on to us and try to trick us again.”

Edward must have felt me starting to tremble. He grabbed my hand, “It is only a precaution Bella. No need to worry. I don’t think they know we are coming and I don’t think they will show up at your house again.”

“I know. I am not worried about me.” I was speaking to all of them now. “I am worried about all of you. I mean, won’t it be more helpful if Edward is with you so he can know what they are thinking?”

Emmitt started laughing, “Bella, take a look at these guns,” he said flexing his biceps. Do I look like I need any help?” He was smiling like he always did when he mocked me.

Jasper chimed in, “Yeah, Edward’s ability takes all the fun out of the sport anyway. You don’t want to deprive us of our fun do you?” He raised his right hand and gave Emmitt a fist bump.

“Let’s not get cocky,” Carlisle said sternly. “Never assume anything is going to be an easy fight. Besides, killing any creature no matter how sadistic they are is never something we should be proud of. This is not a sport, but a necessary evil for our survival. He came over and put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile, “No need to worry Bella, we will be fine.”

I looked over Carlisle’s shoulder and saw Emmitt and Jasper slightly fist bump again. I could see how confident they were which helped my anxiety. I was also secretly grateful that Edward would be with me and not out there in a dangerous situation.

As they were about to leave I couldn’t help but notice the worry in Alice’s beautiful face. Edward must have seen it as well as he left my side and walked over to her.

“Alice, it will be fine. I am sorry I have been so angry with you lately. I know it isn’t your fault and my behavior has been inexcusable. When Bella is in any kind of danger I tend to go to a dark place. Please forgive me and please don’t doubt yourself. You will find them. I believe in you.”

“I understand Edward,” she said trying to smile. The worried and insecure look did not leave her face.

Alice, Jasper, Emmitt and Carlisle took off to Port Angeles. Rosalie and Esme were on their way to the police station to follow Charlie until he got home and Edward and I took off to my house.

When we got home the sun, well what you could see of it; was starting to set. Charlie’s car was not in the driveway which concerned me. Not because I thought anything happened but because I knew he had been working since early this morning and he was still supposed to be taking it easy. I actually found it a bit surprising that Carlisle had not scolded him this morning for working but I guess he was just anxious to have Charlie leave the house under the circumstances.

We went into the kitchen and I pulled out some ground turkey to make Charlie some stir fry for dinner. Edward sat down at the kitchen table and pulled his cell phone out of his jacket pocket before he took it off and hung it on the back of the chair.

“Is Carlisle going to call when…..when it is done?” I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of what they would be doing tonight, even though I have seen if before.

“Yes,” he said with a quiet little laugh, shaking his head.

“What?” I didn’t see what was so funny about the question.

“The thought of what they are doing disgusts you.” He wasn’t asking a question. “And yet, this is the life you are so anxious to be a part of.”

This has already become a part of my life Edward. It will just be easier once I am like you. I can help you instead of being a hindrance. I can be out there helping our family instead of having to divide it in two just so I can be protected.” When was I ever going to learn, this was something I definitely shouldn’t have said.

Easier?” If looks could kill he wouldn’t have to worry about trying not to suck my blood dry, I would already be dead. “Bella, how many times do I have to tell you this? There is nothing easy about being one of us! When are you going to understand that!” He was so angry his fists and teeth were clenched tighter than a vice grip could ever squeeze anything together.

“I’m sorry Edward,” I went over and sat on his lap. “I didn’t mean easier, I meant better… I mean…..I will just shut up now.” I leaned in to give him a kiss on his smooth, marble lips but he did not kiss me back. I tried again and he seemed to be giving in, his lips started moving with mine. His hands started moving slowly over my back. I couldn’t help but grab his hair in my fists and press harder.

He gently pulled me away and looked at me smiling shaking his head. “You know you don’t fight fair Isabella.”

“I never said I did.” I smiled back at him.

“And you think I dazzle you.” He kissed me one more time and lifted me up from his lap. “I think you dinner is burning.”

“Oh shoot!” I jumped up to stir. Whenever Edward kissed me I lost track of everything else going on around me. Luckily nothing had burnt.

Charlie had come home about 30 minutes later. He looked tired. He said hello and apologized to Edward again about this morning.

“No problem Charlie,” Edward said in the same respectful, polite tone he always used when speaking to my dad. “Did you ever find out who called and why they said what they said?”

“No, it was an anonymous caller and I have no idea why they would say that. We get crank calls all of the time, even in a small town like Forks. It was probably a bunch of bored teenagers with nothing better to do. As I said this morning, I usually wouldn’t have given it the time of day but with the two unsolved murders still going on we just can’t be too careful.”

“Dad,” I jumped in, “come have a seat and eat some dinner. You look terrible.”

“I’m fine Bells, just tired.” He stared at the plate and made a face something like a 3 year old would make if you put a plate of liver in front of them. “Yum, more rabbit food.”

“Um…your welcome dad.”

“Yeah, thanks Bells.”

“Well, I should be going and let you both eat,” Edward said as he stood up and put his jacket on. “Bella, I will be here in the morning to pick you up for school.” He came over, winked, and kissed me on the cheek.

After he was gone, well, he wasn’t really gone, I am sure he was upstairs lying on my bed looking finer than any mortal man ever could, I grabbed a plate and sat down to join Charlie. He was telling me about his day and that he still didn’t have any leads on the hardware store murders when I heard the vibration coming from the other side of the table. It was Edward’s phone; he must have forgot it. I picked it up and saw it was Alice calling.

“Dad, Edward forgot his phone. It is Alice. I will just be a minute.” I grabbed the phone and hurried into the living room.

“Alice, how is shopping going?” I didn’t really want Charlie to know they were out hunting other vampires.

Alice explained that they had located them and were trailing them now. They have been in crowds since they found them so there wasn’t anything they could do just yet. Not until the brat pack was alone. She said everyone was seeing them so it wasn’t as if she was having a vision and they really weren’t there so I didn’t have anything to worry about. She still sounded so unsure of herself. She promised she would call back when everything was finished.

“Alice having a shopping crisis again?” Charlie asked as I came back to the table.

“Yeah, you know Alice.”

When we were done Charlie went to his couch and turned on the flat screen. I did the dishes then excused myself to go up to my room to do homework.

As expected, Edward was there sitting on the bed going through our freshman biology book. There had been so much going on I almost forgot we had an assignment due tomorrow.

I held up his phone in my hand, “Alice called.”

He sat up quickly, anxious to hear about the call. I filled him in.

We spent the next few hours doing our homework. Charlie had knocked on the door about an hour ago to let me know he was turning in.

We were just finishing up when the phone rang. Edward quickly answered it when he saw it was Alice again. They talked for a while and I was getting impatient to hear what was going on. I couldn’t get anything from Edward’s “Uh-huh’s” and “I see’s”. The last thing he said was “are you sure” and then a minute later he hung up the phone.

“Well?” I couldn’t wait any longer to hear.

“Well, they are gone.” He sounded relieved.

“So, they took care of them, all three of them?” I know I sounded too excited but I couldn’t help but be elated that Megan would no longer be drooling over my Edward.

“Well, it wasn’t exactly as we planned but they are gone.”

“What do you mean, not exactly as you had planned?”

“It seems that Megan, Alexis and Nathan spotted Carlisle and the rest when they were following them into a nightclub. They approached Carlisle and he quietly gave them the option to leave immediately or face the consequences. They opted for option number one. The Cullens followed them to the airport and made sure they got on a plane back to Alaska. They waited to be sure the plane was long gone before they left.”

“But Edward, what if they come back.” I started trembling again.

He grabbed me up in his arms and the chill made me tremble more.

"They won’t be coming back Sweetheart. Carlisle and everyone else sensed how terrified they were. They know they are no match for us. Even though they are vampires they don’t have a death wish."

“You did,” I couldn’t help thinking of him about to destroy himself in Italy.

“Yes, because I could not go on in a world without you in it. I thought you were dead, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember, but what if Megan doesn’t want to go on in a world without you in it?” I still believed that was the reason for all the trouble they had caused.

Edward laughed, “Bella, there is a difference between lust and love. Megan probably lusts after a lot of people, not just me. You and I have true love. True love is the only thing worth dying for.”

“Yes, it is worth dying for.” I hoped he got my meaning. By the sudden look of aggravation on his face, I am pretty sure he did. I thought it best to change the subject.

“So, I bet Emmitt and Jasper were disappointed they didn’t get to rip them up.”

Edward grinned, “Yeah, I am sure some unexpecting deer are going to pay the price for their frustration tonight.”

“Maybe you should go with them. You have to be thirsty.” Who would have known it would have become ordinary to me that Edward had to go hunt animals to satisfy his thirst for blood.

“I will go tonight after you have fallen asleep. Rosalie and Esme are still out there and will continue to be for the rest of the night just to be on the safe side.”

“Good, although you know I hate it when you have to leave me,” I replied.

“I know my love, I feel the same way. I won’t be gone for long I promise.”

“Edward, can I ask you something?”

“You can always ask me anything Bella, you know that.”

“How come you don’t seem to get excited about hunting like Emmitt and Jasper. I mean, they could hardly wait to take down Megan, Nathan and Alexis earlier.”

“Who says I don’t get excited?” He was now laying back looking at the ceiling with no expression.

“Well, I guess you just don’t show the same enthusiasm as they do.”

“Bella, I am a predator just the same as Emmitt and Jasper. Sometimes you seem to forget that. Like all predators I enjoy the hunt just as much as any other would. Why do you think that my favorite prey is mountain lions? It isn’t because their blood tastes different than any other animal’s; it is because they are more challenging to take down, more exciting. I just have a little bit more restraint and couth than Emmitt and Jasper have.”

“I feel bad that you haven’t been able to go out of town to hunt any lions lately. I feel like I am depriving you of your fun, your challenge.”

Edward laughed again, “Bella, there is no more of a challenge for me than being with you. Between my addiction to the smell of your blood and your always trying to seduce me I have all of the challenge I can handle right now.”

I laid down beside him and had my chest against his. “Hey, it isn’t always me who starts things. You should know by now that when you kiss me like you do I am going to lose control.”

“You mean like this?” He touched his fingers lightly to my cheek and kissed me, running his chilled tongue around the outline of my lips. His hands moved down to my stomach, then to my sides, my back. His eyes followed his hands as if he was inspecting my body. He pulled me in so tight I could barely move and kissed me again.

“Yeah, that would be it,” I was so breathless I didn’t even know if any sound came out when I spoke the words.

“Ok, I just wanted to be sure I had it right.” He smiled and kissed me briefly then moved my head to his chest and combed his fingers through my hair.

When my alarm went off in the morning Edward was gone. I woke up in an incredibly good mood knowing that the beautiful witch was gone and I didn’t have to worry about her anymore. I could actually start enjoying classes.

Prompt as always Edward, Alice and Jasper pulled into the driveway. Edward got out to open the passenger door for me. “Good morning,” he said with a huge grin, obviously in a good mood too. I knew he must have kept his word on hunting last night because his eyes were the warm, golden brown color they always were after he had fed. Alice and Jasper seemed to be in a good mood as well. Alice was explaining how she was seeing things like normal again, no weird instances since the others left last night. It was going to be a good day. I knew by now not to expect that the good days would last for long. What I didn’t know was that my worst fear, a fear worse than death, was about to come true.