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Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

Heart Break Syndrome- When a person experiences a severe case of emotional trauma-when they loose someone so dear to them- that their heart, in turn, breaks.

I hope you all realised that Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy can also be known as Heart Break Syndrome. I got this idea, after watching a SCRUBS episode, but I've changed it quite a bit to avoid any copyright claims. The story isn't about who you think it is. Just, bare with me here!

1. Prolouge

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 250   Review this Chapter

Red Eyes


I was sent to fetch some ice.

Thier skin was like ice.

Like rock.

So pale.

The ice machine was playing up.

So I kicked it.

And finnaly, ice started the chug out.

One by one they fell.

One ice cube.

One human.

One ice cube.

One human.

Humming, I walked back.

The door ajar.

I thought I closed it.

My minds eye was always,

playing tricks on me.

Red is what I saw.

On the walls,

on the floor.

On the clothes strewn out

on the ground.

It used to be my favourite colour.

Now it turns out my stomach.

A whimper.

A scream.

A shout.

A scuffle.


Then slience.

Yet the silence was so loud.

Deafening, even.

Their bodies,

pale, unmoving.

Drained of almost all life,

of almost all blood.

Later, they would say they,

died by suffocation.

By some gas.

What gas?



As humans we will believe

even the most unlikely,

to dispell that which we are not

ready to believe.

They saw me,

with their red eyes.

Beautiful faces,

sculptured bodies.

Cold hands.

Perfect lips,

perfect smile.

Perfect laughs.


on my neck.



Check if she's worth it.

A kiss, a touch, a hand.

A scream.

Shouts, running.

The cold hand leaves.

I fall.

A hand, an arm.

A warm arm.

A warm hand.








An organ.

So strong, so independant.


In half.

In four.

In eight.

In sixteenths.

I am not whole.

I am broken.

For they are gone,

and they left me here, on this

baren waste land we call Earth.

And I am alone.

All because of their

Red Eyes.

There was a movie called 'Red Eye'.

Scared the living

daylights out of me.

They had red eyes.

They scared the living daylights

out of me too.

With pale skin,

And red eyes.

One ice cube,

One human.

One ice cube,

One human.


I was sent to fetch some ice.

Ice now turned


As red as their eyes.

As red as their blood.

As red as their,

Red Eyes.