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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


1. The beginning

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It all started on the worst day of my life, I couldn’t imagine how this day would end, but now it doesn't matter to me anymore.

I was just being myself and working harder than I should in the restaurant where I’m a waitress. It’s already evening in Port Angeles and I had already spent most time of my work. It would take an hour or two before I finally would be able to go to my rented apartment and have a good night sleep.

I looked once round the restaurant, searching for someone which I could serve. My eyes finally spotted someone who hasn’t been served yet and I immediately sped of to be the first one to get there.

There are too much waitresses in this restaurant and they need the extra money you can get. Therefore, I need to be alert at all times for new customers and get first to the customer; otherwise the others could get the tip, which I need too.

I was thankfully the first one and gave the family who had just taken their seats the menu cards.

That was the sign between us waitresses, if a customer has the menu cards then he or she is occupied by one of us and can’t be served by anybody else than the one who gave the menu cards.

While the family was choosing their meals I walked to another customer, this time not a family, but an over attractive man who was by the looks of it not older than 30 years.

‘Here are the menu cards, if you have chosen something let me know it, alright?’ I said for the millionth time this evening.

The man just simply nodded with a smile.

Man, that guy is pale and see those eyes! They’re crimson red! Still, it is somehow very attractive and looks good on him. I thought to myself.

I smiled back out of politeness and moved on to some other customers. After I had helped some other people I felt someone’s eyes on me. I didn’t hesitate to look from who those eyes were and I was met with crimson red ones. I took that as a sign that he had chosen something and walked towards him.

‘Did you choose something, sir?’ I asked the man.

‘Actually yes, I’ve chosen for the ravioli. I thought that that would be the best choice.’ The man said with a smile, but the smile wasn’t a friendly smile anymore and that freaked me out.

So, I furiously scribbled “Ravioli table 13” on my notebook and muttered fast: ‘That is indeed a good choice, sir.’

I ushered away and gave the order through to the kitchens. I served the food of the family from some minutes ago and was happy that we would close over an hour.

The whole time that I was busy with serving people and writing the orders in my notebook, I felt the eyes of the man burning a hole in my neck. Even if I would rudely look in his way, he held his stare on my neck and I sometimes swear that he breathed in my scent when I walked past him. Off course he didn’t do that, who would? But with his eyes, his behaviour and his ungodly beauty I couldn’t help but keep as far away from him as I could. My conscious said that I needed to keep away from him, that he was very dangerous and I believed it.

When I served his food, I saw him clearly lean towards me and breathe in my scent. It was very weird and disturbing.

I took a step back and asked with my polite, but slightly irritated voice: ‘Do you need anything to drink, sir? You haven’t drunken anything tonight or asked for it.’

‘No, thank you, ehmm…’ The man said wanting to know my name.

Well, it wouldn’t do any harm, would it?

‘Melody.’ I answered to his unspoken question.

‘Melody…’ He repeated as if looking if it sounded good enough for him.

He finally nodded thinking of it as a good name and smiling wider than he previously had. His abnormal white teeth glistened in the light which shone on him.

This was for me just another sign of his perfection, I know that anybody would swoon by this smile, but somehow I felt the opposite. I grimaced shoving the plate with ravioli under his nose and gave the bill.

I served some other of my tables and suddenly the food of the godlike man was gone. Just in a second! How did he do that? First he hasn’t touched it or even looked at it and then it is gone in a sec! I was baffled. How in hell’s name?

The question kept unanswered and that frustrated me.

He paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant. I watched him disappear in the darkness and was glad that that madness was over.

After another 15 minutes of serving people I have had enough and was on my way to home.

Unfortunately my car was in the garage to check something and so I needed to go with my bicycle.

I quickly sped of. I really need my bed right now… I wasn’t very awake and from an outsider it would look like I was drunk. I swayed with my bike, but nothing more. I kept going till I got in the alley which I most feared at night. It was always a creepy alley, but I needed to go through it otherwise I’ll have to cross half the town to get home.

I stepped off of my bike and walked with it by my side. With one hand I held my bicycle; I held the other hand near my pocket of my jacket. If there would happen anything I could at least reach out for my mobile in a second when it would be necessary.

When I crossed the alley I felt a soft blow of wind come from my right.

But that couldn’t be! There was a big wall there!

I suddenly felt nervous and would gladly cross half the town to get away from here, but I was already too deep in the alley to turn around with a bicycle.

Okay, Melody, relax. There is nothing to worry about, only a creepy wind which can’t exist. Everything is alright.

I tried to relax, but it wouldn’t work.
Then again another blow of soft wind washed over me, only now on my left.

What’s happening?! This can’t be! It’s like I’m surrounded!

I began to panic and quickened my pace. My bike wouldn’t help me. Whoever it was he could grab me in a second if I wouldn't be more careful.

I stayed near my bike, ready to jump on it at any moment.

Now there was a big gust of wind. I looked frantically around me searching for the source. I couldn't find anyone and so I started walking again. Only with the first step I bumped into someone. Freaked out, I looked who it was and that was a big shock.
The same crimson red eyes as in the restaurant looked into mine. The beauty of the man was more powerful than before and now I knew why my conscience had told me that he was dangerous. He had followed me and since he was standing for my way out I could do nothing, but run the opposite way.
But if he really had followed me than he would have done that without a car or a bike, right? How could he possibly have caught up on me if that was true? How did I not see him caught up with me? If he had caused that gush of wind how could I not have seen him?
All those questions were running through my head and I couldn't find a single answer to them.

He was beautiful, but dangerous and I knew that I already feared him.

After a long look of that man I felt a sharp horrible pain at my neck.

That man had bitten me! Wait... Dracula? Do vampires exist?

That sort of crazy thought were what I was thinking of. Off course is this man not Dracula, not even a vampire, right?
I didn't know how wrong I was.

I hadn't even seen the man come to my neck; I was questioning my own healthiness at this moment. Then I felt something which really couldn't be true. The man sucked at my neck on the place where he had bitten me and I felt some of my blood going right to my neck. The man suddenly pulled back. It was like I had been stricken by lightning, there was a terrible burning pain flowing through my veins.
I screamed from the unbearable pain as I felt the burning liquid go through all the veins of my body.

I didn't even notice my bicycle that had fallen on the stone ground where I was laying, screaming in pain. I couldn't even think thanks to the pain, it was burning me from the inside. Like an eternal flame who only caused pain and chaos in my system.

In a few seconds I couldn't even feel the ground anymore. The whole time I had closed my eyes, hoping that it was a stupid and very realistic dream. I opened my eyes and it was like I floated above the ground. The unbearable pain wouldn't stop and I really thought that this was the end, my end.

I looked at what had caused the floating and as I focussed my eyes I saw that things were flying past me like hell! I saw the man running like I had never seen anyone do. He had dragged me with him and the pain had helped me with not feeling him picking me up. At least he didn't cause more pain than I already had. Though, I couldn't even imagine more pain than I had now. I hadn't even stopped screaming and I swear that if I would survive this that I would need a good hearing aid.

The next second we stood still and were standing in a forest. I didn't have any idea where this could be; he went so fast that I couldn't register anything of it. I had tried to focus on one point, but it was in less than a tenth second nowhere to be seen.

The man dropped me to the ground and sat before me, having a cruel smile on his perfect face. His eyes were blood red and his pitch black hair was wind blown.

I began shaking violently and the screams became louder as the burning liquid was almost at my heart. I found it already amazing of myself that I didn't yet fall unconscious, because of the pain I had. When it would touch my heart it would be over, everything I've been fighting for in my life, it will be worthless. It was slowly creeping up to my heart. It touched my heart and my heart began pumping wilder than ever to get it away from there, I knew this would be the last time that my heart beaded. I couldn't do anything as I heard the last thud of my heart who gave up. I sank into the deep darkness.