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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


2. What! A vampire?!

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I woke up early this morning and I began to feel the same pain as yesterday night. I kept screaming almost the whole day, fell unconscious, woke up and I began with screaming again. That routine kept repeating itself and I became sick of it.
Why couldn't it just stop?! I sobbed while screaming, there only came no tears. I finally fell unconscious again and this time it stayed like that for a while.


I woke up the next morning. Hoping that the routine wasn't there anymore. My head throbbed and the pain from yesterday was less, but still very painful. I didn’t move. It would only increase. I adjusted to the large amount of light and looked slowly around, sure not to cause too much pain. I really didn’t want a repeat of yesterday.

Now I thought of it, how could I still be alive as my heart had stopped beating?

I listened intently and couldn’t hear anything. Well off course I couldn’t hear it very good!

I laid one hand on my heart and now tried to feel it. If there was any way to know if my heart still beats than this is the way.

I felt nothing. No heartbeat, nothing.

I panicked and stood up. I screamed. I began to lie on the grass and screamed immediately. If this is going to be repeating itself for a few days, I don't know what the consequences of my actions are.

I now looked around in slow-motion, hoping it wouldn't get worse than it already was and saw where I was. I was deep into the forest of Port Angeles. How I knew that? I used to go towards here a lot. I loved the peace and I had really needed it in that time. My parents were mystically disappeared at my 13th and no-one had ever found them. I had always wondered what would've happened if they still were here. I wouldn't have to work as a waitress. I only became a waitress, because the rest of my family found out that I was very independent and that I could live on my own. They thought of the lines like "Well, she can take care of herself, we'll leave her be and let her alone. She costs too much anyway."

I had to deal with that, but now I'm happy of what they did to me. It made me strong and more independent than I ever was. Maybe that's why I'm still alive.

Wait a second! My heart doesn't beats anymore, how could I be alive then?

That was indeed a very good question. I began to think about answers, but only came up with some crazy thought, which really couldn't be true. There was no way that I was immortal, there was no way that this was the heaven or the hell and there was no way that I was bitten by a big radio-active spider yesterday. Which leads me to the question why and how that man had bitten me. Again, I had no answer.

I stayed there for a long time, thinking of everything what had happened yesterday and trying to understand it. No such luck though.

But what if that random thought of me about vampires was right? Was I now one of them? A vampire? Did they really exist?
It seems to be true and it was the only real explanation of all this shit. If I really was a vampire, how could it be that that vampire had chosen me and not someone else? And vampires didn't have extra gifts. They didn't have such inhumanly speed and they wouldn't want to be seen in public.

But this is the reality, maybe things are different than from the stories and myths. And is this what a real vampire has as powers.

I heard far away fast footsteps running towards me, I turned my head fast towards the noise and bit my bottom lip to not scream out in pain of the sudden movement of myself. There came a man out of the bushes, not the man of yesterday, but he had the same pale skin and red eyes. I was very aware of him and I could see him perfectly while he really was running towards me at that inhumanly speed. I guess that some of those powers were beginning to work on me.

He stopped in front of me with a friendly smile on his face. He was less scary than the other man and that helped me relax in his company. I smiled, but it turned into a grimace as I remembered that I was still not saved.

His hair was a dark blond, his face was sharper build than the other man and he had less muscles. Though, he looked some younger than the man.

'Who are you?' I asked unbelievingly.

'I'm Shane and the man who has turned you is called Aion. Did you already figure out what you are now?' Shane asked with a friendly voice.

I nodded and said with a voice I didn't know I had: 'Yes, I'm a vampire, but I think that we have different powers than that the stories and myths tell.'

I pushed my hand before my mouth, not believing that my voice had suddenly turned so different. My voice was like a beautiful melody playing, I loved it instantly.

Shane laughed at the expression on my face, a soft lovingly laugh.

'Well, you're right. I knew that Aion would choose a smart human as his first,' He nodded in approval and followed, 'We're indeed different than from the myths and stories, we have other powers and some of us have an extra ability. The powers which you certainly get are: better eye side, vampire speed, better hearing and your nose will be very advanced. You'll be very strong too. Furthermore, you're body will change. It'll be perfect, like a supermodel, your voice as you have already seen is to humans almost hypnotic and your eyes can change from colour. Depending on your thirst. If you're very thirsty your eyes become black, when you've just had some blood your eyes will be blood red and normally it will be your own colour of red. You will have to hunt humans to survive. You're immortal, but there are ways to kill a vampire. We will see later on if you have an extra gift. Oh... and we have an extremely low body temperature. That means that if you touch a human that they will think that they're touched by ice.'

I took all the information in and smiled at the thought of having a body like a supermodel. On the other side I grimaced at the thought of having to kill innocent people. I hated that, maybe there would be another way of dealing with that. I would find out how.
What did he say? He said something about choosing a smart human first. Am I the first one they turned? Are there going to be more?

Whoa, he said I was smart! I don't hear that very often.

'Which colour of my eyes do I have now then?' I asked eager to know.

'It's weird. It's a mixture of red and electric blue. But that only makes you more interesting.' Shane answered.

I laughed; my eyes had been electric blue when I was a human. It always was the first thing people saw from me, after that it was my hair, which was something between blond and brown. My hair had always been a mystery. Nobody knew if it was blond or brown, it was a light blond and a very light brown. When it was summer it looked like blond, because everything was sunny. But in winter my hair looked very light brown, because of the rain and dark clouds. It was a long time ago that I had seen snow, but when it was there my hair looked like that light brown against the snow. My body has had always enough curves to let the boys at least look once at me, but if Shane was right and I would get a perfect body, I sure want to know how I look.
The low body temperature didn't mind me. I've always had it colder than anybody else I know. When my hands were warm, they were cold to others. I always had to laugh at that, but I think that I won't even feel that it's cold.

'What happens when I'm thirsty? I mean, do I have to learn how to hunt?' I asked.

'Today and tomorrow we'll come with some blood, not too much, but enough to satisfy you. You can't hunt in this condition, too painful. After that you can do it yourself, your instincts will guide you.' He answered.

I nodded, understanding what he meant. This was quite an adventure and I loved that. I've waited too long for my own adventure and now see what I've got! I'm immortal, I'm a vampire, I've unbelievable powers and my life is now my own adventure!

'Vampires don't cry.' I said as a statement.

'Yes, we don't. We don't blush or sleep either.' He said whilst thinking.

'No sleep?' I said astonished.

Sleep was the way for me to get away from the reality and now I couldn't even do that.

'Yes, no sleep.' He said like he was talking to a child.

'Ehmm... Do you know when all the powers start working?' I asked unsure of my question.

'No, you need to find out yourself. Are some of them already working?' He asked interested.

'Well, I guess that some of them do. Like hearing and eye side are definitely improved. I'm sure of that.' I answered.

The more I talked, the more the pain became less. It still stayed, but just less.

Shane nodded.

I stood up slowly and hissed. Stupid burning pain.

'You shouldn't do that, just lay down, please?' Shane said concerned.

'Do you really think that I can stay here and lay down for another day? I don't think so, too boring!' I said with a smirk.

I walked away at human speed, as I now should call it.

'Okay, but stay near!' He said.

'Yeah, whatever!' I answered.

I walked around the forest. How much I loved the peace... There came a big sigh out of my mouth. I looked up trough the trees at the sky. The sun came through the green and made the forest look even greener than it really is.

I walked towards a tree and sat at the roots. There shone some of the sunlight on me and my now much paler skin glistened like diamonds. I looked awed at it. After a few minutes just looking at it I recovered from the shock of the sudden beauty and wondered why it didn't burn. I mean, vampires aren't supposed to be in the sunlight, isn't it? Maybe that's a myth too and we just don't want to be seen with skin like diamonds. I guess that's the reason why people came up with that myth.

I heard fast footsteps and somehow heard something going through my thoughts.

Melody is not with Shane. Shane had to leave her alone, didn't he!

Shit, it’s Aion and he's pretty mad! I was running towards Shane, not caring if it would hurt. The trees went by faster than I expected and I was in less than a second with Shane.

He looked unbelievingly at me, but I didn't care.

'Aion is coming and he's very mad!' I whispered fast, so that Aion couldn't hear it just yet.

Shane's eyes looked shocked at me and than towards the forest. We both heard the fast footsteps coming closer every second and than he stood there. Aion's wild and mad eyes looked first at me. If I could be any paler than I am now, I would be. Aion's furious eyes than turned towards Shane. I saw clearly that he couldn't move, as scared as he was.

Shane mentioned with his head that I should go and I did that as fast as I could.