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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


3. Facing myself

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I ran as fast as I could into the forest. When they were far out of my reach I stopped and looked around. Somehow I could hear what they thought. Just like when I was alone and warned Shane for Aion. It was weird to think about it, while I heard them.

Why did I let her go on her own? I should have known that Aion would come soon to check on her, after he had found a new human to turn.

That was definitely Shane, but what was that about turning another human? I would get back on that later.

I blocked Shane’s thoughts as far as I could and focused on the thoughts of Aion.

Shane needs to know why we can’t let her alone. She’s a newborn, she can’t be controlled easily. Especially, because she now has been fully turned.

That was Aion’s thoughts for sure. I can’t be controlled easily? Yeah, right! On the other side he thinks that I can be a danger to them.

Somehow the listening to their thoughts looked very naturally to me. Like I have always done that. I liked it. It meant that they couldn’t hold things back for me, without me knowing it and I couldn’t help but be excited by it. If this was my extra power than it was very cool. Reading someone else's mind isn't something you can do often!

I won't tell them this. If they know about it they will just block their thoughts for me and that's exactly what I don't want.

I let my mind wander and started to listen to all the noises in the forest. I heard some deer their hooves, it was incredible. I heard a growl from far away; still it looked like it was near. It was definitely a bear.

I was truly fascinated by the specific noises. It was all so different than when I was a human. Not even one sound was or looked like the same.

I sure had wasted a lot of time now. I began running again and avoided the trees with ease. I saw a lot of things going very fast past me, but I could see exactly what it was.

Then I saw a lake coming near. I stopped right before the water and looked into it. I fell backwards from what I saw. I was totally surprised to see a beautiful person with monstrously red with blue eyes looking at me.

I had the same blond/brown lightly curling hair, I had a perfect body with all the curves you could think of, my lips were a perfect shade of red and I was extremely pale. I looked stunning and was taken aback from my own perfect body.

I was beautiful, but at the same time I was a deadly monster. When I looked at my eyes I saw the monster in them. The blood red said everything. I was frightened of myself.

I'm a vampire, a monster. The world’s best predator, the deathliest and the most beautiful creature there is.

If I would be able to cry, I would. The realization crashed into me, while I wasn't prepared for it.

'This is what I am now and I'll make the best of it.' I said to myself to lighten my mood.

I'll need to leave them. They do actually kill humans, but I can't leave Shane and Aion just yet. I still need them to teach me things. I have to stay, but I only will, because I have no other choice.

I knew that that was my only option. I needed to learn how to control the monster in me and I needed to know another way of getting blood, without hurting anybody.

I thought about other ways of getting blood. Though none of them was without a big obstacle or without killing anybody.
I could go to a hospital and get some blood out of a dead corps. That one wouldn't work, because if I would only get into a hospital I would be able to smell all the blood and that could let to actions which I want to avoid in the first place.
I could go to a blood bank, but only thinking that people came there to give blood, so others could live. Immediately made that option impossible, since I didn't want to be the death of anybody. And so the list kept on...

While I thought of all those possibilities, there began to be an itchy feeling in my throat. First of I put it in the back of my mind, it wasn't important, but it kept getting worse till I couldn't get it out of my mind anymore.

I growled viciously. I slammed my fists against a tree, trying to control the feeling, but the only thing that happened was that the tree split at the place where I hit it and fell with a loud crash to the ground.

I was surprised at how easy it was to split the tree, but I was taken back into reality as I heard a heartbeat from one kilometre away.

Without a warning my legs ran towards the place where the heartbeat came from and I stopped just behind a tree near the heartbeat. I saw a men, he was probably hiking.

I felt how my instincts tried to take me over and eat that man. He smelled so good if you compare him with the animals I've smelled. I felt how my control was slowly slipping as I took another step towards the men.

No! I won't give in!

Yes, you will and you know it.

I was having an inner battle with the vampire in me and that really wasn't helping. The inner battle was crumpling my guard as I saw that I had almost no choice, but to drink the blood of the men.

Melody! Get a grip on yourself! You don’t want this. Think about the family of that guy, maybe he has children. Do you want to kill him and let his kids never have their father again? Do you want to rob him from his family only because you slipped from your control? Is that what you want?!

It was getting harder and harder, but I couldn't... No, I wouldn't do anything to him.

I shook myself out of it and saw how near I had come to the man. It had been just a few steps and he would be dead.
Before I got into more temptation and before I could attack him. I turned around and ran as fast as I could towards the opposite direction of the man.

The heartbeat of the guy was still lingering in my mind, but my thirst was much more important now.I was running farther and farther, never wanting to stop. Suddenly my thirst took over again, but this time there wasn't any human near, only some deer.

I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew that I needed to hunt. I turned left following a scent of one of the deer. It ran away sensing that he was in danger. I easily caught up with him. My instincts took over and in one jump I was on top of the deer. The deer fell to the ground with me. My teeth bored into the neck and I swiftly drank his blood.

The smell wasn't as appealing as from the men and the blood wasn't very satisfying either, but it was this or nothing.

I looked at the dead deer in another light. I could fill myself with animals too! I was happy, although the blood wasn't good as from a human, I could live with it. This was the way I was looking for. Killing animals isn't as bad as killing humans.

I covered the deer so that no one could see it and ran again. One deer wasn't enough to get the itchy feeling totally away, just a little bit.
After another deer it was enough and the feeling was gone.

I stopped when I realised that my clothes where covered with blood, were dirty from the forest and other things too.

I hadn't known how late it was until now. I looked up at the sky, the moon and the stars were already filling it. It was late and I sure needed new clothes. I didn't have the money, so I would need to steal it, but that wasn't on my mind right now.
The thing that was on my mind was that I looked like someone from the jungle with this clothes on.

It was already evening, which means that most shops were already closed. Perfect timing.

I ran towards the noises of Port Angeles. I stopped at the edge of the forest where you could look out above the whole city. It was so different than I remembered. Everything looked slightly different out of the eyes of a vampire, I kind of liked it.The scents from all the humans were incredibly strong compared to the animals'. Thankfully I had already hunted. I could resist the humans much better now and I could control myself easily.

I saw my favourite clothe shop closed and I immediately ran over to it. There weren't any video cameras to register anything. So, I guessed that there would be an alarm if you opened the door.

I opened the door at vampire speed and closed it immediately, so that the alarm couldn't register my movements. The lock was totally broken, but the alarm was programmed to go off if there were any movements. But at the speed that I was looking through the clothes it wouldn't go off.

After I had seen all the clothes I chose three shirts, one sweater, three jeans and two pairs of shoes. That would be enough for a while. The owners of the shop wouldn't miss anything. My size of clothes was XS now, but that wasn't a problem.

As fast as I had come I was gone and went back to the lake. I did a new pair of clothes and the new shoes on. I looked at my reflection and I looked even more beautiful than I had. I confirmed that I liked it and threw my ruined clothes away. I now went to the place where I left Aion and Shane.

I knew that they were waiting for me as I heard it in their minds. How would they react at my new clothes and the new me?
I wanted to know that badly and that's why I stopped in front of them with a big smile on my face.