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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


4. Finding my way

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I watched as they both looked at me with wonder written in their eyes. Their thoughts were quite the same.

Why did she come back? I thought that she would be gone after what happened.

Shane’s thoughts were the most outstanding ones, though.

Is everything alright with her? Why is she still here? She’s quite brave to come back. I knew that she was the right choice.

Interesting… I was the right choice and I’m brave. That is very interesting... The right choice, huh? So, they just choose random humans to turn into vampires? Or do they have certain conditions, which you must apply to before they choose you?
I have no idea...

'Hey!' I said in a happy voice.

'Hello. Ehmm... I need to go to the city.' Aion said uncomfortable.

'Ehmm... Okay, I guess.' I responded.

Aion nodded and fled from the scene. I was slightly confused, what did he need to do in Port Angeles?

'What is he going to do there?' I asked Shane.

'He's going to turn the next human. You were the first as you know. In the next few days there will come more. Then you’re not the only newborn anymore.' Shane answered.

'Why are you two turning humans? If it's not to bold to ask.' I said.

'It's not to bold and we turn humans, because we're forming a coven of vampires. Aion and I both have our enemies and it's time to get back at them. In about a week it will be time to attack, but before than we will teach you and the other coming newborns how to fight. That's basically why.' Shane answered, while carefully choosing his words.

'So, that's were you guys are constantly busy with?' I asked.

'Yes.' He said.

'Oh... Okay than.' I said, not knowing what to say next.

//Alice POV//

This week I've had more visions than I normally would have and they all were about the same subject. The new coven that was forming.

The normal procedure began when a vision came; my eyes and face became expressionless.

I saw a girl, who walked through the grass where three transforming humans lay. The girl was a vampire. She shook her head at the sight of the humans. I saw clearly that this wasn't something she liked. Though, she still stayed and holds watch. She looked towards the trees of the forest, which was in front of her. She bowed her head as if ashamed that she was there. Not able to do anything for the humans.

'Why did I need to stay here? I hate to see them like this.' she said to herself.

I knew exactly what she meant, but why did she stay if she didn't want to?

The vision stopped there, all those visions I've had this week were about the same girl. She was important. She could change everything, I knew that.
She was one of the newborns of the coven; still she was different than the others. I haven't had any visions as to why she was different, but I knew and that was enough. She only needed to make the right choice.

'What did you see, Alice?' Jasper asked, noticing that I was slightly confused.

'It's the same girl again. It seems to me that she's quite important to the forming coven, who wants to attack us. But I just don't get her. Why is she staying with them if she doesn't want to? Who is she exactly?' I said, saying the questions that were bothering me for a long time.

Jasper and the rest of the family already knew that the girl was one of the newborns. I told them everything about my visions, because the girl is part of the attacking coven and it's only normal to tell them everything what I see if the visions don't change.

'I don't know, Alice. I wish I knew.' Jasper said.

'Come on, I need to tell the vision to the others.' I said, while I took Jasper's hand and dragged him with me.

// End Alice's POV//

It was silent for a long time between Shane and me. Maybe he wanted to give me time to think about it, but I didn't know what I had to think of this. First, it would be handy if they taught us how to fight correctly. Second, I still wanted to know why I was chosen. And third, I didn't want to fight. Though, it would be easier to fight if I knew that that coven drank human blood. Than it wouldn't have to be bad after all.

The rest of that night was quite the same. There wasn't said anything. Aion came with a screaming human, who he settled on the grass and let it be.
It was a guy, who was round my age. Well, human age... There didn't happen anything else that night.

The next day involved the still screaming human and me. Aion and Shane were gone. They would both come with two other humans in the afternoon. I needed to stay with the human the whole day and in the afternoon it were three humans, who I needed to take care of.

Their screaming in combination with their thoughts was unbearable for me. I tried to block their thoughts and it worked for a little bit. It wasn't enough to block their thoughts completely away, their thoughts were too strong to ignore.

A few hours later I paced between the humans and shook my head. I again tried to block their minds, but with no success. Their screams lingered in my mind and I just couldn't keep it away.

I looked towards the trees of the forest in front of me. I bowed my head. I didn't want to be here, while I'm not able to do anything for the humans.

'Why did I need to stay here? I hate to see them like this.' I said to myself.


After two days of the same screaming it was finally gone and the three humans were completely transformed. We were with six now, but Shane would come with a seventh this evening.

The stupid screaming would begin again and the three newborns weren't like me at all. They were all in for drinking human blood and that's why I needed to do the watch again, when the turning human came. Somehow the newborns respected me, not because I drank animal blood. They didn't even get to know that. The same was with Aion and Shane. But they respected me, because I could control myself very good in the presence of a human and because I was the first of them who was turned.

In the three days the last human was turning, we were already beginning with training and fighting. It seemed that I was the fastest of them all, including Aion and Shane. I loved running trough the forest, those were the times that I could be alone with my own thoughts and I just needed that sometimes. We trained running too and I became aware that my power was beginning to work as I wanted it to. My power was also extending and I was able to put thoughts into someone else's head. Aion, Shane and the other newborns all knew that I could put thoughts into someone's head. They experienced it in the first place.

I was just running, when I also was listening to their thoughts. One of the newborns, who was called Dave, had some interesting thoughts and I thought that it would be funny if he thought that Aion looked like a girl. Immediately his thoughts went that way and were like.

Wow. Aion looks like a girl, I've never seen him in that way. But it's true .

Then I realised that was exactly what I wanted him to think and he realised that that couldn't be his own thoughts. So, he asked "who did that?" and I answered that I thought that it would be funny if he would think that. That's how I discovered that my power had more to it.

We also trained to use our surroundings to our profit and climb trees easily.

There were only two problems in this big dream of mine. My eyes turned golden instead of being red, which got me gold with electric blue eyes. That was the most beautiful combination of colours I knew and I liked it a lot more than red with electric blue. Though, it pushed me to drink just a little bit of human blood after I hunted. I didn't like it at all, but otherwise they would discover my secret. Luckily the other newborns were negligent when it came to drinking human blood. The blood was everywhere then and wasn't fully drunken. It was easy to follow the scent and drink a little bit when they were gone. Though, it was always hard to stop, I always drank it after I hunted and was able to stop when I had just a little amount. It was enough to let my eyes be red for two days or so. Then there was the problem of hunting. The problem was easily solved, because they needed to hunt far more than I needed to. They hunted like three times a week and I only needed one. When they hunted and I didn't have to, I did other things like using my power and learning to control it better.

The last newborn was learning quickly, which helped to improve us as a coven better. We did fake fights to loosen up and know what was waiting for us at the end of the week. The other newborns didn't want to fight with me, because I had brains and I knew exactly what to do to my opponent. As I was the oldest of them I was the one they most feared at fights. Their thought's always made me laugh.

Now it was time to confront the other coven and fight. I still didn't know if they did drink human blood, but the chance was so little that I would meet other vampires with the same "diet" as me that I gave that up. Of course they drank human blood; the chance is just too small.
I did know that there was someone within that coven, who could see the future. He or she would have seen us already coming.

It's going to be a lot of fun...