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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


5. A weird confrontation

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I’ve learned so much this week. I learned how to fight, how to kill and how to control my powers. And now it was time to use those three.
I had to fight, I probably had to kill and I sure had to use my powers the best I could.

We began the journey towards the little town called Forks. Shane had said that the coven was settled there.

The nearer we came to Forks, the more the thoughts of Aion and Shane were blocked. At some point they were only busy with letting their thoughts not slip and were thinking about stupid things, which didn't matter.
But I couldn't ask why. The only explanation for this was that in the coven from Forks was a mind reader, just like I was.You know, I have a little problem, again. The others hunt 3 times a week and the colour of my eyes stay red for two days by the amount of blood from humans that I drink. Well, than you have one day where my eyes are totally golden and not red. This was that day. I do hide it good, but if they would look at me they'll see. That hasn't happened yet, but it won't take long for them to notice.

We were almost there, a few minutes and we would confront them.Aion and Shane stopped suddenly and said us to stop too.
Because of the speed I was in, I had already been some meters in front of them, so I had to stop and turn around. I stood were the others were waiting for our instructions.

'In a second we will meet them, don't show any fear and beat them all like we have trained.' Aion said.

I couldn't help but giggle at his words. He looked exactly like a coach who gives a speech before the big game.

Aion ignored me, even in his thoughts.

'Melody, you'll take a bronze-haired boy. He is very fast, but we know that you can beat him in that. Shirley, you'll take the little pixie-like girl. That girl can see the future, so be smart and do things unexpected. David...' Shane went on and on about who would take who and I had stopped listening.

That guy is fast? Very fast? I'll see about that... No one can outrun me...

I could already hear some thoughts of the other coven. Our coven had much different thoughts, though. Shirley was contemplating about what she could do against the pixie girl. David was horrified. Dave was totally in for the fight and looked forward to it. The rest were hesitant or had a black-out. And me? I didn't care about anything. I would see how it worked out. I would be more than fine, just like Aion and Shane both knew.

I started listening to Shane again and he had finished his own speech. We were running towards an open place in the woods, where the other coven was waiting for us.

I looked them all over and found the bronze-haired guy. His hair was wind-blown and he had a lean, but muscular body. Not to forget a flawless face. And then I saw it... This couldn't be! They had all golden eyes.

I was thoroughly shocked and couldn't move from the spot where I was standing. Did they drink animal blood too? Are there really more vampires, who only drink animal blood? Am I not the only one?

All those thoughts were swarming through my head and the answer to each question was the same. Yes, they do drink animal blood. Yes, there are more vampires of my kind and I'm not the only one.

The bronze-haired guy looked at me questioningly. I put myself together and walked in human speed towards the spot across from him. The others from my coven had already taken their spots and all looked at the leaders, who were talking to each other.

I zoned out and didn't want to hear what they said. Whatever was said, what was going to happen wouldn't change.

Shirley stood next to me and looked smug at the pixie girl. The pixie girl was just as small like me and looked very hyper. If they would take a look at me I guess that they would see the same thing. I was hyper and even though I couldn't have an adrenaline rush, I sure had one.

I turned my attention to the thoughts of the girl and found something exquisite.

It's the girl! We're going to have so much fun the couple of days that are coming. I can't wait! Edward, it's her! The girl, who is standing in front of you.

Okay, so that should be the one, who can see the future and Edward should be the mind reader.
I looked at Edward and saw that he rolled his eyes.

'I know it's her, Alice. I've seen her in your visions, remember?' Edward said in a low tone that only vampires could hear.

I put my thoughts in Alice, because I wanted to know what she had seen and why I was important to her.

It's Alice, right? Okay, ehmm... Why are we going to have fun the couple of days? And why am I important to you guys?

Alice's confused eyes immediately looked into mine and Edward's too.

Aion and Shane had a heated conversation now and I would be able to say anything without their notice.

'I can read minds and I can put thoughts in someone else's head.' I explained silently.

Some heads of the Forks coven were directed at me then. My coven was to busy with preparing themselves and waited for the sign to attack.

To say the least, they were shocked to know that piece of new information. I guess that they hadn't expected it, but that wasn't everything. They held their gaze on my eyes. They must have seen my eyes by now.

Your eyes... How?

Edward thoughts were swirling. From the one image of mine to the other. Trying to find an image were my eyes were the same mixed colour of golden and electric blue.

'You won't find anything of that. I had to hide it, because of them.' I answered his unspoken question.

He nodded, while Alice still looked confused. Someone next to her was looking intently at me. He was a guy with blond hair and his thoughts were saying that he could read emotions. That's interesting... Are there anymore surprises left for me? Because than I want to know them all.

I don't want to fight with them. I had expected that they were like the rest of my coven, thirsty for humans. I need to find a way to turn myself against my own coven and never see them again. But how? Will Alice and Edward help me, when I ask them to? Of course not. Who am I? I'm someone who bumped into their lives and goes asking favours of them.

I had two options: One, I run away as fast as I can and never come back to this state. Two, I ask Alice and Edward to help me and if they don't help me option one will start. But if they choose to help me I can finish this mess and than go back to Port Angeles.

Either way, it didn't feel right, like there was another thing that I could do.

Our coven stood in fighting positions now and I could hear hisses coming from them. I looked at the other coven and saw what I hadn't seen in the beginning. They weren't just a coven; they were like a family to each other as if they were a real family.

Edward and Alice still looked at me.

Keep your heads on the fight; this is going to be tough.

I said in their minds, I followed with one last thought that was sent to Edward.

Play the game... I won't allow myself to hurt any of your family. Just play the game, I'll explain later...

Edward nodded in conformation to what I had thought to him.

I noticed that the rest of my so-called coven was looking at me. I had the honour of beginning the fight and so I did.

I attacked quickly and he didn't see my attack coming. He was thrown against a tree, though not hard enough to break it. Like I thought to him, I didn't want to hurt them.
He grinned and sent me flying through the air, landing with a big bang on the ground, but without loosing any of my balance. The impact of my perfect landing gave a big gape on the forest ground. I walked graciously out of that big gape and looked offended towards him.

Can't you do anything better?

I thought playfully. He seemed to catch that and smirked at me. I smirked back, this was going to be more of a who-will-stop-the-first-one-with-moving fight and I wasn't planning to ever stop.

I advanced again and this time I let the impact increase to not just throw him, but running with him towards a tree at full speed. The second before we would both hit the tree I was gone in a flash and stood next to Edward, while grinning.

Without any signal of his thoughts or anything else he ran at full speed away into the forest. I was running after him and heard his thoughts. So, he wanted to test my speed? I'm sure that it'll amaze him.

I grinned like a maniac, while I increased my speed to a new level and I found him easily. His scent was easy to found in the thick green forest. Within a heartbeat I tackled him to the ground and smiled down at him instead of up. I hovered above him now and he was the one on the floor.

'You didn't see that coming! Okay, my ego is getting bigger... Not good...' I said while laughing.

'That really helps.' he responded.

'I know!'

I offered my hand and he took it. Now I have to smile up to him! He's too damn tall...

'And now I need to know what I'm going to do. I can't test it on him, to painful even for a vampire. What to do?' I said talking to myself.

'What do you mean with to painful for a vampire?' Edward asked puzzled.

'You know that I can let people think things?' I asked.

He nodded.

'Well, to let them think those things I need to manipulate a part of their brain. I taught myself to go farther than that part of a brain and now I'm capable of manipulating the part that lets you feel pain. That means that I can let someone have unbearable pain, while they don't even have a scratch. I don't like to use it, but it is for emergencies and it could help a lot against them. But I only tried it on animals, so that they wouldn't know and now I'm not sure if I've tested it enough to let it work on vampires too.' I answered simply.

He blinked a couple of times and said: 'Wow. Do you have any more surprises? Because that are things I need to know.'

'I don't have any other surprises, but we have to go back. I'm going to face them and the fun part is that they don't even know it!' I said.

I was excited for no reason at all, but I liked it.

'You do know that that sounds really weird, don't you?' He asked while smiling.

'Yeah, I know, but I can be weird at times. So, you'll just have to endure that as long as I'm here.' I answered.

'Alright then. Let's go.'

We were running back to the open place and I was the first one who walked towards "them". They didn't know what was coming and I already smiled at the thought.