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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


6. Think before you attack

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They gave me a side-way glance and continued their fighting. Did they know that I was the real threat to them.

I looked over to Edward, who had just walked to my side. I wondered how I would make some attention towards myself, so I could make clear what I exactly wanted - what I had wanted from the beginning.

My formal coven their minds were all fixed on advancing or defending and were all very concentrated on what they were doing. If I would have their attention, it would take a split second to make them clear how I thought about this. But thinking is a whole lot different than really doing it.

How could I draw attention to me? What would be the best way of doing that? If I had found the perfect way for me, how would I say the things I needed to say? Were words even necessary? Damn, I sometimes hate why I have to know every answer to every question and why I always have to ask myself so many questions. I only make it harder for myself. I'm so stupid sometimes...

It wasn't before then that I knew exactly what I wanted to do - what I needed to do.

I spotted Aion, who was held against a tree by the leader of the Forks coven. I blocked all the swarming thoughts of everyone around me, except for Aion's. My mind searched for the part of his brain where I was looking for and found it easily. He mustn't have had much pain as long as he is a vampire. This will certainly shock him; I'll build up the pain.I smiled wryly as I began the process. I felt how a bolt of electricity went through Aion's body and saw the consequences of my actions. He suddenly had stopped struggling in his position and stood deathly still. He didn't have an idea of what was going on at all.

I let another bolt of electricity run through his body, the electricity some heavier this time. Aion's muscles constricted, his hands grabbed the tree behind him as he hold on to it. The leader of the Forks coven looked towards me and somehow knew that I was doing this. My eyes were dancing with amusement as the others seemed to notice what was happening. They all stopped and were looking in astonishment as they looked who could be the source to this; they saw me looking intently at Aion, while I was perfectly calm and concentrated.

I closed my eyes and this time made Aion feel how a crunched leg would feel by a human. His face contorted in pain and he fell to the ground, clutching his leg. He hissed in despite of the pain, but couldn't do anything to stop it.

Shane looked at me with disbelief all written over his features, but that was soon replaced by hatred. He walked in vampire speed to Aion and searched for anything that could lead to the pain Aion felt. Shane's face showed utter confusion, but still with a hint of hatred.

Without a warning, he stormed towards me. I knew that this would be coming, Shane isn't how he looks and he isn't as nice as he seems to be. He is just as murderous as Aion; it was all just a facade. I knew that all by just looking at his face now, he had lost his control, he saw what I can do and he wanted more than anything to stop me.

I panicked as Shane attacked me; I was thrown against the ground with Shane on top of me. I didn't let myself get distracted so easily. The pain of Aion only increased as I let him feel even more pain. Shane was trying to bite me and I was struggling against him, which wasn't so easy with his razor sharp teeth trying to get me.

I shoved him off of me in a quick movement; before he could strike again I intruded his brain and let him feel the same pain as Aion still had. It was a lot harder to concentrate like this with two minds which I needed to control, but I managed it.

Shane stopped dead in his tracks, but still tried to get to me. I only increased his pain; it was incredibly frustrating to know what I did to them. The newborns watched in fear to the scene not even trying to stop me.

Although it felt good to have so much control over them, it didn't feel right and I didn't liked to do it.

I increased the pain once more and saw how Aion and Shane both struggled on the ground, trying to get the pain away. I forced myself to get out of their brains and took an unnecessarily deep breath. I calmed down in an instant and watched how the pain subsided by Aion and Shane.

They didn't move anymore, I guess that I had made some staying damage.

I again closed my eyes, took a deep breath and opened my eyes again. I felt much freer now as I wasn't intruding their brains anymore. The feeling of having access to their brains and manipulating them was one of power, but somehow I didn't like to have such power even though it could be useful, like now.

The newborns ran away as their own immortal lives were depending on it. I hadn't even realised that Alice, Edward and their coven had made a fire and threw pieces of Aion in it.

I walked towards them and helped to burn the pieces. I noticed that Shane wasn't here anymore.

'What has happened with Shane?' I asked Edward.

'He escaped; we don't think he'll be a great threat to us and you anymore, so we let him go.' Edward answered earnestly.

'You mean by "think" that Alice saw it or...' I said while I trailed off.

'Yes, he won't bother us for some time.' he answered.

'Okay then.'

I felt a little awkward as I knew that the others were all listening to the conversation. I allowed myself to think about my life before I was changed. I pondered, as this was the first time I really thought about it, since all what happened.

Had anyone even noticed my absence? Did they think I was dead? If so, did I have a grave? If not, did they think that I was kidnapped or was just simply missing?

I snorted at the stupid thoughts of myself. As if anything of that mattered! And again, I was asking too many questions which I did not know the answers of.
I smiled at the thought of my own foolishness.

I won't ever change. Too many questions, no answers. I should at least check if anyone realised I am gone, just for sure. A little trip to Port Angeles won't hurt anybody and than I immediately can get my wallet and credit card. I guess that that will be coming in handy some time.

The fire had been stopped from burning and that left an awkward silence. Most of them looked at me, expecting me to say something. Though, I didn't follow their expectations and kept silent.

Without a mere thought Alice stood before me and grabbed my arm with a friendly smile on her face. I smiled reluctantly as I couldn't know what she wanted, since she was singing the ABC's in French in her thoughts. She smiled reassuringly in response and dragged me with her.

I gave Edward a quick glance. I got an apologetic look in return, which obviously meant that he also had no idea (whatsoever) what Alice had in mind. That was really very helpful.

As Edward and the others got out of sight, I asked Alice what she had on her mind.

She just smiled mischievously and answered: 'You'll see, but I know for sure that you'll like it.'

I gave her a confused look, but didn't complain. We ran towards the edge of the little town and then went on with a humanly possible pace.

'Alice,' I warned her, 'I haven't been this near to humans for three days now. Don't you find this a little risky as I'm a newborn?'

Alice smiled a brilliant smile and answered: 'You'll be more than fine. I can assure you that!'

She tapped her finger to her temple and smiled sweetly. I bit back a comment and hold my mouth shut, but smiled anyways. Alice was so energetic; I couldn't help but smile back at her and follow.

We walked through Forks silently talking with one another. I could say that I hadn't felt so happy, since at least a year. I couldn't help, but like Alice and her hyper ways. Though, she was still blocking her mind from me by now singing the song that goes on and on and on. It was very annoying, but I guess that I'll have to blame Edward for this. Alice must have practiced a lot in blocking her mind, thanks to Edward.

Some minutes later...

Alice suddenly stopped in front of a shop, I hadn't even realised that Alice and me were in fact still walking, until now.

'What is it, Alice?' I asked.

She responded with a huge smile: 'This is where I wanted to go with you!'

I looked once at the shop and then held my gaze at a bouncing Alice. She was for sure hyper now. I smiled at her newly found state and followed her into the shop. It was a clothes store and I was more than happy to be there. Alice must have known how much I'm in need of new clothes.Alice smiled knowingly at my now open mouth. There was only one word what could describe this shop.


The store was filled with the latest fashion clothes and had everything a girl in Forks would be in need of. Sweaters, shirts, coats, jackets and much more in different sizes.

Without realising, I had stopped breathing. Alice reminded me that humans were beginning to stare at me, a girl who didn't seem to breathe. If I could have blushed, I would. It was quite embarrassing. But that's how a "little" shopping trip started.