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A different sort of Life

An 18 year old girl has lived most of her life in a restaurant in Port Angeles, where she works. What happens when she meets a mysterious and beautiful man? Go see what happens to her when she is turned into a vampire and later meets the Cullen’s. R


7. Alice made my day

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I loved shopping with Alice that was my first statement that came to my mind as we went through all the clothes in the store. It was wonderful, we tried things on and since I became a vampire I fit the most beautiful things (and changing from clothes went a lot faster).

I immediately knew that Alice had a great sense of fashion, even more than I did. There were enough clothes which I wanted to buy, but firstly I don't have any money with me and secondly, the money that I had was at home and I'd be needing that for other necessarily things. And yeah, I still call Port Angeles my home. Even though I won't be able to stay there, after Shane escaped. He'll suspect me to at least go there and I will go. I just need to finish the human chapters of my life and start with my vampire ones. Okay, that sounds very stupid...

We went through thousands of clothes, all fitting them and tossing them on the big pile we formed. It was quite funny to see that people were staring very pointedly at us. We didn't really care though; we had too much fun to care.

Alice eventually got a whole pile of clothes, which she liked to buy. I had so much fun that I didn't even know how long we've been busy in the shop. Alice was so happy and bouncy that I began to do the same. It was quite funny really. Two girls bouncing happily in a clothes shop with a big pile of clothes in front of them.

The smell of the humans didn't even bother me anymore, sometimes a scent would hit me full force, but it was easy to resist with Alice being near.

'It's getting quite late. Shouldn't we go, Alice? I mean, your family doesn't even know where we are and I think that they are quite curious about me.' I said thinking of the glances that her family had cast me.

'Hmmm... Yeah, you're right. We should get going!' she answered.

We both grabbed a half of the pile of clothes, which Alice wanted to buy and brought it to the counter. After putting all the clothes in different bags and finishing the payment. We were on our way to Alice's house.

I suddenly was taken aback by a thought of myself.

Why did I already trust them?

I shook that thought out of my head, not wanting to think about it. Even though I didn't want to admit it, I already trusted them. For some unknown reason fate brought me to them and found that I had to be around them.

Just like I had said to myself, I didn't think of the "trust subject" anymore. Therefore were the next couple of days uneventful and unpredictable. I had thought that I'd be gone and start a new life. I did start a new life, but the Cullen family (as I had been told by them) was where I was currently living and that was something that I hadn't expected. Another thing that I hadn't expected was that I was beginning to feel like a member of their family and that Edward had a human girlfriend named Isabella. She preferred Bella, though.

I had the time of my life with them, playing on the PlayStation 3 with Jasper (the blond one, who could read emotions) and Emmett (the big one with dark hair), having dress up parties with Alice and shopping regularly with her. Rosalie (the beautiful blond one), Alice and me were constantly busy with coming up on make-up combinations and trying them. Esmee (the mother and a very caring and kind person) and Carlisle (the father and a doctor) had offered me a room, Esmee would help decorating it. First of, I had declined. Not able to make such a decision yet, but I eventually gave in and was happy about it.

Edward seemed to play the piano very well and whenever he played I was listening. I even seemed to make good friends with Bella, we talked a lot and I had gotten fully used to her scent by now.

After all what had happened I assumed that I had changed a lot in personality just as I had in appearance. And to be honest, I liked it.

My whole life was turned upside-down, but again I liked it.


'So, Alice, you wanna go shopping? Maybe we can drag Bella with us!'

'Yeah! That's a great idea! We both need new clothes anyway and Bella too!'

'Good, let's get Bella!' I said enthusiastic.

'Bella!' Alice yelled.

After a few seconds of hearing someone stumble towards the stairs, we saw Bella appearing there.

'Bella! There you are! I know that you need to go shopping with us!!' I said happily.

Bella's face immediately showed dislike and she started an argument, but before she could say anything, Alice interrupted her.

'It's not gonna work, Bella! You're going with us, whatever we say!' Alice smiled her knowing smile and went to her room in vampire speed.

Hmmm... What do I haven't got? Ohh! I need some new sweaters and tomorrow Melody and I are going to a club. So, we need new dresses. I can already picture what we're going to be wearing! Fantastic! - Alice

'Where has she gone now?' Bella asked exasperated.

Ohhh... Right, she can't see. Sometimes I really forget that...

'Alice is in her room, to be more specific with all of her clothes, deciding what she needs to buy. And I guess that I'll be needing a dress.'

Of course you need one! Haven't you listened to my thoughts? The club, duh!! - Alice

I have sympathy for you, Melody. Alice is up to something in that club and I can already guess what it's going to be. - Edward

Jeeze, whatever it's gonna be, I'll survive! Come on now go! Walk out the door! Just turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome anymore! Shit, sorry! I got carried away...

I'll survive from Gloria Gaynor? That's a long time that I've heard that one... - Edward

Well, now that song will be stuck in your brain, so you'll have to hear it! Haha!

Damn... You're right... - Edward

Err... Melody! I need you here! Very badly!! - Alice

'Okay! I'm coming! And I'll bring Bella with me!' I said.

'Come on then! I'm waiting and you know that I'm not that patient when it comes to shopping!' Alice said right back.

'I know...' was my reply.

I grabbed Bella's hand and lead her to the stairs at a terrible slow pace. Bella struggled against me, obviously not liking to be dumped in all Alice's clothes and to help Alice with them.

We finally made it to Alice's room and found a dishevelled Alice in between all of her clothes, looking pleadingly at me.

'Alice, Bella is going to help you, because I need to search through my clothes too... But I'll be back in a sec!' I said with a brilliant smile plastered on my face.

Alice looked like she could strangle me.

I asked you to help me! But Bella is all right too, obviously she'll help me! - Alice

Weren't you the one, who tried to hurt me with goodbye! You'd think I'd crumble; you'd think I'd lay down and die! - Edward

Edward, do you really need to have that song stuck in your head? It's quite unnerving now...

You were the one, who let me think of it in the first place! I'm gonna mess with your head!! - Edward

Gosh, good timing!

I ran to my room, opened the door of my room, searched for my walk-in closet and opened the door of it. As always my eyes grew bigger by the sight of all my clothes and walked into the closet like I owned the place (which I actually did... Well, my room then).

'Melody! You said that you would be back in a second! It's already five seconds now!' Alice said from her room.

I rolled with my eyes and quickly searched through my clothes for things I could need anytime soon. I registered that I was in dire need of new flip-flops, skilleto's, jeans, maybe a pair of boots (just for fun) and of course a dress for the club like Alice had mentioned earlier.

Oh! No, not I! I will survive! Ohh! As long as I now how to love, I know I'll stay alive! - Edward

Oh! This is just great! Thank God that I'll go shopping with Alice and Bella.

'Okay... Alice, I'm coming!' I said as I started to go back to her room.

'Oh! You don't have to come, Melody! Bella and I have already done everything.' Alice replied smugly.

'Come on, Alice. No need to act like that, you know that I had to do the same as you!' I replied.

Bella and Alice came out of Alice's room and made their way towards the stairs. I followed them, while Edward was still singing I'll survive in my head. I'll deal with him later...

'Okay, sorry. I just got carried away, I guess!' Alice said.

She hopped towards me as we all stood for the open door, which led to the garage and she hugged me.

I hugged her back and asked in a teasing voice: 'Which car? Yours or mine?'