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The Life and Times of Chelsea

Chelsea of the Volturi's human life overveiw and how she beacme a vampire.

Just enjoy.

1. Chapter 1

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It wasn’t very long after the Renaissance that a beautiful girl by the name Naomi was born. Naomi was a quiet girl but at the age of six she often felt others emotions. Her parents were going through a hard time; her father was falling in love with a woman from his job. That just could NOT happen her life was perfect with her parents. Subconsciously she cut the ties that bound her father to the other women and “tied” him to her mother. Her parents got along brilliantly after that. Slowly that power built and by the time she was fifteen Naomi was tired of their sleepy little town where they lived and wanted to venture the world, so she married a man named Laurence Grace.

Laurence was a merchant, and traveled around the world constantly. It worked out well, Naomi got to see the world just as she always had wanted to and Laurence found the love of his life. Or so he thought by now Naomi was fully aware that she was powerful, so she just made Laurence think he was in love with her. In the end it worked out the best.

While traveling in Italy, a treat for her 18th birthday, Naomi met a man by the name of Demetri. He told her of a race of people, well in all actuality they were vampires. He said they were powerful and would eventually rule the world. Naomi, was power hungry, she wanted the best of the best always too. She agreed to leave Laurence and go with Demetri to Volterra, a city on the northern point of the country. Quickly she broke the ties of Laurence loving her, instantly he forgot about her. Smiling, Demetri told her to climb on his back. She obliged and they ran to Volterra. A ride that normally took two days, took just under 2 hours.

“Welcome to Volterra,” Demetri said winking at the secretary sitting at a desk in a large spacious room.

“Hello dear child,” a coal-black haired man said from the stairs.

“Hello,” said the surprised human curtsying as was custom.

Nodding his head the man said, “I, am Aro, as you probably know we are vampires,” Naomi nodded. “We’ve been looking for new talent for quite awhile now and I belive that you are that new talent, we’ve been watching you for about a year now. We’ve noticed that you can break and create ties or bonds between people. I personally find this fascinating. Would you Naomi James Woodsworth like to join the Volturi, who will some day rule the world?” Aro questioned grandly.

“Yes!” Naomi breathed.

“First, before Demetri bites you, you must pick a new name,”

“Why?” The young girl questioned.

“If we need to send you into the area you are from we mustn’t have you recognized,” Aro replied.

“Oh,” She said softly. “I’d like to change my name to Chelsea,”

“Excellent choice!” Aro said patting her on the back as he left the room. Following Demetri up 3 flights of stairs she landed in a bedroom.

“This is where you will be staying,” Demetri said formally. Chelsea nodded. Looking her intensely in the eye he said, “This is going to hurt like a bitch, but I just need you to stay calm and not fight me,” She nodded unable to breath with this incredibly handsome guy in front of her. Taking a deep breath, Demetri leaned in and bit, none too gently the life vein in Chelsea’s neck. Her eyes flew open and she screamed. Quietly Demetri soothed her telling her this and that for three days. When she woke up the first thing she asked was “When’s lunch?” Demetri laughed and the rest as they say is history, but seriously it is history.